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IDP Top Plays - Week 10
Brent Clement
November 10, 2006


Rank Player  Team      vs     Comments
1 Zach Thomas MIA KCC Kansas City is averaging 38 rushing attempts a game.  Huge potential game.
2 Will Witherpsoon STL SEA The Hawks are at least a week away, from having the league MVP suiting up again.
3 Keith Bullock TEN BAL Baltimore will look to salt this game away on the ground as early as  the 3rd quarter.
4 Ray Lewis BAL TEN Lewis is questionable with a sore back, but is a must start if he plays. He should play.
5 Ernie Sims DET SF San Francisco must run the ball to keep the Lions offense off the field, if they have any chance.
6 London Fletcher BUF IND Fletcher had a monster game a week ago. 11 tackles, 3 assists, 5 pass defense, and a INT for a TD.
7 Andra Davis CLE ATL Athletic Middle Linebacker vs. the #1 rushing team in the NFL. Look Out.
8 Brian Urlacher CHI NYG Urlacher is gimpy with a toe injury, but has practiced, and will play vs. the Giants.
9 James Farrior PIT NOS Farrior will be called upon to stop the New Orleans 2 headed rushing attack of Bush and Deuce.
10 Demeco Ryans HOU JAC Ryans will have his hands full with RB's Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew.
11 Jonathon Vilma NYJ NEP Vilma returns from Bye week, and will get a heavy dose of RB's Dillon and Maroney.
12 Gerald Hayes ARZ DAL Expect a heavy dose of the Dallas running game. They want no part of any late game fireworks.
13 Cato June IND BUF June will have to pick up the slack, if fellow LB Gary Brackett misses this contest.
14 Lance Briggs CHI NYG Briggs will be focused on not letting Tiki get to the corner, and keeping the run inside.
15 Kirk Morrison OAK  DEN Morrison should have another statistical field day vs. the Bronco's rushing attack.
16 Jeremiah Trotter PHI WAS Trotter should have 8+ tackles with Portis and Betts running the rock, up to 30 times.
17 Marcus Washington  WAS PHI Washington has been the Skins most explosive LB the last month, not MLB Marshall.
18 Nick Barnett GBP MIN Chester Taylor is getting run into the ground for Minny, but they will find someone to pound GB.
19 Derrick Brooks TBB CAR Brooks is still putting up monster games. This match up looks to produce another one.
20 Antonio Pierce NYG IND Pierce will be in no mans land with the Colts passing attack, but Indy will still run the rock.
21 Lofa Tatupa SEA STL Seattle is without its two best offensive playmakers, so this defense is likely to be exposed.
22 Channing Crowder MIA KCC Crowder has been putting up Zach Thomas like numbers as of late. 
23 Donnie Edwards SDC CIN Edwards has benefited the most by the Merriman suspension, as he is now a huge factor again.
24 Julian Peterson SEA STL Peterson has surprisingly been the most productive Seattle LB thus far this season.
25 Keith Brooking ATL CLE Brooking has put up better numbers since moving back to WLB, than he did inside.

