What's On Tap: Week 1

What's On Tap: Week 1


What's On Tap: Week 1


This year once again at What’s on Tap we’ll be examining beers from around the country that you might want to invest in for your drinking pleasure. The biggest change however is that I will not be offering you the daily fantasy sports advice that you have come to expect herein. Why not, you ask? There is a simple answer – we have a brand new weekly article dedicated to just that subject that you can find on our website which will provide all the Daily Fantasy insight you need to crush the competition and pull in big stacks.

Also new this year, is a fun little thing we call the Blitzed Podcast. In this podcast you can hear me along with Steve Gallo and Jake Richmond interview some of the biggest names in the football community and some of the biggest names in the draft beer community. That’s right our podcast will have a special segment on it called #TappedIn. During this segment I’ll be gathering some of my favorite breweries from across the country to talk about their beers and what they have going on. Of course, if you have any breweries you’d like featured on #TappedIn drop me a tweet to @NewClearHarley and make sure you use the hashtags #TappedIn and #GetBlitzed.

So if you are looking to craft a winning cellar make sure you tune in to TheHuddle.com for both your craft beer fix on What’s on Tap. Also, make sure to listen in to our podcast @BlitzedPodcast available both here and on ITunes.
Of course we always appreciate fan feedback here too, so if you have a beer you’d like me to review on What’s on Tap drop me a message via Twitter and then I’ll give you the details of where to have you send the unopened bottle via refrigerated freight courier directly to my parlor for my consumption and analysis.


For our Week 1 podcast I interviewed the head brewer from Goose Island Brewing Company out of Chicago, Illinois. So in his honor this week, I will be reviewing three of their beers that you can go out and grab right now!

Goose Island Oktoberfest from Goose Island Brewing Company out of Chicago, IL.
Served: Poured from the bottle into a Goose Island logo pint glass at refrigerator temperature.
Appearance: Dark orange/copper with a very thin ring of tight white bubbles that dissipated fast.
Smell: Bready and grassy like a pile of leaves courtesy I would expect from the Hallertau hops. There is also a clear presence of both vanilla and caramel.
Taste: Liquid flan might be the best description. You get hit with delicious caramel and very little hop-forwardness. This is definitely not as bitter as most Oktoberfest/Marzen style beers.
Mouth feel: Medium bodied, this beer goes down easy albeit slightly dry with little aftertaste other than a hint of breadiness that lingers upon the top of your palate and sinuses.
Overall: This is one of the best times of the year with all of the Oktoberfest releases and while this one is nowhere near as hoppy as some; I feel I could drink a lot of this. Has anyone seen my boot?

Goose Island Endless IPA from Goose Island Brewing Company out of Chicago, IL.
Served: Poured from the bottle into a tulip glass at refrigerator temperature.
Appearance: Light copper in color with a full fluffy white head that recedes slowly leaving a lot of lacing.
Smell: I am immediately sensing the aroma of citrus fruit rind like you’d adorn your cocktail glass with. I’m getting a bit of pine, but not as much as I wanted. It is also not as floral as I expected, but that may be masked by the Clementine/mandarin aroma that lingers prominently.
Taste: There is that citrus quenching my thirst. It definitely seems more grapefruit then mandarin though. Ah Amarillo, Why do I love you so? Perhaps more importantly, why aren’t there more beers full of you. I’m also getting a hint of honey from the Carapils malt.
Mouth feel: This has a very light, thin, mouth feel. I guess that is what you get in a session beer. It does quench me upfront but even with the very present carbonation, I get very little aftertaste.
Overall: This beer is very enjoyable but also very light bodied. It definitely qualifies as sessionable. It actually reminded me more of a really good extra pale ale, but you don’t often find EPA’s that are full of Amarillo hops. I wish I could.

Goose Island Bourbon County Barley Wine from Goose Island Brewing Company out of Chicago, IL.
Served: Poured from the bottle at just below room temperature into a snifter glass.
Appearance: Dark brown and amber and slightly hazy, with a dark brunette but thin head.
Smell: Caramel, Coconut, and toffee – as it warms the toffee gets even more dynamic.
Taste: A little stone fruit, vanilla, and tobacco to pair with the boozy heat upfront – Heavy caramel and toffee flavors as it warms.
Mouth feel:  I think I remember a cough drop commercial once describing itself as “slicker-y”. That might be the best description of this one. Despite very little carbonation presence it has an intense body. Definite liquor heat on the backend and it will hit you hard if you aren’t expecting it.
Overall: Yeah, so unless you can find a retailer that has some left from last year; you will have to wait until Black Friday for this beauty to be re-released. I’ll tell you what; it is more than worth the wait. I’m not a huge barley wine fan, because they typically run too sweet for my palate, but the bourbon and toffee notes make this one a sipper from your snifter that you need to experience firsthand. Sampling this makes me warm and tingly in that “post-coital cuddling on a bearskin rug in front of a fire at a remote cabin” sort of way. If that sounds like fun to you than pick up a four pack of this – If you are lucky enough to get it before it sells out.


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