Daily Fantasy Domination: Week 1

Daily Fantasy Domination: Week 1


Daily Fantasy Domination: Week 1


Here at TheHuddle.com we are in the business of helping you win your fantasy leagues. This goes for daily leagues too. There is a lot of money to be made by playing daily games. As a gambler, I love them because they remove so much of the variance that goes with full season fantasy. You also don’t have to worry about injuries trashing your entire season.

Each week this season I will bring you my list of the top four potential producers at Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, and Tight End, regardless of price tag. I will also give you my two favorite bargain plays at each position. This way you will be able to mix and match to put together your best combination of players to meet the salary cap of your league.

Most importantly this season – we will not be identifying just one site each week to breakdown. Why just play one site when you can diversify to maximize ROI. This season every week you can check here to find salaries on all three major sites: DraftKings.com, FanDuel.com, and FantasyScore.com. I have analyzed the value versus cost of the most likely skill position players to be selected to fill out your roster. Each has been assigned a grade of Drink or Dump. This corresponds to whether I’d consider drinking them or whether I’d dump them based on their current price tags. You may be surprised but some players may end up being playable on one site but not another!

Oh yeah, and don’t worry if you stopped by to get my great insight into the craft beer world. It can still be found at What’s On Tap!

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Your Fantasy Four Pack

Peyton Manning, Broncos vs. Colts

We won’t see seven touchdowns this week, but we will see Peyton Manning produce a line similar to last years’ 386-2 that he dropped on Indy, and that’s top four this week, but at a steep price.

Drew Brees, Saints @ Falcons

The Falcons’ secondary is not that good. Last year they allowed the fourth most passing touchdowns. They didn’t really improve upon last years’ lot so expecting less than an average of the 318-2 he laid on their heads in the two contests last year sounds foolish. His salary is higher than the pack but not as high as Peyton.

Nick Foles, Eagles @ Jaguars

Nick Foles threw for multiple touchdowns in five of his last seven games last year. He also added two of his three rushing touchdowns over that stretch. Jacksonville allowed more quarterback rushing touchdowns than any other team last season. Their pass defense wasn’t much better. I think Foles has three overall touchdowns on tap for this matchup. I have him as one of the best deals around this week.

Jay Cutler, Bears vs. Bills

The Bills secondary was destroyed regularly last year. They decided to improve themselves there by ridding themselves of their best athlete in Jarius Byrd. Yeah, that’s not gonna work. This could get ugly as Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery go off this week. Anything less than 300-3 would seem like a fail, and at his price anyone less than him in your lineup seems like a fail.


Colin Kaepernick, Niners @ Cowboys

There were only two teams allowed more passing yards and only one team allowed more passing touchdowns last season than the Cowboys. They also allowed the third most rushing touchdowns to opposing quarterbacks. With a healthy Michael Crabtree, a returning Anquan Boldin, and a dominating Vernon Davis; Dallas just doesn’t have enough defensive weapons to stop them all. We’re talking Peyton production for two grand less.

Geno Smith, Jets @ Raiders

What’s that? You want to slough the QB position this week? Normally, I’d never suggest it, but with huge overlays on some GPP games this week, there may be some value in doing just that. Geno Smith has a laughably small salary but he had multiple touchdowns in two of his last three games last year. This includes a 219-1/50-1 split against the Raiders week 14. The Jets also added some legit weapons around him this offseason, something he didn’t have last season.

