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Week 13 Injury Update #1
Philip Gentles
November 28, 2006

Marc Bulger, QB, STL
Bruised Rib

Huddle Up: Rams' QB Marc Bulger left Sunday's game against the 49ers after suffering an injury to his chest but after missing just three plays he was able to return to the field. Bulger revealed to the media on Monday that he has been dealing with a painful bruised rib for nearly a month and that he aggravated the injury when he was hit by 49ers' DL Bryant Young in the second quarter. He went on to say that he also had the wind knocked out of him and at the time it made it hard for him to breathe and get up. But he was able to gather himself on the sideline and finish the game. According to reports Bulger was feeling sore on Monday but the Rams indicated that he should be ready to practice on Wednesday. The rib injury is clearly affecting his performance so don't be surprised if he continues to struggle until he is completely healthy.

Frank Gore, RB, SF
Leg and Ankle Contusions

Huddle Up: According to reports tests on RB Frank Gore's injured leg and ankle revealed a pair of contusions that could keep him limited in practice this week but shouldn't prevent him from playing in Week 13 against the Saints. Gore was hurt when he was tackled at the end of a run in the fourth quarter on Sunday. X-rays done in the locker room after the game were negative and additional tests performed on Monday did not reveal any serious injuries. The medical staff has diagnosed Gore with a contusion just below his knee and a contusion just above his ankle. Gore admitted to reporters that he was feeling sore but the 49ers expect him to practice with the team on Friday and play next weekend against the Saints.

Itula Mili, TE, SEA

Huddle Up: Seahawks' TE Itula Mili was knocked from Monday night's game with a concussion and his status for Week 13 is currently in question. Mili was hurt in the first half and after being examined on the sideline the medical staff decided to keep him out for the remainder of the game. The severity of Mili's injury is currently unknown and team officials aren't sure if he will be able to play in the team's next game. Check back on Friday for an update.

Chris Perry, RB, CIN
Fractured Fibula

Huddle Up: Bengals' RB Chris Perry will miss the remainder of the season after breaking the fibula in his right leg during Sunday's game against the Browns. Perry was carted off the field shortly after getting hurt at the end of a 10-yard run in the second quarter and X-rays in the locker room revealed that he suffered a significant break to the fibula bone near his ankle. According to reports the injury will require surgery and he will likely have a screw surgically inserted into the injured area sometime soon. The medical staff expects him to be out for the next 6 - 8 weeks, which means he should be ready when the team begins its off-season conditioning program.

Troy Polamalu, DB, PIT
Sprained MCL

Huddle Up: Steelers' DB Troy Polamalu will miss the next 2 - 4 weeks after spraining the medial collateral ligament in his left knee during Sunday'' game against the Ravens. It is unclear how Polamalu injured his knee but head coach Bill Cowher told reporters after the game that he suffered a "significant" knee injury during the game. According to reports an MRI performed on his knee on Monday revealed a partial tear to the MCL in his left knee. The injury will not require surgery however he will not play in the team's next two games and he could potentially miss the next four weeks while he recovers. Unfortunately with the Steelers on the verge of being eliminated from playoff contention there is a chance that Polamalu will not play again this year. We will keep you posted.

Sage Rosenfels, QB, HOU
Fractured Thumb

Huddle Up: Texans' backup QB Sage Rosenfels will miss the remainder of the season after fracturing a bone in his thumb during Sunday's game against the Jets. Rosenfels, who was playing his first game as the team's field goal holder, was hurt while making a tackle on a return of a field goal attempt that fell short. On the sidelines after the play he told the medical staff that his thumb was OK and that he was ready to go in should the team need him. However X-rays performed on his thumb after the game revealed a broken bone and he will reportedly miss the remainder of the year.

Junior Seau, LB, NE
Fractured Arm

Huddle Up: Patriots' LB Junior Seau has been placed on Injured Reserve and will miss the remainder of the season after fracturing his right arm during Sunday's game against the Bears. As usual the Patriots have not released specifics in regard's to Seau's injury however there was an obvious deformity in his arm as he was being helped off the field indicating that he suffered some kind of fracture. We'll probably know more about this later on in the week but the injury was severe enough that he has already been placed on IR.

Jeremy Shockey, TE, NYG
Compound Dislocation

Huddle Up: Giants' TE Jeremy Shockey suffered a compound dislocation of the ring finger in his left hand during pregame warm-ups on Sunday but the injury was treated in the locker room and he was later cleared to play in the game. Shockey told reporters that he was catching passes from Eli Manning prior to the game when one of the passes bent his finger causing the bone to dislocate and rip through the skin. He was immediately taken to the locker room where he was examined and X-rayed. The X-rays did not reveal any broken bones so the medical staff reduced the dislocation (put the finger back in place) and stitched up the wound. Shockey's finger was taped and splinted and he was cleared to play. The injury didn't appear to be a problem during the game, and while it looks like he will be able to play in Week 13, the medical staff may limit his involvement in practice this week as a precaution.

Donte Stallworth, WR, NO
Strained Hamstring

Huddle Up: Saints' WR Donte Stallworth was able to play in Sunday's game after tweaking his lingering hamstring injury during practice last week. Unfortunately he aggravated the same injury during the game and was limited to just 2 catches and 9 yards. According to reports Stallworth's leg was feeling stiff and sore on Monday morning and it looks like he will be held out of practice on Wednesday and limited in practice the remainder of the week. Head coach Andy Reid didn't appear to be concerned about this latest setback, but it appears that this will be a problem for the remainder of the season. His current status for Week 13 is unknown so check back on Friday for an update.

Hines Ward, WR, PIT
Fractured Knee

Huddle Up: Steelers' WR Hines Wards will be out for at least one game and he could possibly miss the remainder of the season after an MRI on his injured left knee revealed a broken bone. Ward hyperextended his knee back in Week 11 and aggravated the injury during Sunday's game against the Ravens and according to reports his knee was very sore and swollen on Monday. At this point the Steelers have not said what part of Ward's knee was fractured but he reportedly underwent an arthroscopic procedure to repair the damage and he has officially been ruled out for Week 13. The Steelers are on the verge of being eliminated from the playoff contention so don't be surprised if the medical staff decides to shut him down for the remainder of the season. Rookie Santonio Holmes would likely move into the starting lineup while Ward is sidelined.

Jermaine Wiggins, TE, MIN
Sprained MCL

Huddle Up: Vikings' head coach Brad Childress told reporters on Monday that TE Jermaine Wiggins suffered a "slight" sprain to the medial collateral ligament in his knee during Sunday's game against the Cardinals. According to reports Wiggins complained of pain and swelling in his knee following the game but is unknown how he was hurt and if he will be healthy enough to play next weekend. The team will provide an update on his status on Wednesday but expect him to be limited in practice this week while he recovers.