Game Predictions & Player Projections - JAC vs PHI

Game Predictions & Player Projections - JAC vs PHI


Game Predictions & Player Projections - JAC vs PHI


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Prediction: JAC 13, PHI 31 (Line: PHI by 11.5)

UPDATE: Cecil Shorts has been already called out for the week.

This should be a nice fantasy bounty. Neither team sports much of a defense and there is potential for high scoring at least with the Eagles. Vegas considers this game as the lock of the week. I do too.

Jacksonville Jaguars

1 @PHI —– 10 DAL —–
2 @WAS —– 11 BYE —–
3 IND —– 12 @IND —–
4 @SD —– 13 NYG —–
5 PIT —– 14 HOU —–
6 @TEN —– 15 @BAL —–
7 CLE —– 16 TEN —–
8 MIA —– 17 @HOU —–
9 @CIN —–  
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JAC @ PHI Rush Catch Pass
QB Chad Henne 250,1
RB Chris Ivory 40,1
RB Bernard Pierce 60 2-20
WR Allen Hurns 5-60
WR Marqise Lee 6-80
TE Marcedes Lewis 4-40,1
TE Julius Thomas 6-70,1

The Jaguars are bringing the same scheme and coaches to the season as 2013 but the players are entirely different. The Blaine Gabbert Experience is over and with it a weekly source of amusement. Chad Henne becomes the starting quarterback until the rookie Blake Bortles is deemed ready. According to the preseason, that may be sooner than later. Henne is the starter but Bortles looked very sharp for a rookie playing on a very youthful team.

The Jaguars have Cecil Shorts temporarily healthy enough to start the year and this will be his fourth season of trying to remain healthy only to miss two to six games. He’s already done the hamstring thing in training camp. What is interesting if not exciting from a fantasy perspective is the addition of rookies Marqise Lee and Allen Hurns. Both were surprisingly productive in training camp and preseason games. Bortles looked good. It may not happen at all this year but at least the pieces appear to be in place for the future.

The Maurice Jones-Drew era is now over and in his place comes Toby Gerhart and his chance to become a starter. Gerhart has a career average of 5.1 yards per carry but spent the last four years spelling Adrian Peterson. Gerhart had the advantage of the defenses relaxing when Peterson was out. Now he gets to be the back they gameplan to stop. That will change how easy his running has been.

Marcedes Lewis is back for his ninth year but he’s never really been more than a 500 yard per season sort of tight end.

Where this team has to compete – at least at some point – is with Bortles and those young receivers. There is speculation that Shorts is gone next year anyway.

This game is worth watching for those young receivers to see if they can do any damage this year. If not, this could be another long season for the Jaguars and even more so if Gerhart ends up as just another back-up running back who never should become a primary.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: This is an all new crew but at least they are facing a fairly bad defense and on the road should fall behind and need to throw a lot. With Henne in charge it will be better than the #32 passing unit that Gabbert produced. Starting anyone here outside of Gerhart is pretty risky but there is undeniable upside in them.

Gaining Fantasy Points JAC 32 29 26 17 32 28
Preventing Fantasy Points PHI 26 12 32 7 13 16

Philadelphia Eagles

1 JAC —– 10 CAR —–
2 @IND —– 11 @GB —–
3 WAS —– 12 TEN —–
4 @SF —– 13 @DAL —–
5 STL —– 14 SEA —–
6 NYG —– 15 DAL —–
7 BYE —– 16 @WAS —–
8 @ARI —– 17 @NYG —–
9 @HOU —–  
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vs Rush Catch Pass
RB Ryan Mathews 40 3-30
RB DeMarco Murray 70,1 4-20
RB Darren Sproles 4-30
WR Jordan Matthews 4-50
WR Rueben Randle 5-60
TE Zach Ertz 3-30,1
PK Cody Parkey 1 FG 4 XP
PK Caleb Sturgis 2 FG 2 XP

The fantasy world all greatly anticipate what year #2 of the Chip Kelly offense will look like since at times it was impressive in 2013. Now that they claim the entire playbook will be used, we can expect even more plays. They already became much more effective when they ran or passed. The loss of DeSean Jackson may be a problem or the offense may just create a new version. Darrell Sproles was brought in to add a new element to the offense and Jeremy Maclin returns after spending last season healing a blown ACL.

This offense needs Nick Foles to continue to develop. He was effective to be sure with 27 touchdowns over 13 games but he only passed for 2891 yards. That LeSean McCoy ran for 1607 yards was no help to Foles’ production but this quick strike, fast-paced offense needs a good commander and Foles still has some room to grow.

McCoy not only had a career best year as a runner, he added 539 yards and two scores on 52 receptions. The Eagles did bring in Darren Sproles who could dig into the catch totals slightly, but HC Chip Kelly is not shy about saying McCoy will be saddled up and ridden just as hard this year. He’s only 26 and was never run this hard in his four previous years.

Maclin should be a nice fit in this offense as the possession receiver that Jackson was forced to become in 2013. What is scary is that Maclin’s knee still seems to be an issue and he crumpled to the ground in one preseason game holding his knee untouched. He later got up and seemed fine. But he is a risk until he can prove he is the same Maclin. If he is, this should be a career year for him.

Riley Cooper continues to start but Jordan Matthews was drafted and will cut into his workload if not eventually replace him as the #2. He was the 2.10 pick by the Eagles and at 6-3, he’s just as big a target as Cooper and faster. Cooper only caught 47 passes last year but scored eight times and gained 833 yards. Matthews is the one to watch here in the initial weeks of the season.

Brent Celek remains mostly as a blocker and the team is excited about the development of second-year tight end Zach Ertz. He ended his first year with 36 catches for 469 yards and four scores but all the touchdowns came in the second half of the season when he was being more involved. He also scored in the playoff loss to the Saints. Ertz is in line for a standard second-year breakout for a tight end and the team wants him to assume that role. He too is worth watching.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The beauty here is that the Jags have a bad defense and they are on the road and have never faced an offense like the Eagles who claim it will be different even yet from last year. Any start is risky in week one but this situation screams start for McCoy, Foles, Ertz and Maclin. This should be one of the highest scoring games of the year for the Eagles and they came out big last year in their season opener.

Gaining Fantasy Points PHI 3 6 7 8 20 14
Preventing Fantasy Points JAC 28 25 20 30 22 22

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