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IDP Sleeper Report - Week 15
Darin Tietgen
December 13, 2006


Willie McGinest (CLE):  Old man McGinest has battled some injuries this season but his health has improved and so has his play.  19 and 15 fantasy points over the past two weeks, and a good matchup against the run-heavy Ravens makes him a solid add for Week 15. 

Dexter Coakley (STL):  With Piso Tinoisamoa out for the season, Coakley should be the starting WLB for the Rams.  In mop-up duty after “Hawaii 5-0” went out against the Bears, Coakley had 3 solos and 1 assisted tackle.  Figure the vet should have a decent game against the Raiders. 

Brian Simmons (CIN):  Simmons is back after several weeks out due to injury.  With Caleb Miller’s game slowing down, Simmons should regain the top-scoring LB role for the Bengals.  He defended 3 passes last week against the Raiders, but don’t expect those kinds of numbers against Peyton Manning this coming week.  But he’ll be in on plenty of tackles, most likely.
Others to Consider:  Takeo Spikes (BUF) and Orlando Huff (ARI)


Trevor Pryce (DE – BAL):  Pryce has a rather under-the-radar 9.5 sacks on the season after getting to Chief QB Trent Green once last week.  He’s had two 2-sack games and could certainly repeat that kind of performance against the Browns. 

Jamal Williams (DT – SD):  In an effort to bring you one DT sleeper per week, I present you with the underrated Jamal Williams (again).  Sure, 5 fantasy points against the Broncos is not impressive, but he’s due for a sack, and the statuesque Trent Green is certainly susceptible to getting caught.  Plus, the run-stuffing Williams should be busy plugging up the middle against RB Larry Johnson. 

Others to Consider:  Chike Okeafor (DE – ARI)


Keith Lewis (S – SF):  If by chance Lewis is still available in your league after 5 straight weeks with double digit fantasy scoring, and two in a row with 21 fantasy points, you should probably nab him now.  He has three terrific IDP matchups to end the season (this week against the Seahawks).  The Niners think so much of Lewis that they cut the veteran safety Tony Parrish. 

Johnathan Josepth (CB – CLE):  Joseph is coming off two solid weeks; Week 13 he defended 4 passes and had 6 solo tackles, and last week he filled the box score with 4 solos, a forced fumble, fumble recovery and pass defense.  Facing the Colts should present him with plenty of tackling opportunities. 

Others to Consider:  Danieal Manning (S – CHI) and Drayton Florence (CB – SD)



Victor Hobson (NYJ):  4 solo tackles, 2 assisted tackles, 2 sacks (14 fantasy points).  At this point, really, I’d rather start Hobson and be assured of 14+ fantasy points than uber-stud Jonathan Vilma.  Recommendation:  Hobson and the Jets have terrific IDP matchups against the Vikes, Fins and Raiders for the last three weeks.  Hobson’s a great add as a third or perhaps even 2nd LB.

Peter Sirmon (TEN):  7 solo tackles (14 fp).  Not a bad game for Sirmon, but we’d like to see some other stats (like a pass defense). Recommendation:  This was a matchup-based recommendation, but Sirmon could certainly put up similar stats against the Jags, Bills and Pats.

Joey Porter (PIT):  3 solo tackles, 2 assisted tackles (8 fp).  Typical Porter – he either goes off with sacks, tackles and passes batted down, or he gets you a couple tackles.  Recommendation:  He’s a solid LB with QB sacking capabilities, but unreliable. 

Caleb Miller (CIN):  1 assisted tackle (1 fp).  By far Miller’s worst game this season.  He’d been a nice surprise in IDP leagues up until this stinker of a game.  Recommendation:  Maybe Miller is just slowing down, returning to the norm.  I’d keep him on deeper leagues’ rosters, though.  He could prove as a key third fantasy LB.

Keyaron Fox (KC):  1 solo tackle (2 fp).  With Derrick Johnson suckin’ it up for their important AFC battle with the Ravens, Fox returned to backup status (plus, he was a bit banged up).  Recommendation:  With the Chiefs reeling and their season just about toast, Johnson may sit out or play less.  A healthy Fox could be a key add for these last three weeks.


Darryl Tapp (DE – SEA):  3 solo tackles (6 fp).  Tapp hadn’t amassed more than 3 solos in a game all season, so I suppose this was one of his better outings.  Then again, he didn’t add to his sack total.  Recommendation:  He’s a great athlete – just needs PT. 

Grady Jackson (DT – ATL):  Nothing (Nothing).  Ouch, Jackson posted a big, fat goose egg.  As I’ve said all season, the DL spot has been hard to fill, unless you were blessed with a great draft or ingenious pick-ups.  Recommendation:  He’s old.  Leave him alone.  Before he steals your cheeseburger.

Mathias Kiwanuka (DE – NYG):  3 solo tackles, 1 sack (8 fp).  Certainly nowhere near his 22-point effort of a week ago, but not bad.  Recommendation:  With the Eagles and Saints upcoming, he’s a risky add.

Brett Keisel (DE – PIT):  1 assisted tackle (1 fp).  This is why I hate recommending Steeler IDPs.  Keisel had put up back-to-back games with 11+ fantasy points.  Recommendation:  Go with someone more consistent.


Will Demps (S – NYG):  7 solo tackles, 1 assisted tackle, 1 pass defensed (17 fp).  Another great game for Demps.  Five straight in double digits with significant tackles.  Recommendation:  At this point, Demps really can’t be classified as a sleeper.  If he’s available, I’d certainly recommend picking him up for his final games against their NFC East rivals Eagles, then the hot offense of the Saints, then the Skins.

Bryant McFadden (CB – PIT):  2 solo tackles, 1 pass defensed (6 fp).  McFadden had games of 18 and 23 fantasy points before this week, so this is a mild surprise.  Recommendation:  There are probably better CB sleepers out there.

Chris Harris (S – CHI):  5 solo tackles, 1 pass defensed (12 fp).  Not a huge game like last week, but the guy made some plays.  Recommendation:  Definitely a solid add with the weak Bucs, Lions and Packers yet to play.

Sean Considine (S – PHI):  6 solo tackles, 4 assisted tackles (16 fp).  Considine started at strong safety for the Eagles, but Michael Lewis did get some playing time (and a huge INT-return for TD).  Considine still got a handful of tackles and performed rather well.  Recommendation:  Looks like Lewis is healthy enough to play.  Considine could be a nice add if he continues to start.

Daven Holly (CB – CLE):  7 solo tackles, 1 pass defensed (17 fp).  Nice effort for Holly, scoring in the double digits for the fourth straight week.  Recommendation:  His next matchups aren’t great, but Houstin in Week 17 could prove big.