Prices indicated: Green = Drinkable and Red = Dumpable

Quarterbacks DraftKings FanDuel FantasyScore
Peyton Manning $10,100 $10,200 $9,000
Drew Brees $9,700 $9,700 $8,700
Matthew Stafford $9,000 $9,300 $8,700
Nick Foles $8,500 $8,500 $8,000
Cam Newton $8,400 $9,000 $6,800
Andrew Luck $8,300 $9,200 $8,500
Robert Griffin III $8,200 $8,400 $7,600
Colin Kaepernick $8,000 $8,500 $8,000
Matt Ryan $7,900 $8,100 $7,100
Jay Cutler $7,800 $8,000 $7,800
Tom Brady $7,700 $9,100 $7,500
Ben Roethlisberger $7,600 $7,800 $6,800
Carson Palmer $7,500 $6,900 $6,800
Tony Romo $7,500 $8,300 $7,300
Eli Manning $7,400 $6,600 $7,000
Philip Rivers $7,400 $8,100 $6,900
Ryan Tannehill $7,200 $6,500 $6,700
Alex Smith $7,000 $6,900 $6,400
Andy Dalton $6,800 $7,800 $6,200
Joe Flacco $6,700 $6,600 $5,800
Geno Smith $6,500 $7,000 $5,200
Jake Locker $6,100 $6,600 $5,400
Brian Hoyer $6,000 $5,600 $5,000
EJ Manuel $5,900 $6,500 $4,700
Josh McCown $5,600 $6,200 $6,000
Matt Cassel $5,600 $5,400 $4,700
Chad Henne $5,200 $5,600 $4,900
Ryan Fitzpatrick $5,400 $6,100 $5,200
Derek Carr $5,000 $5,400 $4,200
Shaun Hill $5,000 $5,000 $4,200

Running Back

Your Fantasy Four Pack

LeSean McCoy, Eagles vs. Jaguars

Color me one of the prognosticators that feels that LeSean McCoy will have a drop off in production this season. That drop off won’t be so readily apparent after one game. Last year, Jacksonville ranked in the bottom eight in both rushing yards allowed and running back touchdowns allowed. Those stats will remain with Shady no matter what else happens. McCoy has also been extremely active in the passing game historically, but part of my concern is how much Darren Sproles will eat into that figure. Either way his price tag is requisite with what we expect him to produce so there is no bargain here.

Matt Forte, Bears vs. Bills

Over 1900 total yards, 75 receptions, and 12 touchdowns…those are the numbers that Matt Forte graced us with last season. Of course, only two of those touchdowns occurred after Week 10. Fortunately for him, Buffalo allowed the fifth most rushing yards, including 760 over the last five games. You get points for every reception in DFS so Forte is about as good as gold for 20 points.

LeVeon Bell, Steelers vs. Browns

LeVeon Bell scored in four out of five games to end the year. He also ended up with a total yard average for the year of just less than 100 yards per game over the thirteen games he was active. He also had seven games where he recorded four or more receptions and he ended with seven games in which he scored a touchdown. The Browns have a premiere pass defense…their run defense not so much. In their two matchups last year, Bell went for a total of 194-1. 100-1 is the floor for this time out at nearly $2000 less than the top echelon backs.

Jamaal Charles, Chiefs vs. Titans

I don’t like what the Chiefs are doing. As a long suffering Chiefs’ fan, it pains me to watch them continue year after year to not draft or sign a legit WR2 to start opposite Dwayne Bowe. Now they go and dismantle their O-Line so that they can afford to give absurdist money to a mediocre quarterback. Bowe will miss this game and Jamaal Charles will face 8-man fronts the entire game. He is all that they have got so sheer volume will add up to solid fantasy points for Charles. Last year, he rolled up 145-1 against the Titans. I can’t expect that much with the rebuilt line, but 100-1 is still not too shabby. That said, personally, I want nothing to do with him at this price.


Fred Jackson, Bills @ Bears

The Bears were real bad against the run last year. There were only two other teams that allowed more touchdowns to opposing running backs, and no other team allowed as many total yards to opposing backs. Despite the looming presence of C.J. Spiller, whose salary is actually higher, Fred Jackson is the lead back for Buffalo and the one who will get the ball at the stripe.

Frank Gore, Niners @ Cowboys

The old man keeps on ticking. The Cowboys’ run defense keeps on stinking. Last year Dallas’ defense allowed the second most touchdowns and the second most total yards to opposing running backs. Meanwhile Frank Gore was solid once again. Gore is clearly not active in the passing game anymore in San Francisco, but his rushing numbers alone make him a great deal at this price.

