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2007 Rankings Movement - Quarterbacks
Updated: September 3, 2007
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Mv Rank Player Team Bye
Tier One
  1Peyton ManningFAx
  2Tom BradyNEP10
  3Carson PalmerFAx
  4Drew BreesNOS4
Tier Two
  5Jon KitnaDAL8
  6Marc BulgerFAx
  7Donovan McNabbFAx
  8Tony RomoFAx
  9Philip RiversLAC
  10Matt LeinartFAx
  11Ben RoethlisbergerPIT6
  12Vince YoungFAx
Tier Three
  13Brett FavreFAx
  14Matt HasselbeckFAx
  15Eli ManningNYG9
  16Jake DelhommeFAx
  17Jason CampbellFAx
  18Alex SmithWAS4
  19Rex GrossmanFAx
  20Jay CutlerFAx
21David GarrardNYJ10
Tier Four
  22Chad PenningtonFAx
  23Steve McNairFAx
  24Jeff GarciaFAx
  25Matt SchaubATL8
  26Trent GreenFAx
  27Joey HarringtonFAx
  28J.P. LosmanFAx
  29Daunte CulpepperFAx
  30Damon HuardFAx
  31Tarvaris JacksonFAx
  32Brady QuinnFAx
  33Charlie FryeOAK5
  34Brodie CroyleFAx
  35Trent EdwardsOAK5
  36Kyle BollerFAx
  37Kellen ClemensLAC
  38JaMarcus RussellFAx
  39Kevin KolbFAx
  40Brad JohnsonFAx
  41Dan OrlovskyFAx
  42Josh McCownNYJ10
  43Kurt WarnerFAx
  44Brooks BollingerFAx
  45Chris RedmanFAx
  46David CarrFAx
  47Brian GrieseFAx
  48John BeckFAx
49Byron LeftwichPIT6
  50Aaron RodgersGBP7
Player Change Now Date
David Garrard 21 08-31-2007
The Jaguars named Garrard as the starting quarterback today and he takes the reins from Byron Leftwich. In fantasy terms this is an improvement if only because Garrard is a very good runner as well as passer and had 250 rushing yards just last year in just 10 games played.
Player Change Now Date
Byron Leftwich 49 08-31-2007
Leftwich was demoted today and may be on the verge of being cut. He's not likely to land as a starter anywhere else so his only fantasy value now is marginal in keeper leagues.
Player Change Now Date
Daunte Culpepper 29 08-31-2007
Scoot Culpepper up another notch. He's looked more like the Cpep of old than he has for two years and more importantly, he looks better than Josh McCown. With JaMarcus Russell still unsigned, it's looking more like Culpepper could pull off a full year behind center in Oakland.
Player Change Now Date
Kellen Clemens 38 08-27-2007
The Jets back-up quarterback deserves to be noticed with good play in camp and in preseason games. Pennington proved surprisingly durable last year but the Jets have confidence in the position if Pennington gets injured again.
Player Change Now Date
Damon Huard 29 08-27-2007
Huard moves up a couple of notches mainly because he is not Brodie Croyle who looks terrible in preseason play. But you still cannot rely on Huard being a starter for the entire year because the Chiefs want Croyle to step up and not rely on the aging Huard. The team has announced that Huard is the starting quarterback now - but for how long is the question.
Player Change Now Date
Brodie Croyle 35 08-24-2007
Croyle just has not been able to grab the starting spot and with such poor play in week three against the Saints (5 of 17 for 45 yards) it has to be assumed that Huard gets to start the season. Croyle will figure in eventually, but he does not look ready yet.
Player Change Now Date
Vince Young 12 08-20-2007
After already being concerned that the TEN offense would struggle this year, two preseason games have done nothing to suggest that is not true. Young has to drop a couple of spots in the rankings because his offense looks worse than last year.
Player Change Now Date
Daunte Culpepper 30 08-20-2007
Culpepper looked good this weekend if only compared to McCown and Walter. Since Russell's holdout continues with no end in sight, it appears Culpepper will be the most likely OAK QB to matter this year.
