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Wide Receivers Drafted from 2003 to 2007
David Dorey
July 2, 2007
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First Round - Just like in fantasy drafts, the NFL draft has seem some solid if not spectacular receivers taken in the first round. It has also seen some incredible busts come along. Since this is a position that typically takes time to develop, looking at past drafts has to consider the two to three years that are expected for a receiver to come into his own. Last season only had one wide receiver drafted in the first round but Holmes had a very solid first year and looks likely to be starting a very nice career.

Second Round – This round has produced it’s share of starters and in several cases – players that did better than many first rounders.. Chris Chambers and Chad Johnson came out of 2001 but otherwise this round has not produced many fantasy gems for the current season. Taken this deeply in the draft has usually meant the team believes in them but not enough to consider them an instant starter for the last several seasons.

Third Round – This round has produced some very nice players but rarely more than one per year if that. Anquan Boldin had a great rookie year but Reggie Brown took a couple of years to catch on. Vincent Jackson enters his third year and his first with a shot at being a full-time starter.

Fourth Round – Not a lot of value has come from this round in the last five years though Cotchery had a very nice 2006 season. Brandon Lloyd, Samie Parker and Ernest Willford have all been starters and all have disappointed. Usually this round (and deeper) serves up guys who become serviceable #2 wideouts for teams - if even that.

Rounds Five to Seven – Oddly enough, the fifth and sixth rounds have done nothing to produce starters and yet Donald Driver, T.J. Houshmandzadeh and of course Marques Colston came from the seventh round to becoming starters. The majority of these players do nothing if they even make the team but there have been some big surprises from the final round every couple of years.

2007 -   Big year for rookie wideouts with six taken in the first round and three more in the second. Training camp will determine where these players fall for 2007 but obviously Calvin Johnson has a great shot at making the 1.02 pick of the draft turn into a full-time starter in a passing offfense in Detroit. This was a good year for wideouts and even those taken in the second round likely have long-term value.

Round 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
1 Charles Rogers Larry Fitzgerald Braylon Edwards Santonio Holmes Calvin Johnson
Andre Johnson Roy Williams Troy Williamson   Ted Gin Jr.
Bryant Johnson Reggie Williams Mike Williams   Dwayne Bowe
  Lee Evans Matt Jones   Robert Meacham
  Michael Clayton Mark Clayton   Craig Davis
  Michael Jenkins Roddy White   Anthony Gonzalez
  Rashaun Woods      
2 Taylor Jacobs

Dev. Henderson

Reggie Brown Chad Jackson Sidney Rice
Bethel Johnson Darius Watts Mark Bradley Sinorice Moss Dwayne Jarrett
Anquan Boldin Keary Colbert Roscoe Parrish Greg Jennings Steve Smith
Tyrone Calico   Terren. Murphy Devin Hester  
Teyo Johnson   Vincent Jackson    
3 K. Washington Derrick Hamilton Courtney Roby Travis Wilson Jacoby Jones
Nate Burleson Bernard Berrian Chris Henry Derek Hagan Yamon Figurs
Kevin Curtis Devard Darling Brandon Jones Brandon Williams Laurent Robinson
W.  McMullen Jr.     Maurice Stovall Jason Hill
      Willie Ried James Jones
        Mike Walker
        Paul Williams
        Johnnie Lee Higgins
4 Sha. McDonald Carlos Francis Jerome Mathis Michael. Robinson Ryne Robinson
Brandon Lloyd Samie Parker C. Thorpe Brad Smith Chris Davis
Sam Aiken Jer. Cotchery Chase Lyman Cory Ridgers  
  Ernest Wilford Fred Gibson Avant Johnson  
    Royd. Williams Dem. Williams  
      Will Blackmon  
      Brand. Marshall  
      Skyler Green  
5 Bobby Wade Johnnie Morant Airese Currie Marq. Hagans Steve Breaston
Justin Gage Maurice Mann Larry Brackins Jeremy Bloom Aundrae Allison
Adrian Madise D.J. Hackett Rash. Marshall   David Clowney
Jon Olinger Drew Carter     Roy Hall
Doug Gabriel P.K. Sam     Legedu Naanee
J.R. Tolver        
6 David Kircus Jamaar Taylor Chad Owens Mike Hass Joel Filani
Zuriel Smith Ryan Krause Tab Perry Jonathan Orr Courtney Taylor

Latar. Dunbar

Triandos Luke

D. Ridgeway

Delanie Walker Jordan Kent
Arnaz Battle Jeris McIntyre Craig Bragg Adam Jennings  
Jon Olinger Clarence Moore   Jeff Webb  
Willie Ponder        
Kareem Kelly        
David Tyree        
7 Keenan Howry Mark Jones Marcus Maxwell Ethan Kilmer Dallas Baker
Taco Wallace Sloan Thomas Paris Warren Todd Watkins John Broussard
Walter Young Patrick Crayton LeRon McCoy Bennie Brazell Chandler Williams
Talman Gardner   Harry Williams D. Aromashodu Syndric Steptoe
Dave Yovanovits   J.R. Russell Ben Obomanu Chansi Stuckey
Dean. Rubin     David Anderson Derek Stanley
Kevin Walter     Marques Colston Johnathan Holland
Carl Ford     Kevin McMahon  
Travis Anglin        
Ryan Hoag        

Quarterbacks | Running Backs | Wide Receivers

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