Prices indicated: Green = Drinkable and Red = Dumpable

Running Backs DraftKings FanDuel FantasyScore
Jamaal Charles $9,000 $9,800 $8,500
LeSean McCoy $8,400 $9,400 $8,700
Matt Forte $8,300 $9,300 $8,200
Adrian Peterson $7,900 $9,300 $7,900
Arian Foster $7,200 $8,800 $7,800
Montee Ball $7,000 $8,000 $6,800
DeMarco Murray $6,800 $8,800 $6,400
Le’Veon Bell $6,700 $8,300 $7,300
Giovanni Bernard $6,600 $8,000 $6,700
Reggie Bush $6,500 $7,800 $7,000
Zac Stacy $6,400 $8,300 $6,200
Doug Martin $6,300 $8,100 $6,600
C.J. Spiller $6,200 $7,600 $7,100
Shane Vereen $6,100 $6,600 $5,100
Andre Ellington $6,000 $6,800 $7,000
Alfred Morris $5,800 $7,700 $6,500
Bishop Sankey $5,700 $6,600 $4,800
Toby Gerhart $5,600 $6,100 $5,700
Joique Bell $5,500 $6,800 $5,100
Ryan Mathews $5,400 $6,800 $6,400
Trent Richardson $5,300 $6,400 $6,100
Frank Gore $5,200 $7,200 $6,100
Ben Tate $5,200 $7,400 $4,900
Chris Johnson $5,100 $6,500 $5,600
Pierre Thomas $5,000 $6,600 $5,800
Steven Jackson $5,000 $6,900 $5,200
Rashad Jennings $5,000 $6,700 $5,500
Stevan Ridley $4,900 $6,600 $5,500
Lamar Miller $4,800 $6,300 $5,800
Darren Sproles $4,700 $5,900 $4,700
Bernard Pierce $4,600 $6,100 $5,300
Terrance West $4,600 $5,300 $4,600
Maurice Jones-Drew $4,500 $6,200 $4,800
Fred Jackson $4,400 $5,800 $4,700
Jeremy Hill $4,400 $5,400 $4,300
DeAngelo Williams $4,300 $5,900 $5,000
Mark Ingram $4,200 $5,200 $4,500
Shonn Greene $4,100 $5,100 $3,700
Darren McFadden $4,100 $6,200 $4,700
Devonta Freeman $4,100 $5,700 $3,700
Knowshon Moreno $4,000 $6,100 $4,200
C.J. Anderson $4,000 $5,200 $3,700
Carlos Hyde $3,900 $6,200 $4,200
Danny Woodhead $3,700 $5,700 $4,700
Roy Helu Jr. $3,700 $5,300 $4,100
Andre Williams $3,700 $5,000 $4,200
Jonathan Stewart $3,300 $4,600 $4,100
Khiry Robinson $3,000 $4,800 $4,200

Wide Receiver

Your Fantasy Four Pack

Demaryius Thomas, Broncos vs. Colts

Week 1 last year, Demaryius Thomas was part of the Peyton Manning explosion as he hauled in 5-161-2. That was with Wes Welker and Eric Decker stealing some of the thunder. Against the Colts he went for 4-82-1, also with Decker and Welker stealing looks. I firmly believe that Peyton will target Julius Thomas a lot in this game, but expect a boost in targets for both Thomas-es.

Dez Bryant, Cowboys @ Niners

Dez Bryant gets to face a Niners team that has been dismantled on defense since last year. Even then, their coverage wasn’t that good to begin with last year, so maybe it is an improvement. Bryant gets the tale of the tape advantage as he will have nearly half a foot of size advantage on San Fran’s starting cornerbacks. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t score twice, and check out that great price at FantasyScore –talk about Cha-Ching!

A.J. Green, Bengals @ Ravens

You may think that A.J. Green could struggle against a strong defense such as Baltimore’s. You would also still be living like three years ago. Last year, Green decimated the Ravens to the tune of 15-212-2 on 25 targets over their two meetings. Lardarius Webb is dinged up so Green will get the next best thing, Jimmy Smith…that is similar to replacing bacon-wrapped filet mignon with ground chuck. In addition, Green lost running mate Marvin Jones for the first few weeks, so he may see even more targets than normal.