Player Change Now Date
Brady Quinn 31 08-20-2007
Quinn looked sharp in his first showing of the preseason and threw for two scores but he still has a long way to go. Sadly enough, he already looks better than either Frye or Anderson thought either of them could start the season. Nothing to mess with in a redraft but consider Quinn a little more attractive in a keeper league.
Player Change Now Date
Donovan McNabb 7 08-17-2007
McNabb jumps up one spot with reports that he is going to play in the preseason game tonight and is very near 100%. That is no guarantee that he won't get hurt again but at least he looks good to go until that happens.
Player Change Now Date
Michael Vick NR 08-17-2007
Say goodnight, Mike. No longer ranked, even as a keeper.
Player Change Now Date
Ben Roethlisberger 12 08-15-2007
Roethlisberger gets a small bump up after looking very impressive in brief playing time in the first preseason game. The new offense by OC Bruce Arians seems to be coming together better than anticipated but has the personnel unlike Arians had in previous NFL stints.
Player Change Now Date
Brady Quinn 31 08-15-2007
Minor bump because he is signed and more importantly HC Romeo Crennel is literally flipping coins to see if Derek Anderson or Charlie Frye should start preseason games. It is only a matter of time for Quinn to get his shot and Frye and Anderson are not making the case for keeping Quinn on the bench all season.
Player Change Now Date
Assorted Players NA 08-15-2007
Numerous small incremental changes after the first set of preseason games and news from training camps that have closed. Roethlisberger is the only likely fantasy starter that moved up one spot since the Steelers new offense looked impressive in the preseason game, mostly from the play of the personnel.
Player Change Now Date
Brady Quinn 33 08-05-07
Quinn remains a holdout with the Browns and the situation is no where near a conclusion. Quinn is already falling behind and without training camp time he's a bigger risk to get any playing time this year. He falls a bit and Charlie Frye rises slightly though Derek Anderson remains in the mix as well.
Player Change Now Date
JaMarcus Russell 33 08-01-07
Russell still has not signed and the two sides are still very far apart. Russell is missing critical training camp time and this will push back his learning curve and almost certainly reduce how many games he will play in this year.
Player Change Now Date
Josh McCown 37 08-01-07
The Raiders have signed Daunte Culpepper so the contract holdout of Jamarcus Russell doesn't neccessarily mean that McCown gets more playing time. This only makes the situation messier and more hands-off.
Player Change Now Date
Daunte Culpepper 36 08-01-07
Culpepper has signed with the Raiders thanks in part to the holdout of Jamarcus Russell. It's only a one-year contract and he still has to battle Josh McCown for playing time before Russell eventually starts but at least he has a team again.
Player Change Now Date
Michael Vick 40 07-27-07
Dropping Vick even further and realistically, the only reason to take Vick in a draft this year is if you play in a keeper league and you have a final roster spot open just in case. If you must own Vick - pay the minimum possible because this could just give bad mojo to the rest of your roster.
Player Change Now Date
D.J. Shockley 36 07-27-07
Shockley enters the rankings with the continuing slide of Vick and should Vick remain away all year - a very real possibility - the team could turn to Shockley who has some potential both as a passer and a runner. Training camp should show what he does with pads on, but Shockley has some promise.
Player Change Now Date
Joey Harrington 30 07-18-07
Harrington gets a healthy push up thanks the the legal problems of Michael Vick. Harrington still is a risky draft pick until there is certainty about what will happen with Vick this year but he now appears a better bet than the risky Vick.
Player Change Now Date
Michael Vick 33 07-18-07
Vick was indicted by federal authorities today in the much publicized dog fighting case. It is still too early to know exactly what Vick will get in playing time or suspensions this year, but it's plenty late enough to know not to draft Vick this year with any expectations that he will be a full-year starter.
Player Change Now Date
Daunte Culpepper na 07-18-07
Culpepper has been released by the Dolphins and is now free to join any other NFL team.

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