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2007 Fantasy Football Busts - Quarterbacks
Huddle Staff
August 9, 2007
Quarterbacks | Running Backs | Wide Receivers | Tight Ends

David Dorey's Quarterback Bust

Vince YoungVince Young, Tennessee
Sure Young was the Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2006 and he has a ton of talent – no argument there. But what he doesn’t have this year is Travis Henry to run the ball or Drew Bennett and Bobby Wade to catch passes. His rushing game now is a three-headed mess with LenDale White,  Chris Brown and the rookie Chris Henry who did little in college. His top two receivers from 2006 are gone and replaced by Eric Moulds and Justin Gage. The best any returning wideout for the Titans did last year was Brandon Jones’ 384 yards on 27 catches. Not exactly the way to fill the shelves for such an exciting quarterback. And to throw yet more fuel on the fire that will be the Titans season, Young faces one of the toughest passing schedules in the entire league this season. He’ll be a good one for years to come but that will require the Titans to give him some veteran tools to work with.

Scott Boyter's Quarterback Bust

Vince Young, Tennessee
This is not an indictment of Young's ability. He showed plenty of that last season. But a lot of people are going to jump on VY based on his often-spectacular play in 2006, and without taking a close look at Young's surrounding cast this season. David Givens, Eric Moulds and Brandon Jones look to be the Titans' top three receivers, and Givens and Jones were hobbled entering training camp. Even at 100 percent, is that a receiving group that instills confidence from a fantasy standpoint? At running back the Titans will feature LenDale White and Chris Brown. Enough said there. And the final straw: Young is on the cover of this year's Madden game, and we know the curse that surrounds that "honor."

Brent Clement's Quarterback Bust

Jon Kitna, Detroit
Many are confusing Jon Kitna with Kurt Warner his first few years in the league. But Kitna had more INT, 22 than TD’s, 21,  a season ago. I don’t see that changing this year. Mike Martz is notorious for failing to add sufficient protection on passing routes, and that pressure resulted in some of Kitna’s turnovers. Folks, this Martz tactic isn’t changing in 2007.  Add in the fact the defense should be better than a season ago, this team won’t be chunking the ball every play of every game, as it had to do in 2006.

Michael Courter's Quarterback Bust

Jake Delhomme, Carolina
The only reason he wasn’t benched last year was the lack of skilled options behind him.  The Delhomme safety net has a big hole in it this year by the name of David Carr.  The Texans castoff would like nothing better than to rewrite the Greek tragedy that has been his NFL career so far.  The Panthers acquired him to put Delhomme on a short leash and the first sign of wacky on-field  decisions and poor throws by the Cajun will fast-track the young, and still physically-gifted Carr into the most promising situation of his still developing career.

Bob Cunningham's Quarterback Bust

Matt Hasselbeck, Seattle
Even if he’s completely healthy, and Shaun Alexander is, too, who is Hasselbeck going to throw to?  Deion Branch?  As a No. 2 guy, okay, but Branch doesn’t have No. 1 WR tools.  D.J. Hackett?  Yeah, I like him too.  But he’s unproven.  And TE Marcus Pollard is getting up there – contributing little since leaving Indianapolis.  The consensus is that Hasslebeck is a top 12 QB.  Not in my world, he isn’t.  I just don’t see him putting up any truly valuable numbers.

Joe Levit's Quarterback Bust

Eli ManningEli Manning, NY Giants
Until he proves consistent on the field, Manning is not going to be someone I count on in fantasy football. Luke Petitgout is gone and so is Tiki Barber. Think that won’t impact the team. Think again. Barber was stellar at all aspects of being a running back, including blocking. You can bet Brandon Jacobs and Reuben Droughns will let by more monsters on their way to a quick sack. 

Kevin Ratterree's Quarterback Busts

The Jacksonville Quarterback
At the time I write this, it isn't even clear who will be the starter, but it doesn't matter.  You don't need me to tell you that you don't want him, do you?

Matt Leinart, Arizona
Though he played pretty well as a rookie, keep in mind he is learning his second pro system in his second year in the league.  And the new system doesn't figure to feature the pass as much as the last.  This pick is not an indictment of Leinart so much as of the price you must pay to get him in your draft.  If you are expecting him to have a ton of upside from where he is being drafted, you might be disappointed.  He is being drafted just a bit higher than he should be.  There are plenty of guys being drafted around Leinart's area that will probably be just as good or better. Namely Kitna a couple of rounds earlier, and Cutler and Roethlisberger in the same round and much later.

Eli Manning, NY Giants
That sound you just heard was the fantasy community jumping off the Eli Manning train.  I'm right with you.  But he is Peyton’s brother.

Paul Sandy's Quarterback Bust

Eli Manning, NY Giants
Don’t underestimate the loss of Tiki Barber. Manning connected with his all-pro RB on 58 passes last season for 465 yards of offense. Barber was a security blanket and one that Manning will sorely miss. While Brandon Jacobs shows promise and Reuben Droughns has a veteran presence, the combination doesn’t come close to matching what Barber brought to the table. It would surprise me to see Manning throw for more than 20 TDs this year.

Darin Tietgen's Quarterback Bust

Eli Manning, NY Giants
Lil' Manning has the typical “little brother syndrome”.  He’s been constantly compared to his older brothers, and while he certainly does have talent, has always been the one to get the last pick of the fried chicken, hand-me-down clothes, and pat on the head as the tag-along.  Now entering his fourth NFL season, Manning will be challenged more than ever.  RB Tiki Barber has retired, opening the door to Brandon Jacobs and Reuben Droughns.  I don’t care for Jacobs at all as an every-down back, so I think Manning will be facing even more pressure this year.  Droughns is a fine pass-catching back, but Tiki Barber he is not, and from what I’ve read and heard, the Giant coaching staff is going to give Jacobs every opportunity at being a full-time back, which is a mistake in my opinion.  Manning has a talented set of receiving options, but they have issues too:  Plaxico Burress is a talented freak, but some think he’s a few cards short of a full deck.  He may not have the mental and emotional moxie to really step forward as an elite (or at very worst, a solid #1) NFL wideout.  Amani Toomer is a few months away from collecting social security, and tight end Jeremy Shockey, like Burress, is wildly talented, but has “issues upstairs”.  Will this trio get it done for Manning and the Giants?  I’m betting not, and therefore Manning is in for another long season.

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