Brandon Marshall, Bears vs. Bills

Bills, Bills, Bills…meet STACK, STACK, STACK. That’s right stack away AT ANY PRICE: Forte, Cutler, Marshall, Alshon, Bennett; it doesn’t matter who you start because they will all score against the Bills.


Jeremy Maclin, Eagles vs. Jaguars

Jeremy Maclin’s situation is why I play daily fantasy. I love to take advantage of the site algorithms before they catch up with players who have missed time due to an injury. His price tag is juicy of course this means many will take advantage of it. This makes him a little more risky in big player pool formats. Of course, it also adds up to easy money in grinder formats. Jacksonville’s pass defense isn’t awful but they aren’t great either. Maclin has only one career matchup with the Jags, but in that game he laid a 4-83-2 line on them.

Justin Hunter, Titans @ Chiefs

This draft season was fun. Everyone wasted early picks on Kendall Wright – not that I dislike Wright – but I love Justin Hunter, whom I was able to land much later. The average difference in price tag at the three sites for those two is nearly $1500. At 6’4” Justin Hunter is a beast to cover. Last season, he started to show some of his dynamics by scoring and topping 100 yards in Weeks 12 & 14. Technically he is still behind Wright and Nate Washington on the depth chart; but if preseason was any indication, Jake Locker will be throwing his way a ton…especially in the red zone.

Prices indicated: Green = Drinkable and Red = Dumpable

Wide Receivers  DraftKings FanDuel FantasyScore
Calvin Johnson $8,800 $9,200 $8,000
Demaryius Thomas $8,100 $8,700 $7,600
Dez Bryant $7,800 $8,500 $7,300
Julio Jones $7,700 $8,000 $6,900
Brandon Marshall $7,600 $8,100 $7,100
Antonio Brown $7,500 $7,700 $7,000
A.J. Green $7,400 $8,300 $7,300
Alshon Jeffery $7,100 $7,800 $6,600
Keenan Allen $6,800 $7,200 $6,200
Larry Fitzgerald $6,700 $6,900 $6,700
Andre Johnson $6,600 $7,400 $6,800
Pierre Garcon $6,500 $7,100 $6,000
Victor Cruz $6,300 $6,900 $6,300
Michael Crabtree $6,100 $6,500 $5,900
Michael Floyd $6,000 $6,600 $5,900
Marques Colston $5,900 $5,700 $5,800
Roddy White $5,900 $7,000 $6,400
Vincent Jackson $5,900 $7,300 $6,300
Cordarrelle Patterson $5,800 $6,400 $6,000
Jeremy Maclin $5,700 $5,000 $5,500
Kendall Wright $5,700 $6,300 $5,400
Mike Wallace $5,600 $5,900 $5,700
T.Y. Hilton $5,500 $6,400 $5,500
DeSean Jackson $5,400 $6,700 $5,400
Torrey Smith $5,400 $6,300 $5,600
Julian Edelman $5,300 $6,300 $5,800
Eric Decker $5,200 $6,400 $5,200
Reggie Wayne $5,100 $6,200 $5,200
Golden Tate $5,100 $5,000 $5,100
Rueben Randle $5,000 $5,500 $4,900
Sammy Watkins $5,000 $6,300 $5,300
Cecil Shorts III $4,900 $5,900 $5,300
Emmanuel Sanders $4,800 $6,400 $5,200
Anquan Boldin $4,700 $6,000 $5,000
Terrance Williams $4,600 $6,100 $5,100
Greg Jennings $4,500 $5,500 $4,500
Andrew Hawkins $4,500 $5,200 $4,300
Brian Hartline $4,500 $4,900 $4,500
DeAndre Hopkins $4,500 $5,900 $5,000
Mike Evans $4,500 $6,000 $4,800
Brandin Cooks $4,500 $5,700 $4,600
James Jones $4,400 $4,900 $4,700
Hakeem Nicks $4,400 $5,800 $5,000
Riley Cooper $4,400 $5,900 $4,900
Tavon Austin $4,300 $5,700 $5,100
Kelvin Benjamin $4,200 $4,900 $4,500
Steve Smith Sr. $4,000 $5,500 $4,800
Justin Hunter $3,800 $4,800 $4,600

Tight End

Your Fantasy Four Pack

Jimmy Graham, Saints at Falcons

Jimmy Graham gets to show the entire world why he is the consensus number one tight end week in and week out. Facing an Atlanta franchise that allowed the third most touchdowns to opposing tight ends last year, this week is money for Graham. My biggest question regarding him is, “If he gets a 15-yard penalty for dunking a ball after his first touchdown – will Sean Payton bench him for any amount of time?”

