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2007 Off-Season Injury Report - Quarterbacks
Philip Gentles
July 12, 2007

Mark Brunell, WAS
Torn Labrum

Huddle Up: When the Redskins' named then rookie Jason Campbell as the team's starting QB for the remainder of the season prior to Week 11 last year, everyone just assumed that the coaching staff was just tired of Mark Brunell's inconsistent play. But that actually wasn't the case. According to reports Brunell injured his left (throwing) shoulder back in Week 9 against the Cowboys and he attempted to play the following week against Eagles. Although he made it through the game he had an extremely tough time throwing the ball and he was in a lot of pain in the locker room afterwards. Brunell was sent for an MRI the next morning and unfortunately it revealed a torn labrum in his left shoulder. The Skins kept him on roster as the emergency quarterback, but he didn't play for the remainder of the season. He underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair the damage to his labrum in early January and was scheduled to be out for up to 5 months. But to everyone's surprise he's made a quick recovery. He began throwing short passes over a two month ago and he was finally cleared to practice with the team in June. It looks like he is going to be ready for the start of training camp but the team has already made it clear that the starting job belongs to Campbell.

Daunte Culpepper, MIA
Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Huddle Up: QB Daunte Culpepper, who has had two surgeries on his right knee in under 2 years, is reportedly doing well in his recovery from his most recent procedure and should be cleared to take part in the second half of training camp, whether it be with the Dolphins or another team. Culpepper suffered a major knee injury in 2005, tearing his ACL, MCL and PCL. Culpepper made what appeared to be a quick recovery and he was cleared to play in Week 1 last year. But it became evident early on that he was still not ready and after only four games he was back on the sideline. Culpepper continued to complain of swelling and lingering soreness that affected his mobility and ultimately his performance. It was soon discovered that pieces of damaged cartilage were preventing his knee from healing properly and the team had the cartilage surgically repaired and the loose pieces removed in November. According to reports Culpepper has worked extremely hard in the off-season and his knee has held up well. He's now running without a limp and in several Dolphins' practices in May he did several passing drills with the quarterbacks and looked sharp. He's currently having problems with the team and has requested that the team release him. He was barred from the Dolphins' minicamp practices in June so we didn't get a chance to see how he has progressed. But by all accounts he should be cleared for all team drills by middle of August.

Brett FavreBrett Favre, GB
Arthroscopic Ankle Surgery / Shoulder Tendonitis

Huddle Up: Packers' QB Brett Favre, who underwent a minor arthroscopic procedure on his ankle during the off-season and who was complaining of soreness in his right shoulder during June Minicamps, should be ready when training camp opens in August. Favre was originally scheduled to undergo surgery to remove bone spurs from his left ankle in January but he put off the procedure until February. According to reports the bone spurs were not really affecting his mobility but he reportedly complained of soreness in his injured ankle following games and the medical staff felt that the surgery would help him live a more comfortable life. After 2 months of rehab he was finally cleared to resume unrestricted workouts and practices. His ankle is now considered a non-issue. Favre began complaining of pain in his right shoulder after passing drills during the Packers' June mini camp and was diagnosed with tendonitis. He reportedly took a week off and he's now feeling better. The medical staff expects his shoulder to be fine for the start of training camp.

Charlie Frye, CLE
Fractured Hand

Huddle Up: Browns' QB Charlie Frye, who missed three games at the end of last season with a fractured hand, has made a complete recovery from the injury and he's now getting ready to battle Derek Anderson and rookie Brady Quinn for the starting job. According to reports Frye broke a bone in his right hand near the wrist during the team's Week 13 game against the Chiefs. If you recall head coach Romeo Crennel told reporters that the injury was a bone bruise and he spent weeks denying that Frye's hand was broken. But the young QB was eventually sent for a second opinion and several local newspapers reported that a fracture was found. Doctors also discovered that with the right protection the injury couldn't get any worse. So with Anderson sidelined with an injury of his own the medical staff wrapped up Frye's wrist and hand and cleared him to play in the team's final regular season game. Frye was forced to wear a removable splint for several weeks after that, but he has since made a full recovery. According to reports Frye and Anderson shared time with the first-team offense during the Browns' last batch of minicamp practices but Crennel won't make a decision on his starting QB until sometime during the preseason.

