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Every good general has his battle plans, just as every good fantasy team manager has his drafting strategies. The Huddle provides extensive fantasy football draft strategy options so that when draft time comes around you're not caught unprepared. Want to be the hero of your league? Want the steps to the ultimate team? Then use The Huddle's fantasy football drafting strategy guide to start this season off ahead of the other guys. Sign up today for full access.

Fantasy Drafting Strategy

10 Stats That Matter From Week Three of the Pre-Season - Dorey (Posted September 1, 2009)

Here are ten player stats you need to know coming out of the all important week the pre-season games.

Late Round Legends - Sandy (Posted August 26, 2009)
These late round draft picks will give you instant street cred in your league, and more importantly a leg up on the competition.
Planning Your First Two Picks - Dorey (Posted August 24, 2009)

It's back! The most highly requsted article each year at The Huddle. An in-depth look at how to create the perfect plan for rounds one and two of your fantasy draft.

10 Stats That Matter From Week Two of the Pre-Season - Dorey (Posted August 25, 2009)

Here are ten player stats you need to know coming out of the week two pre-season games.

Draft Plans and the Three Kinds of Scoring Systems - Dorey (Posted August 24, 2009)

How do the three primary fantasy scoring systems impact how you should approach your early draft picks?

What's So Special About Special Teams? - Update - Tuvey (Posted August 19, 2009)
A pre-season update to the must read for those in leagues that use special teams or kick returners.
Get Out of Jail Free Draft Picks - Ratterree (Posted August 18, 2009)
Some solid picks that can save your team if you find yourself in a late round bind in your fantasy draft.
Five Players I'd Reach for on Draft Day - Sandy (Posted August 17, 2009)
Identifying a few players worth going after on draft day is a good idea. Here are five players that could fit that bill for you.
The 2009 Ultimate RBBC Review - Dorey (Posted August 14, 2009)
The Panthers have just one of many backfields that will share the workload between two, or even three, back. All 32 NFL teams are broken down in this massive RBBC review - predicting the committee impact of each.
What's So Special About Special Teams? - Tuvey (Posted August 13, 2009)
Must read for those in leagues that use special teams or kick returners.
Second Year Player Fantasy Prospects: Running Backs  |  Wide Receivers  |  Tight Ends - Zobel (Posted August 12, 2009)
An in-depth look at the crop of second year players and their fantasy prospects this season and beyond.
Adrian Peterson: 5 Reasons He's Not Necessarily #1 - Sandy (Posted August 11, 2009)
Most of the fantasy world has Minnesota RB Adrian Peterson atop their rankings. But should he be?
Strength of Schedule Swings - Dorey (Posted August 10, 2009)
A brand new feature at The Huddle and what could be the most important schedule strength analysis you read this pre-season. What players stand to gain or lose valntasy value due to SOS "swings" from last season to this season.
Big Game Syndrome: Running Backs  |  Wide Receivers - Ratterree (Posted July 28 & August 3, 2009)
Big games can be a seductive lure, but consistency is the key to winning in fantasy football.
The Puzzle - Ratterree (Posted July 30, 2009)
Have the changes in style of NFL play resulted in a needed change in your draft day strategy?
Offensive Line Review and Ratings - Tuvey (Posted July 13 - 24, 2009)
Every NFL team's offensive line broken down like you won't see anywhere else. The most in-depth and extensive o-line fantasy analysis and grading on the net.
How Long Does a Stud Running Back Last? - Dorey (Posted July 16, 2009)
The answer to that key question can be found in this in-depth analysis of the careers of the stud running backs of the past.
Players to Avoid in 2009 - Ratterree (Posted July 13, 2009)
The highly popular but always controversial look at some high profile players you should avoid in your 2009 fantasy drafts.
Sizing Up the NFL:  Quarterbacks  |  Running Backs  |  Wide Receivers  |  Tight Ends - Dorey (Posted June 29, 2009)
A look at how a player's size may or may not impact his fantasy performance potential.
2009 NFL Coaching Changes and Their Fantasy Impact - Tuvey (Posted June 27, 2009)
A complete and in-depth analysis of all 14 NFL teams that either replaced their head coach or offensive coordinator and how those changes will impact the fantasy value of players on those teams.
Players Drafted from 2005 to 2009:  Quarterbacks  |  Running Backs  |  Wide Receivers - Dorey (Posted June 22, 2009)
A look at the past five years of the NFL draft and how draft round impacts a players potential fantasy value.
IDP Free Agent Movement Report - Tietgen (Posted June 15, 2009)
Players like LB Michael Boley, LB Mike Peterson, DT Albert Haynesworth and DB Brian Dawkins are just a few of the players covered in this report on all the IDP free agent movement this off-season and the fantasy impact.
An Early Look at Some Fantasy Sleepers - Tuvey (Posted June 10, 2009)
Jamal Lewis, David Garrard and Miles Austin are some of the players that made our early list of players with some upside this season that could outperform their draft status.
Sneaky Fantasy Drafts - Tuvey (Posted May 18, 2009)
Looking beyond the obvious to find some NFL teams that improved the stock of their fantasy players with the 2009 NFL Draft.
Early Thoughts on a Fantasy Mock Draft - Tuvey (Posted May 15, 2009)
Some thoughts on each round of this early fantasy mock draft.
Rookie Only Dynasty Mock Draft - Tuvey (Posted May 13, 2009)
An early look at rookie fantasy value following the NFL Draft.
Post-NFL Draft Team Reports: AFC North  |  AFC South  |  AFC East  |  AFC West  |  NFC North  |  NFC South  |  NFC East  |  NFC West
All NFL team's drafts analyzed from an NFL standpoint and fantasy perspective.
Offensive Rookie Rankings - Dorey  IDP Rookie Rankings - Tietgen (Posted April 29, 2009)
An early look at rookie fantasy value following the NFL Draft.
Post-NFL Draft IDP Team Reviews - Tietgen (Posted April 30, 2009)
All the NFL team's drafts broken down for IDP fantasy value.
Potential IDP Sleepers from the Second Day of the NFL Draft - Tietgen (Posted April 28, 2009)
Analysis of some IDP players that could help your fantasy team this season.
NFL Draft Fantasy Review - Dorey (Posted April 27, 2009)
Training camp will wash out the bad draft picks and showcase who is real, but for now let's take a quick stab at who seems most likely to matter come the start of the NFL season.

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