Vernon Davis, Niners @ Cowboys

There were only three teams that allowed more yards to opposing tight ends last season than Dallas. They also gave up eight touchdowns to the position. Vernon Davis scored touchdowns in five of his last six regular season games last year. He then followed that up with three more scores in the postseason. Dallas’ secondary appears to actually be worse this season than last, with two other quality receiving options to tie up Dallas’ corners expect Davis to abuse their backers and safeties badly.

Julius Thomas, Broncos vs. Colts

Indianapolis managed to allow only three tight end touchdowns last year, one of those went to Julius Thomas. That touchdown was one of the ten he scored last year. Yes, Denver added some more wide receiver depth to replace Eric Decker, who departed this offseason; but Peyton Manning is familiar with Julius and I expect Thomas’ targets to increase this year.

Kyle Rudolph, Vikings @ Rams

Two words: “Norv Turner”. Turner is known for making dynamic tight ends even better. Look at what he did with Jordan Cameron last year. Lord knows the Vikings got a first-hand view of what kind of damage Turner can incorporate with a super talented tight end as Cameron went 6-66-3 against them last year. Kyle Rudolph may have more natural talent than Cameron, the sky is the limit.


Lardarius Green, Chargers @ Cardinals

The Cardinals made a mockery of covering tight ends last season. They allowed the most receptions, yards, and touchdowns to the position – and it WASN’T CLOSE! 19 touchdowns, 19, 19!!! Last year, I streamed tight ends on daily sites against Arizona it was a great way to slough the position financially.

Jared Cook, Rams vs. Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings allowed the second most tight end touchdowns last season. This was mainly because their secondary looked like it was picked out of a hat. The Vikings remain without a legit Free Safety and with unproven and mediocre talent at linebacker. Combine this with a Rams offense that lacks a legit outside receiving threat and more importantly a quarterback that can throw the ball downfield accurately and you have the recipe for a Jared Cook feast day when the Rams have the ball.

Prices indicated: Green = Drinkable and Red = Dumpable

Tight Ends  DraftKings FanDuel FantasyScore
Jimmy Graham $7,200 $8,100 $6,600
Rob Gronkowski $6,700 $8,000 $6,400
Julius Thomas $5,800 $7,400 $6,400
Jordan Cameron $5,000 $6,500 $5,700
Vernon Davis $4,800 $6,300 $5,700
Greg Olsen $4,700 $6,400 $5,400
Jordan Reed $4,600 $6,100 $5,400
Jason Witten $4,500 $6,500 $5,800
Dennis Pitta $4,400 $6,200 $5,500
Kyle Rudolph $4,300 $5,700 $5,500
Zach Ertz $4,100 $4,500 $5,300
Heath Miller $4,000 $5,700 $5,200
Charles Clay $3,900 $5,800 $5,400
Martellus Bennett $3,800 $5,800 $5,300
Coby Fleener $3,700 $5,400 $4,700
Tyler Eifert $3,600 $4,700 $4,700
Marcedes Lewis $3,500 $4,600 $4,200
Scott Chandler $3,500 $5,300 $4,200
Jared Cook $3,500 $5,700 $4,300
Antonio Gates $3,400 $5,600 $5,000
Delanie Walker $3,300 $4,800 $5,000
Dwayne Allen $3,300 $4,800 $4,100
Tim Wright N/A $4,600 $3,800
Travis Kelce $3,200 $4,500 $4,300
Lardarius Green $3,200 $4,500 $4,300


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