Matt Hasselbeck, SEA
Torn Labrum / Fractured Fingers

Huddle Up: Seahawks' QB Matt Hasselbeck is coming off an injury-riddled season, but the good news is that all of his injuries appear to be healed and the team's medical staff expects him to be ready for the start of training camp. Hasselbeck had surgery back in January to repair a torn labrum in his left (non-throwing) shoulder, an injury that the team said he played with for the entire season. According to reports he was cleared to participate in all non-contact drills back in May. In a recent interview Hasselbeck said that his left shoulder was a "non-issue on the field" and Mike Holmgren said that although he's been fighting off the rust and working to get his timing back, he has been practicing without limitations and he appears to be completely healthy. But the torn labrum wasn't the only injury he had to deal with. According to reports Hasselbeck played the final eight games of the season with broken fingers in his left hand. He apparently suffered non-displaced fractures of two fingers on his left hand during the game against the Packers in the late November. And if you recall that was his first game back after missing four weeks with a sprained knee. Well, his fingers and knee are fine and they won't be an issue when training camp opens next month.

Byron Leftwich, JAX
Arthroscopic Ankle Surgery

Huddle Up: According to reports Jaguars' veteran QB Byron Leftwich is no longer experiencing any soreness or pain in his surgically repaired ankle and he should be ready when the team starts training camp in a month. Leftwich broke a bone in his left ankle over two years ago and lingering problems within the joint have affected his performance since then. Head coach Jack Del Rio told reporters last season that his decision to bench Leftwich in favor of David Garrard was based on his performance and not his health. But according to the team's medical staff his ankle needed treatment after every practice and game. So it wouldn't be a stretch to say that his health was a big part of Del Rio's decision as well. Leftwich has since undergone arthroscopic ankle surgery in which physicians removed scar tissue and several small pieces of bone from the joint. According to these physicians the scar tissue and loose particles prevented his ankle from completely healing. They limited his strength and range of motion and were the reason he had lingering bouts of pain, soreness and swelling. The good news is that Leftwich appears to be healthy for the first time in a very long time. He returned to practice in early May and in a recent interview Leftwich said that his ankle is no longer bothering him and he's finally back to full strength. There were reports that he was unhappy with the Jaguars and that he requested a trade, but he has attended several of the team's off-season practices and it appears that he wants to remain in Jacksonville. There has also been talk of the team acquiring Daunte Culpepper from the Dolphins, but several team officials have said that even if that happens Leftwich will enter training camp as the starting QB.

Donovan McNabbDonovan McNabb, PHI
Surgery To Repair Torn ACL

Huddle Up: Eagles' QB Donovan McNabb is reportedly several weeks ahead in his recovery from a torn anterior cruciate ligament. And while the team is optimistic about his chances of being ready for the start of the regular season we strongly suggest that you keep a close eye on him during training camp and the preseason. McNabb tore the ACL in his right knee back in November last year and after 6 months of grueling rehab he was finally cleared to participate in an Eagles' workout in early June. According to reports he looked good during the June OTAs and the team reported no swelling within the joint. It should be noted though that he was on a low rep count and he was limited to non-contact drills, so he still has a long way to go before he is ready to play in a game. But at least he's showing signs of progress. Head coach Andy Reid recently told reporters that the team will keep McNabb limited throughout training camp and probably keep him limited throughout the preseason. as well. McNabb has said that he would like to play in the team's second preseason. game, but we would be surprised if the Eagles rushed him back. The accepted timetable for return from ACL surgery is 9 months. And since it can take up to 18 months post-surgery before an athlete coming back from this type of injury makes a complete physical and mental recovery don't be surprised if McNabb is inconsistent and appears a step slower to start the season.

Chris Simms, TB
Surgery to Remove Ruptured Spleen

Huddle Up: Bucs' QB Chris Simms, who is nearly 10 months removed from having his spleen removed after it ruptured during a football game against the Panthers, remains limited in practices and workouts and according to head coach Jon Gruden the team isn't sure when he'll be completely ready. Simms recently told reporters that he was running, throwing the ball and lifting weights without a problem. However Gruden said that he would continue to limit Simms to individual drills until the medical staff feels that he is ready for more. Jeff Garcia will enter training camp as the starting QB and Gruden has said that it's going to take a lot for someone, especially Simms, to take the job from him.

Andrew Walter, OAK
Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Huddle Up: Raiders' QB Andrew Walter, who underwent arthroscopic surgery on his knee in early June, has reportedly begun to run on his own and the team expects him to be ready to compete for the starting job when training camp begins. Walter had complained of pain and discomfort in his knee in May but an MRI showed no significant damage. However after a couple of practices in June the joint began to swell and the team's medical staff decided that the best way to see what was going on was to take and arthroscopic look. During the procedure they found some loose cartilage that they cleaned and fixed. Walter has already undergone 4 weeks of rehab and treatment and the Raiders expect him to be completely healthy by the end of July.

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