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IDP Top Plays - Week 11
Brent Clement
November 17, 2006


Rank Player  Team      vs     Comments
1 London Fletcher BUF HOU The match up doesn't matter when it comes to Fletcher. He is a beast even in limited snaps.
2 Donnie Edwards SDC DEN Edwards has been on fire since Merriman went out, so enjoy it while it lasts.
3 Will Witherpsoon STL CAR Do you think Witherspoon wants to show his former team they made a mistake not resigning him.
4 Zach Thomas MIA MIN Thomas has 9 tackles in his last 2 weeks, but has continued to fill the rest of the stat sheet.
5 Keith Bullock TEN PHI Bullock has his biggest games when you least expect them. Expect a big one this week.
6 Al Wilson DEN SDC Wilson is playing at a level most of his owners haven't seen in years.
7 Angelo Crowell BUF HOU Crowell is coming off his season best performance of 12 solo tackles, 1 assist and 1 forced fumble.
8 Andra Davis CLE PIT Davis has been anything but consistent, but this match up looks promising for the browns MLB.
9 Kirk Morrison OAK  KCC Kansas City looks to get back on track, and needs to get the running game going.
10 Brian Urlacher CHI NYJ Urlacher is no longer the top producing LB in Chicago, but that could change soon.
11 Jonathon Vilma NYJ CHI Vilma has been steady this season, but not as productive as seasons past.
12 Cato June IND DAL June and Co. will see a heavy dose of RB's J.Jones and M. Barber to keep Manning off the field.
13 Gerald Hayes ARZ DET Hayes has been a surprising stud thus far this year, and KJ will keep him active again this week.
14 Antonio Pierce NYG JAC The Giants have lost so many weapons on defense, it seems like Pierce is making every play.
15 Brandon Moore SF SEA Moore has had back to back 7 tackle, 1 sack + games. With SEA next, he could do it again.
16 Lance Briggs CHI NYJ Briggs has passed Urlacher in points thus far on the season. But hasn't been as good lately.
17 Demeco Ryans HOU BUF Ryans has 5 or more tackles in every game thus far. Exactly what you want from your LB's.
18 Jeremiah Trotter PHI TEN Trotter is directly affected by the opponent, and the Titans will run, which bodes well for him,
19 Ernie Sims DET ARZ Sims has 2 tackles in his last 2 games, but has 12 assists and a fumble recovery. 
20 Keith Brooking ATL BAL Brooking could slide back inside, with Ed Hartwell injured again.
21 AJ Hawk GBP NEP Hawk is making a late season push for ROY, with 3 monster games in his last 4 contests.
22 James Farrior PIT CLE Farrior has been great, but Cleveland isn't likely to run enough to keep him productive.
23 Derrick Brooks TBB WAS No Portis, QB Jason Campbell's first NFL start. Anyone think Brooks will have a nice day?
24 Bart Scott BAL ATL Scott has been MIA as of late, until last weeks performance with Ray Lewis out of the lineup. 
25 Lofa Tatupa SEA SF Lofa is starting to turn things around for both the Hawks D, and his fantasy owners.

