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Quarterback Watch Report - Week 16
Scott Boyter
December 19, 2006
Top Ten Fantasy QB’s to own Comment
1 IND Peyton Manning Manning’s had a struggle holding on to his customary No. 1 spot, but he grabbed it back with a vengeance after exploding for 282 yards and four touchdowns against the Bengals. Even better, he takes on the pathetic Texans this weekend. The only scenario that could have been better would have been for the game to take place in Indy. Nevertheless, Manning will lead a lot of teams to a title after he feasts on Houston.
2  NO Drew Brees He definitely derailed a few championship efforts last week with a shockingly lousy performance against the Redskins, but if you’re still in it, don’t give up on Brees. He may not be other-worldly against the Giants, but good enough to help a lot of teams advance.
3 CIN Carson Palmer

Palmer’s surprisingly bad outing against Indy was a shocker, and he has to go on the road against a tough Denver defense. But look for the Cincy game plan to get back to emphasizing the pass, since the Broncos are especially tough against the run. If you’re still in the running, give Palmer another shot. The bet here is you won’t be disappointed two weeks in a row.

4 STL Marc Bulger If you relied on Bulger in Week 15, you paid dearly. But if you managed to survive, Bulger won’t disappoint you again. Brees had a fluke of a bad day against the Redskins; that won’t happen for Bulger at home.
5 DAL Tony Romo Romo bounced back strong against the Falcons, and gets his chance to help Dallas clinch the NFC East at home against Philadelphia. Seeing how porous the Cowboy pass defense has all of a sudden become, Dallas will probably need a big day from Romo in order to have a chance to win.
6 NE Tom Brady Brady didn’t have as big of a day as he should have against the Texans, thanks to an unforgivable drop of a 50-plus yard passing score by Jabbar Gaffney. However, he did enough to help your team. The Patriots will need a win over the Jaguars, so Brady should be solid again.
7 GB Brett Favre And now we hit the schizophrenic portion of the list. How could Favre be so bad against the lousy Lion defense? Who knows? But he should rebound in a big way at home against Minnesota.
8 ATL Michael Vick Vick finally cracks the Top 10 based on his effort against Dallas. He left late with a groin tweak so check his status carefully this week. If he’s good to go, though, he’s a great play at home against the downtrodden Carolina D.
9 PHI Jeff Garcia Another good game for Garcia, who’s revitalizing his career like no one could have predicted. He’s worth a serious, serious look against Dallas’ reeling pass D.
10 BUF J.P. Losman Yep. Losman. He’s only cracked the 200-yard mark in his last three games, yet he’s thrown seven TDs in that period of time. If you’re strapped at QB, Losman is worth a look against the Titans.

(Note – this listing considers the rankings of QB’s if a draft was held today)

Climbing Up The Ladder

Rex Grossman (CHI) – The poster boy of inconsistency may be worthy of a Top 10 spot based on his last two games, but the Bears have wrapped up home field advantage in the NFC, so it’s doubtful we’ll see Chicago roll out its best the next two weeks. Beware using Grossman or any other Chicago player.

Jay Cutler (DEN) – For one week, at least Cutler made a lot of critics (including this one) eat their words with a 261-yard, two-TD showing against Arizona. He might even be worth a look against the Bengals.

Tim Rattay (TB) – Rattay might just have won himself a starting QB job with his stirring comeback against the Bears, even though it fell short. Looks like we’ll have a full-blown Quarterback Controversy at the start of the Bucs’ next training camp.

Sliding Back

Jon Kitna (DET) – He gutted it out as long as he can, but the lack of a running game and a pathetic offensive line finally caught up with Kitna. With Kevin Jones out of action, the Lion passing game has cratered.

David Carr (HOU) – Well, you can’t really slide back any farther than Carr has during the second half of the season, but we couldn’t let that garbage performance against New England go unmentioned. After his four-INT day against the Pats, Carr has an interception ratio his last eight games of 1/7. It doesn’t get any worse, unless you’re Joey Harrington.

Joey Harrington (MIA) – Speaking of Harrington, how about 5-for-17 for 20 yards and two picks? That’s just sickening.