Defensive Linemen

Rank Player  Team      vs     Comments
1 Aaron Kampman GBP MIN Kampman continues to be one of the most under rated defensive players in the NFL.
2 Julius Peppers CAR TBB In week 2 vs. the Bucs, Peppers had a solid game with 5 solo tackles, 2 assists and a sack. 
3 Jared Allen KCC MIA Allen put up a huge game last week, and should repeat that this week vs. the Dolphins.
4 Terrell Suggs BAL TEN Suggs has been up and down all year, but this week vs. the Titans, he should be solid.
5 Jason Taylor MIA KCC In Taylor's last 3 games he has 10 solo tackles, 5 assists, 3 Forced fumbles, 4 sacks and an INT.
6 Justin Smith CIN SDC Smith continues to be a statistical beast, seeking a new contract. Someone will pay him the money.
7 Aaron Schobel BUF IND Schobel has turned his season around with his 3 best games of the season, in his last 3.
8 Leonard Little STL SEA In a huge divisional game, look for the Rams defense to stiffen up, and lead this team to a W.
9 Tamba Hali KCC MIA Hali has dropped his torrid pace as of late, but is still a solid start this week.
10 Charles Grant NOS PIT Grant has returned to elite status, and that should continue this week vs. the 2-6 Steelers.
11 Derrick Burgess OAK DEN Burgess is one of the few bright spots on the Raiders team. Their defense hasn't given up.
12 Robert Mathis IND BUF Mathis has a chance to have a huge game considering the opponent, and QB.
13 Kyle Vanden Bosch TEN BAL Vanden Bosch is on pace to duplicate last years stats, which is surprising.
14 Chris Kelsey BUF IND Kelsay, up until the last 3 games, was the Bills best defensive lineman.
15 Kelly Gregg  BAL TEN Gregg has been a force in the middle of the Ravens defense, and is stout vs. the run.
16 Ty Warren NEP NYJ Warren has tapered off a bit, but that is mostly due to nagging injuries.
17 Orpheus Roye CLE ATL Roye hasn't been as productive as years past, but is having a solid season.
18 Darren Howard PHI WAS Howard gets his chance to tee off on QB Mark Brunell, and the Skins rushing attack.
19 Bryan Thomas NOS PIT Thomas continues to be one of the biggest surprises, at the DL position.
20 Luis Castillo SDC CIN Castillo is a terrorizing inside pass rush specialist, that is even more effective without Merriman.
21 Tommy Kelly OAK DEN Kelly has benefited from playing inside next to Warren Sapp, and next to Derrick Burgess.
22 Kevin Williams MIN GBP Williams is starting to settle into the top 15 DL. Kevin has 4 sacks in last 5 games.
23 Trent Cole PHI WAS Coming of the Bye week, should energize this relentless pass rusher.
24 Alex Brown CHI NYG Brown wont have to worry about Shockey chipping him as much, with the lose of  WR Toomer.
25 Will Smith NOS PIT Smith's success will be stopping the running game.

Defensive Backs

Rank Player  Team      vs     Comments
1 Ronde Barber TBB CAR Barber can excel vs. any opponent, at any time, which makes him the best.
2 Chris Hope TEN BAL Hope is a product of the terrible offense, leaving the defense on the field a to much.
3 Sean Taylor WAS PHI Taylor is finally living up to potential, and most responsible for the win over Dallas last week.
4 Terrance McGee BUF IND McGee will be picked on by Manning, and beat early and often by the Colts receivers.
5 Antoine Winfield MIN GBP Winfield looks to take advantage of Favre keying in on Driver, with a gimpy Jennings.
6 Sean Jones CLE ATL This is a excellent match up for Jones, who will be locked in the box, to help in run support.
7 Troy Polamalu PIT NOS New Orleans will hope to get Troy out of the box, by throwing the ball down the field.
8 Jermaine Phillips TBB CAR Phillips is one of the most successful cover 2, safeties the Bucs have ever had in this system.
9 Ken Hamlin SEA STL The Hammer was silent last week, but look for that to change vs. the division rival Rams.
10 Madieu Williams CIN SDC Williams will also be cheating up in the box, to try and stop LT and M Turner.
11 Adrian Wilson ARZ DAL Wilson will have his hands full with RB's J Jones and M barber and helping with TO and Glenn.
12 Anthony Henry DAL ARZ Henry is having a career statistical season, and will be a tackling machine in this match up.
13 Brian Dawkins PHI WAS Dawkins continues to benefit from the shaky play, and benching of DB Michael Lewis. 
14 Marquand Manuel GBP MIN Manuel has surpassed Collins, as the Packers most reliable fantasy safety.
15 Stuart Schweigert OAK DEN Denver will look to salt the clock most of the second half, and Stewart will be productive.
16 Kerry Rhodes NYJ NEP Rhodes has become the staple for the Jets, as Harrison was for the Patriots, in this system..
17 Rashean Mathis JAC HOU Mathis was questionable and played last week, and picked off 2 Titan passes.
18 Eric Green ARZ DAL Its may be surprising to have Green on this list, but look at his last 4 games. He is worthy.
19 Donte Whitner BUF IND Whitner will be in deep coverage until the game is  decided, then will be in the box to stop the run.
20 Gibril Wilson NYG CHI Wilson has really struggled of late statistically, but this could be the week he breaks out.
21 Dunta Robinson HOU JAC Dunta will have to make tackles in the secondary, to help stop the Jags running game.
22 Lawyer Milloy ATL CLE Milloy should benefit from a Brown's team, that will have to chunk it to stay in the game.
23 Mike Minter CAR TBB Minter is coming off a 10 tackle, 5 assist game vs. the Cowboys.
24 Antoine Bethea IND BUF Bethea is a poor mans Gibril Wilson, who is having a huge rookie season.
25 Jason Webster ATL CLE Webster is questionable, but is on a tear as of late. If he plays, start him in this match up