Defensive Linemen

Rank Player  Team      vs     Comments
1 Julius Peppers CAR STL Peppers is simply, the most dominant Defensive Lineman in the game.
2 Jared Allen KCC OAK Allen is having a career year, and continues to put up monster numbers each and every week.
3 Aaron Kampman GBP NEP Kampman had an off week last Sunday, but should be headed for a rebound this week.
4 Justin Smith CIN NOS Smith has a chance to get to Brees at least once, and will again be active in run support.
5 Jason Taylor MIA MIN Taylor is definitely hitting his stride as a top 5 DL, in 5 of his last 6 games.
6 Robert Mathis IND DAL Mathis will find it difficult to sack Tony Romo, but should be active stopping the run.
7 Aaron Schobel BUF HOU Schobel had an off game in week 10, but has definitely turned the corner.
8 Terrell Suggs BAL ATL Suggs has been disappointing, but Atlanta could turn his fortunes around this week.
9 Charles Grant NOS CIN Grant is back to putting massive pressure on the QB, and is a force slowing down the run.
10 Trent Cole PHI TEN Cole is another DL that has dipped as of late, but has a solid match up for a strong rebound.
11 Derrick Burgess OAK KCC Burgess will be on the field all day, with the chiefs strong running game.
12 Tamba Hali KCC OAK Hali has hit the rookie wall, but Oakland doesn't have the O-line or QB to prevent sacks.
13 Kyle Vanden Bosch TEN PHI McNabb isn't a likely target to go down easily, but Vanden Bosch will make him move.
14 Leonard Little STL CAR Little will want to show Peppers, that he too can take over games, from the DL position.
15 Kelly Gregg  BAL ATL Gregg is questionable, but practiced Thursday, and is expected to play week 11.
16 Ty Warren NEP GBP Warren is another that has been dinged up, but should be ready to roll this week.
17 Mathias Kiwanuka NYG JAC Where would the Giants be if they didn't draft what some thought was overkill at DL, in round 1.
18 Darren Howard PHI TEN Howard could very well be in for a big game, with the Titans next up on the schedule.
19 Bryan Thomas NOS CIN Thomas has 4 solid starts in his last 6 and has been a top 10 DL over that span.
20 Warren Sapp OAK KCC Sapp is past his prime, but he has been inspired the last few weeks, to get after it again.
21 Chris Kelsey BUF HOU Kelsay has taken a back seat to Schobel, but has still been productive.
22 Kevin Williams MIN MIA Williams needs to be active this week, to slow down RB Ronnie Brown.
23 Tommy Kelly OAK KCC Has Kelly rejuvenated Warren Sapp. It sure looks like Sapp has been motivated as of late.
24 Alex Brown CHI NYJ Brown is hitting his stride with 2 great games in a row, and a 3rd in on the way this week.
25 Will Smith NOS CIN Smith has not been consistent, but could be solid this this week, if Cincinnati can sustain drives.

Defensive Backs

Rank Player  Team      vs     Comments
1 Ronde Barber TBB WAS Barber already has 60 solo tackles, and is putting up better numbers than most LB's
2 Kerry Rhodes NYJ CHI Without a healthy Berrian to stretch the field, Rhodes can stay closer to the line of scrimmage.
3 Anthony Henry DAL IND Henry has been a fantasy gold mine the last month, and vs. the Colts, this should continue.
4 Adrian Wilson ARZ DET Wilson will spend most of his afternoon stopping Kevin Jones and the running game.
5 Chris Hope TEN PHI Hope has dipped a bit, but will be tested early and often by the Eagles west coast offense.
6 Sean Taylor WAS TBB Taylor has been dominant this season, mostly due to the inconsistency from fellow S Archuleta.
7 Antoine Winfield MIN MIA Winfield is strong no matter the opponent, and will be locked up on Chris Chambers this week.
8 Sean Jones CLE PIT Jones will have to stop Willie Parker, if the Browns have any hope to win this game.
9 Terrance McGee BUF HOU McGee has been consistently solid over the past 6 weeks, which makes him money right now.
10 Patrick Surtain KCC SDC Surtain is flat out on fire as of late. He has 5 strong starts in his last 6 games.
11 Ken Hamlin SEA SF Hamlin rebounded in a nice way in week 10, after week 9's, 0 tackle 1 pass defense.
12 Gibril Wilson NYG JAC Wilson has benefited from the loss of Strahan and Osi rushing the passer. Both are out again.
13 Madieu Williams CIN NOS Drew Brees has been a fantasy stud, and is allowing opposing defensive backs to rack up stats.
14 Charles Tillman CHI NYJ Tillman is back to being a dominant DB, because he is again, picked on in coverage.
15 Brian Dawkins PHI TEN Dawkins has the potential to put up a monster game, vs. Vince Young and the Titans.
16 Nick Harper IND DAL Harper will be picked on most of the afternoon, by the Boys trio of WR's.
17 Stuart Schweigert OAK KCC Stuart has definitely leveled off as of late, but is still a top 20 DB on the season.
18 Juran Boldin TBB WAS Boldin is putting up strong stats from his CB position, opposite of Ronde Barber.
19 Eric Green ARZ DET Eric Green had 4 solid games in a row, until last weeks whipping from the Cowboys.
20 Asante Samuel NEP GBP Samuel has been most productive, by the loss of SS Rodney Harrison.
21 Eric Coleman NYJ CHI Coleman had a great game a week ago, and could duplicate that again this week.
22 Lawyer Milloy ATL BAL Milloy continues to get it done, and will be tested this  week by the Ravens balanced offense.
23 Mike Minter CAR STL Minter continues to put up huge numbers, for the Panthers defensive secondary.
24 Antoine Bethea IND DAL Bethea has stepped in and played well, for often injured Mike Doss and Bob Sanders
25 Champ Bailey DEN SDC Over the last 6 weeks, Bailey is the #2 DB, trailing only Bucs DB Ronde Barber.