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IDP Sleeper Report - Week 10
Darin Tietgen
November 8, 2006


Clint Ingram (JAC):  Could it be Ingram, not Daryl Smith, that will benefit from Mike Peterson’s absence from the Jaguar defense?  Ingram has games of 8, 17 and 19 fantasy points over the past three games.  But, with Smith also performing, it could be both Ingram and Smith becoming viable fantasy options for the remainder of the season.  Plenty of big-play chances will come this week against the Texans.

Takeo Spikes (BUF):  Spikes began the season on a bittersweet note, recording a sack and forced fumble, but was then injured and missed the next five weeks.  He’s back, and has scored well over his past two games.  This week, the Colts will present plenty of problems for the Bills defensively, but should mix in the run enough for Spikes to have solid fantasy potential. 

Dhani Jones (PHI):  Only IDP Sleeper Report mainstay Caleb Miller has scored better over the past six weeks (based on available LBs in The Huddle’s IDP Expert League).  Jones and the rest of the Eagle LB corps will be busy stopping the run game of the Redskins come Sunday.

Others to Consider:  Manny Lawson (SF) and Roosevelt Colvin (NE)


Mathias Kiwanuka (DE – NYG):  Many questioned the Giants’ drafting of Kiwanuka with stud DEs Osi Umenyiora and Michael Strahan penciled in on the Giant defensive line.  Well, now that the injury bug has bitten both Umenyiora and Strahan, Kiwanuka will have a chance to shine.  He’s scored 15 and 16 fantasy points in the past two games with Umenyiora sidelined.  Now, with Strahan out as well, he may see some double-teams, as he’s now the best pass-rusher the Giants have.  But he’s got the talent to beat ‘em and put up solid fantasy points.  He’s this week’s best IDP Sleeper, and in a season where DL is paper-thin, he’s pretty much a must-add in most leagues. 

Tommy Kelly (DT – OAK):  In an IDP league I’m in, I found myself in the unfortunate position of having no defensive linemen playing last week.  Umenyiora was still hurt and my main DL gun, Julius Peppers, was on bye.  Kelly was fresh off a 15-point effort against the defending champs, so I gave him a chance against the “deadly” combo of Seneca Wallace and Maurice Morris.  He put up a ridiculous (for a defensive tackle) 19 points and got me the win.  Sweet.  This week, he’ll need to plug up the middle of the zone blocking scheme of the Denver Broncos.  A solid option in leagues that require you start DTs.

Others to Consider:  Raheem Brock (DT – IND) and Kenard Lang (DE – DEN)


Mike Minter (S – CAR):  Minter has had some solid fantasy seasons but dropped off slightly last year.  Over the past two games, he has shown signs of life.  Despite a bye week mixed into the past three weeks, Minter is the top-scoring free agent DB in The Huddle’s IDP Expert League.  He should perform just fine against the Bucs at home.

Nick Harper (CB – IND):  Harper has four straight games with double digits.  This week’s opponent, the Buffalo Bills, should air it out plenty with their star RB out.  Look for double digits yet again. 

Others to Consider:  Asante Samuel (CB – NE) and Renaldo Hill (S – MIA)



Caleb Miller (CIN):  4 solo tackles, 1 assisted tackle (9 fantasy points). So much for guaranteeing double digits (although it was close).  Recommendation:  Miller has far less fantasy upside than fellow LB Ahmad Brooks.  It’s safe to leave him be for now, unless you’re really hurting at LB and need a consistent 10 fantasy points.

D.J. Williams (DEN):  6 solo tackles, 2 assisted tackles (14 fp).  Williams can make plays when he puts his mind to it.  Fellow LBs Al Wilson and Ian Gold are very solid linebackers, but have just about the same amount of fantasy potential as Williams.  Possibly less.  Recommendation:  He should obviously be taken in dynasty leagues.  The Broncos have a superb schedule (for IDPs) for the majority of the season’s remainder, so redraft IDP owners should take note.

Peter Sirmon (TEN):  3 solo tackles, 1 assisted tackle, 0.5 sack (8 fp).  Decent, but certainly unspectacular stats for Sirmon.  Recommendation:  The Titans have a pretty solid schedule (for IDPs) for the rest of the season, so if you’re thin at LB, Sirmon could prove to be a decent backup. 

Warrick Holdman (WAS):  5 solo tackles, 1 assisted tackle, 2 passes defensed (14 fp).  Not too terrible a game for Holdman against the rival Cowboys.  Recommendation:  Holdman never puts up more than 12-14 fantasy points, so don’t expect huge games.  But if you’re super thin at LB in a large league, Holdman could be a spot starter as a third LB or injury insurance.

Kamerion Wimbley (CLE):  1 solo tackle, 2 solo tackles, 1.5 sacks (7 fp).  Wimbley is a fantastic talent that will probably be on this list again. Recommendation:  If you’re looking for a late-season add, he gets the Bucs and Texans Weeks 16-17. 


Chris Kelsay (DE – BUF):  1 solo tackle, 2 assisted tackles (4 fp).  Kelsay teases us again.  He had three straight with double digits.  Thought he’d get to Brett Favre once.  Recommendation:  He’s streaky, so wait for the streak to start and jump on him if you are thin at DL. 

Hollis Thomas (DT – NO): 3 solo tackles (6 fp).  A moderate amount of solos for an interior lineman.  But six fantasy points isn’t going to set the world on fire.  Recommendation:  Waiver wire fodder. 

Elvis Dumervil (DT – DEN):  1 solo tackle, 1 sack (4 fp).  Well, Dumervil got a sack, as I was expecting, but I was hoping for a couple more tackles.  Recommendation:  If his tackles rise, jump on him.  (Note:   Dumervil was incorrectly listed as a Chief last week; he was PLAYING the Chiefs.  He’s a Bronco.)

Bryce Fisher (DE – SEA):  1 solo tackle, 1 assisted tackle (3 fp).  Ouch, ugly.  After double digits against the Chiefs, you expected more against a horrible Raider team.  His teammates tore up the Oakland line.  Where was Fisher?  Recommendation:  Even with DL thin, you can forget Fisher if he’s going to put up sub-par stats against the Raiders.


Terrence Holt (S – DET):  2 solo tackles (4 fp).  OK, Terrence.  The tribe has spoken.  You are officially off the IDP Sleeper Report island.  You’re a tease.  Recommendation:  Holt should have had at least 5 solos against the running attack of the Falcons.  Let him waste away on the waiver wire.

Terrence McGee (CB – BUF):  6 solo tackles (12 fp).  McGee’s one of the better tackling (and fantasy scoring) corners in the league.  Recommendation:  Grab him if you’re thin at CB. 

Omar Stoutmire (S – NO):  2 solo tackles, 1 pass defensed (6 fp).  After a couple of solid games, Stoutmire returned to obscurity.  Recommendation:  Leave him be.

Corey Webster (CB – NYG):  4 solo tackles, 1 fumble recovery (11 fp).  Webster extended his double-digit fantasy-scoring streak to four games with 11 fantasy points against the Texans.  Recommendation:  With the struggling Rex Grossman coming to town with the Bears next Sunday, perhaps Webster will get double digits yet again.  Check Sam Madison’s injury before proceeding, though.

Darren Sharper (S – MIN):  1 solo tackles, 3 assisted tackles, 1 sack (7 fp).  Sharper got his first sack of the season, but was rather quiet, tackling-wise.  Recommendation:  DB, as usual, is rather stacked, so just let him stew on the waiver wire for now.