Three Round Plans - 8 Team Leagues

Three Round Plans - 8 Team Leagues


Three Round Plans - 8 Team Leagues


My article Planning Your First Two Draft Picks is always popular and it is so detailed that it cannot be kept current with every change and it deals with just the most common league size for the first two picks. But I get so many requests to do different sized leagues and another round deeper that I wanted to help in some way. This is a listing using the current Huddle rankings and what we suggest at each pick. A few players will still move around like Arian Foster who has been all over the first and second round so far. The names are less important than the positions because each draft slot will have its own unique situation. Certainly your league won’t pick all the players in my order anyway. I offer this late hour response to you, my esteemed and treasured Huddler.

If you think this is helpful and would like to see it again next year, drop me a tweet at @DMDorey.

Performance League – 1/10 rush and receive yards, 1/20 pass yards, TD = 6 except pass = 4
Reception Point League – Same as Performance but with one point per reception
QB Heavy League – Assumes QBs are significantly more valuable than other positions and/or you can start two of them.

A league of eight means everyone will have a good team. You can hardly avoid it. So you have to own major firepower in all your positions. You have to own star power. Forget depth, this is all about those starting position and getting any advantage that you can get. It is almost hard to pick because you do have so many choices. Choosing quarterbacks, tight ends, kickers and defenses late makes a lot of sense in other leagues but not here. The worst RB2 would theoretically be the 16th best running back in the NFL – guys like Frank Gore or Maurice Jones-Drew. The worst WR2 might be Dwayne Bowe or Marques Colston. Eight teamers are fun and better be high scoring.

8 Team Performance League

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 What’s Next?
1 RB Peterson QB Manning TE Graham This is why people hate the #1 drafter. Next pick – wideout probably or RB. But a really nice start.
2 RB Martin WR Bryant WR Jones Probably should go RB here since team 1 will take at least one RB in their two picks. But #5 probably a WR.
3 RB Charles RB McCoy WR Thomas Long wait to get here. Considering a QB or even a TE next.
4 RB Richardson QB Rodgers RB Morris If you do not go WR next, you’ll trail almost all teams in that position which is not a huge deal in this scoring but still an 8 team league needs powerful starters everywhere.
5 WR Johnson RB Forte RB Johnson Would consider QB here if not maybe a TE.
6 RB Lynch RB Foster WR Fitzgerald Free to cherry pick, but would strongly consider a QB since I have to wait so long for my #4.
7 RB Spiller WR Marshall WR Green You can get away with not going RB here but it would be hard to pull off. RB is safest bet, especially in this scoring.
8 QB Brees RB Rice RB Jackson Still a long wait in an 8 teamer. WR or TE makes the most sense here.


8 Team Performance plus Reception Point

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 What’s Next?
1 RB Peterson WR Jones RB Lynch Taking the RB2 felt safe but probably no reason for it in an 8 teamer. By the time your #4 and #5 rolls around just take the best available no matter what they are.
2 RB Martin WR Fitzgerald WR Green Be thinking QB-RB most likely. Nice start considering the reception point.
3 RB Charles QB Manning RB Foster Good looking team but risky with Foster and no receivers yet in a reception point league means go WR-WR next.
4 WR Johnson RB Forte WR Thomas Middle pick probably wants a RB next but could get away with waiting until round 5 and take QB or TE here.
5 TE Graham RB Spiller RB McCoy This is a nice start – Advantage over all TE’s, great RB’s and now can hit WR and QB which are deeper positions.
6 RB Richardson QB Rodgers WR Johnson This is a great start and shows how a 8 man is different than a 12 man. Can go anywhere on this next pick but RB is a natural consideration.
7 WR Marshall RB Rice RB Johnson Solid – would consider QB here like Brady or Newton.
8 QB Brees WR Bryant RB Jackson Considering the reception point, would almost certainly take Randal Cobb or Vincent Jackson. Long wait to #5 means just wait and see what rolls back.

8 Team Quarterback Heavy

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 What’s Next?
1 RB Peterson QB Brady RB Forte Double scooping on WR seems really attractive here. But I could sneak in a RB if I really liked one in particular.
2 RB Martin QB Newton RB Lynch Like WR since team 1 will take at least one. Then either WR or TE.
3 RB Charles WR Bryant RB Foster While only one other team needs a QB too, I would take one with the #5 and be done with it. Pick #4 like a WR knowing the four picks before I go again would be at least two WR and maybe four.
4 QB Brees RB Spiller WR Jones Another nice start gives freedom. Probably go RB here but could do WR and get away with it.
5 QB Rodgers TE Graham RB McCoy Nice start with high-powered difference makers. As deep as WR is, probably a RB is your best bang for the buck.
6 RB Richardson QB Ryan WR Fitzgerald Could get away with anything here but RB like Reggie Bush would work out fine.
7 WR Johnson RB Rice RB Johnson While QB may seem prudent, only one other guy does not have one. Why not wait since you get to pick from Romo, Luck, Stafford, etc. Take a WR or a TE here.
8 QB Manning WR Marshall RB Jackson Would take Maurice Jones-Drew or Reggie Bush and not look back. Great start in an 8 teamer.




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