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IDP Sleeper Report - Week 13
Darin Tietgen
November 29, 2006


Keyaron Fox (KC):  Fox is starting on the outside for the Chiefs and has put up four straight double digit affairs.  Figure he’ll continue that streak against a pretty bad Brown team. 

Barrett Ruud (TB):  Ruud started in the middle again instead of the injured Shelton Quarles.  Quarles will be listed as questionable this week, so figure Ruud will get plenty of action against the Steelers.

Caleb Miller (CIN):  Miller’s starting in the middle for the Bengals.  Nuff said.  He’ll be busy against the run-first Baltimore Raven team.

Others to Consider:  Randall Godfrey (SD) and Roosevelt Colvin (NE)


Brett Keisel (DE – PIT):  I’ll recommend another Steeler DL here this week.  Keisel is somewhat of a no-name, but he’s had four straight games with either a pass defensed or sack.  He’s mixing in some solo and assisted tackles, too.  The Bucs have been putrid on offense, so Keisel could have a big game. 

Jamal Williams (DT – SD):  The cupboard is nearly bare in terms of free agent defensive linemen.  Williams seems to put up 7-10 fantasy points per game, and could have a decent outing against a sloppy Bills team.

Others to Consider:  Chris Hovan (DT – TB) and Matt Roth (DE – MIA)


R.W. McQuarters (CB – NYG):  Honestly, I just like typing this guy’s name.  Everyone should have names as cool as his.  But really, the Giants’ D has been sieve-like recently and McQuarters could certainly have a 5+ solo tackle effort against the Cowboys, who feature a solid trio of receiving options in TO, Terry Glenn and Jason Witten. 

Keith Lewis (S – SF):  So the Niners have been playing decent football, and aren’t out of it just yet.  A tough task looms with a visit to the Saints in the Superdome.  Lewis had two stat-filler games Weeks 9 and 10 followed by a great tackling game in Week 11. 

Others to Consider:  Fakhir Brown (CB – STL) and Robert Griffith (S – ARI)

Week 12 Report Card


Victor Hobson (NYJ):  7 solo tackles, 4 assisted tackles (18 fantasy points).  Another solid effort for Hobson.  He’ll mix in the occasional fumble recovery, sack or pass defense, too.  Recommendation:  He’s been a consistent double-digit producer, and with a decent schedule on tap, he could help as a third LB.

Clint Ingram (JAC):  3 solo tackles, 3 assisted tackles (9 fp).  Darn this guy.  Second time I’ve recommended him after a solid game and he goes and puts up mediocre numbers.  Recommendation:  He’s apparently too inconsistent to rely on.  Daryl Smith is the LB to have here.

Shaun Phillips (SD):  6 solo tackles, 3 assisted tackles, 1.5 sacks, 1 pass defensed (20 fp).  The LB Yahtzee of the week.  Impressive effort for Phillips against a lesser foe in the Raiders.  Recommendation:  A very solid add, but watch his injured calf. 

Joey Porter (PIT):  6 solo tackles, 2 assisted tackles (14 fp).  Porter has been putting up decent tackle numbers over the past few games.  Recommendation:  Hard to recommend him, as he’s rather inconsistent, but his penchant for QB sacks makes him an intriguing add in deep leagues.

Rob Morris (IND): 2 solo tackles, 1 assisted tackle (5 fp).  Gary Brackett was back manning the middle of the Colt line, so Morris was regulated to backup duty again.  Recommendation:  Morris could be added in deeper leagues by those that are relying on Brackett for the rest of the season.

Defensive Linemen

Victor Adeyanju (DE – STL):  Nothing (0 fp).  Say what?  After two incredible outings, Adeyanju laid an egg.  Recommendation:  Dynasty league owners that grabbed him late in last year’s draft are beaming, but those relying on him week to week have to be a bit disappointed.  The Rams have a nice schedule, IDP matchup wise, from here on out, so look for Adeyanju to up his game.

Casey Hampton (DT – PIT):  1 solo tackle, 3 assisted tackle (5 fp).  And this is why it’s so hard to pinpoint defensive line sleepers.  Recommendation:  Hampton had been putting up decent numbers and could improve on his numbers in his next two (vs. TB, vs. CLE).

Kedric Golston (DT – WAS):  2 solo tackles, 2 assisted tackles (6 fp).  Golston went back to his comfortable 6 fantasy points.  Recommendation:  Tough to recommend a guy with a rather short track record, especially when the Skins have a difficult schedule ahead.

Tamba Hali (DE – KC):  4 solo tackles, 2 assisted tackles, 1 forced fumble, 2 sacks (17 fp).  The defensive line Yahtzee of the week.  Owners that have held on to him after a string of poor games, but started him after his 6 solo tackle performance in Week 11 are happy.  Recommendation:  This guy put up some very solid numbers early in the season.  With a couple of nice matchups on the slate, he is a solid add since DL is paper-thin.

Defensive Backs

Yeremiah Bell (S – MIA):  2 solo tackles (4 fp).  I swear sometimes I am the kiss of death for real hot players.  After putting up 16, 20 and 23 fantasy points in Weeks 9-11, Bell put up a turkey-like 4 fantasy points against the struggling Lions on Turkey Day.  Gobble gobble, Mr. Bell.  Recommendation:  Looks like this was just a mini-hot streak.  He hadn’t put up more than 12 fantasy points all season. 

Shawn Springs (CB – WAS):  4 solo tackles (8 fp).  I suppose facing the Bucs and facing the Panthers are two completely different animals, but 2 weeks ago, Springs put up 21 to only 8 this week.  Recommendation:  Springs is a talent, but there are more consistent IDP’s out there.

Michael Huff (S – OAK):  4 solo tackles (8 fp).  Huff has a bright future ahead of him, he just didn’t do much here against one of the NFL’s elite.  Recommendation:  The Raiders have a decent schedule for IDP’s remaining, so Huff could be added in deeper leagues as a possible matchup-based start.

Marcus Trufant (CB – SEA):  4 solo tackles, 1 assisted tackle, 1 INT, 3 passes defensed (17 fp).  The DB Yahtzee of the week.  Fun game to watch, probably a fun game to play, and plenty of IDP love goin’ on.  Recommendation:  Trufant can’t face the pass-happy Brett Favre every week, but the Seahawk secondary is a playmaking bunch and Trufant should certainly be added in leagues that require you start a CB after fantasy outputs of 15, 16 and 17 points over his past three.