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Staff Sleepers, Under and Over Valued Players - Wide Receivers
August 25, 2009
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Eight staff writers have all been polled who their sleepers, undervalued and overvalued players are. To make this within context of your draft, we have shown the selections against the average draft rankings and are highlighting when at least three writers have a consensus on a player. With 91 wideouts to choose from, getting any consensus on a player says a lot when it comes to receivers.

Sleepers (Players drafted as a backup that have the potential to perform like a starter)

(3 stars)

Nate Burleson, Seattle Seahawks - Though he underwent reconstructive knee surgery last season, that doesn't scare off three of the staffers who note that he's looked strong in camp and appears just as fast. He'll line up across from T.J. Houshmandzadeh which means single coverage to beat.

Devin Thomas, Washington Redskins - The Skins brought in Thomas last year as the second wideout drafted in the NFL and he had a typical slow rookie season. But now Thomas is looking sharp and experienced and ready for far more than the 15 catches he made last year. The Skins want Thomas to overtake Antwaan Randle El and that could happen by the end of camp.

Bryant Johnson, Detroit Lions - The Lions spent their #1 overall pick on high profile Matt Stafford in the NFL draft and Calvin Johnson already commands the focus of opposing defenses. But Johnson is quietly assuming the #2 position in Detroit for a team that will have to throw and Calvin Johnson cannot do it all.

(2 stars)

Tedd Ginn, Jr., Chris Henry, Austin Miles, Hakeem Nicks and Bobby Engram.

Undervalued (Players drafted as a starter but a great value where available)

(3 stars)

Marques Colston, New Orleans Saints - Three staffers remember more about the 1202 yards and 11 touchdowns Colston had in 2007 instead of the injury marred 2008 season. Colston had microfracture surgery in January to repair a small hole in his kneecap but reports are that he is completely over the injury and ready to resume being Drew Brees bestest friend once again.

Laveranues Coles, Cincinnati Bengals - While Coles will not be a 1:1 replacement for T.J. Houshmandzadeh's purely possession role, he will be playing with the best quarterback he has had during his NFL career in an offense that regularly threw for over 4000 passing yards every season while Carson Palmer was healthy. While he is new to the team, Coles could be in the ideal situation for a pleasantly surprising season.

Overvalued (Players that are poor values where being drafted, if not outright busts)

(5 stars)

Brandon Marshall, Denver Broncos - Most of the staff sees Marshall's ADP of #14 among wideouts as being wildly optimistic for a receive who has been unhappy in the offseason, in a new scheme and after trading Jay Cutler for Kyle Orton. Oh yes, and he is taking it easy in camp because he is recovering from hip surgery in the offseason. Marshall is coming off a great year but there's far more question marks entering into 2009.

(3 stars)

Vincent Jackson, San Diego Chargers - Comes off a fine season but at least some of that was because of injuries to LaDainian Tomlinson, Chris Chambers and Antonio Gates. It was a perfect storm for Jackson who may not have as many opportunities this year. More than any other single thing, the healthy of Tomlinson will revert the Chargers back to a more heavy rushing attack.

Eddie Royal, Denver Broncos - In the same vein as Brandon Marshall, Royal comes off a great rookie season but no longer has the same offense or quarterback. He'll remain the #2 to Marshall as well.

Michael Crabtree, San Francisco 49ers - Rookie receivers rarely perform that well and playing for the 49ers won’t make that any more likely since they still are not sure which mediocre quarterback will be the starter there. An added bonus, Crabtree is holding out and claiming he may sit out the year and re-enter the draft next season.

(2 stars)

Roddy White, Braylon Edwards, Roy Williams, Antonio Bryant, Lance Moore.

Under Valued
or Sleeper
Over Valued ADP Rankings
as of 8/3
DMD  2V   DT   KR   PS  TVP  SG   SB 
    1 Fitzgerald,Larry                
    2 Johnson,Andre                
    3 Moss,Randy                
  4 Johnson,Calvin             O  
    5 Wayne,Reggie                
    6 Jennings,Greg                
  7 Smith,Steve             U  
  8 White,Roddy         O O    
    9 Boldin,Anquan                
  10 Colston,Marques U U U          
    11 Bowe,Dwayne                
    12 Welker,Wes                
13 Owens,Terrell           U O  
  14 Marshall,Brandon O O O   O O   O
  15 Houshmandzadeh,T.J.   U            
  16 Edwards,Braylon O             O
17 Williams,Roy       O O U    
  18 Ochocinco,Chad       O        
  19 Jackson,Vincent O   O         O
20 Royal,Eddie O       U O O  
  21 Gonzalez,Anthony               O
  22 Jackson,DeSean         U      
    23 Holmes,Santonio                
  24 Bryant,Antonio O     O        
  25 Evans,Lee               U
  26 Moss,Santana       O        
    27 Cotchery,Jerricho                
    28 Avery,Donnie                
  29 Berrian,Bernard U              
    30 Ward,Hines                
31 Moore,Lance     O O U      
  32 Coles,Laveranues U U         U  
33 Hester,Devin           U O  
  34 Crabtree,Michael O O     O     O
  35 Holt,Torry               U
  36 Walter,Kevin             O  
    37 Driver,Donald                
  38 Breaston,Steve S              
  39 Ginn Jr.,Ted   S           S
  40 Harvin,Percy   O            
  41 Smith,Steve               S
  42 Hixon,Domenik       S        
    43 Maclin,Jeremy               S
  44 Clayton,Mark           O    
    45 Morgan,Josh                
  46 Nicks,Hakeem     S         S
    47 Chambers,Chris                
  48 Bennett,Earl S              
  49 Mason,Derrick       S        
  50 Austin,Miles   S   S        
    51 Curtis,Kevin                
  52 Henry,Chris             S S
  53 Robiskie,Brian   O            
    54 Muhammad,Muhsin                
    55 Gage,Justin                
    56 Crayton,Patrick                
  57 Washington,Nate     O          
  58 Heyward-Bey,Darrius   O            
    59 Jenkins,Michael                
  60 Camarillo,Greg           S    
  61 Bradley,Mark       S        
  62 Walker,Mike   S            
  63 Rice,Sidney             S  
64 Branch,Deion         O S    
    65 Britt,Kenny                
  66 Burleson,Nate S     S     S  
    67 Bess,Davone                
    68 Nelson,Jordy                
    69 Galloway,Joey                
  70 Schilens,Chaz   S            
  71 Bruce,Isaac         S      
    72 Meachem,Robert S              
  73 Thomas,Devin         S S   S
  74 Engram,Bobby         S   S  
    75 Iglesias,Juaquin                
    76 Henderson,Devery                
    77 Jones,James                
  78 Higgins,Johnnie Lee       S        
    79 Sweed,Limas                
    80 Garcon,Pierre                
    81 Harrison,Marvin                
    82 Massaquoi,Mohamed                
    83 Williams,Demetrius                
    84 Jones,Matt                
  85 Stuckey,Chansi   S            
    86 Douglas,Harry                
    87 Clayton,Michael                
    88 Collie,Austin                
  89 Johnson,Bryant S         S S  
    90 Randle El,Antwaan                
DMD: David Dorey
2V: John Tuvey
SB: Scott Boyter
PS: Paul Sandy
SG: Steve Gallo
DT: Darin Tietgen
TVP: Tim Van Prooyen
KR: Kevin Ratterree
O: Over Valued
U: Under Valued
S: Sleeper

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