Game Predictions & Player Projections - JAC vs WAS

Game Predictions & Player Projections - JAC vs WAS


Game Predictions & Player Projections - JAC vs WAS


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Prediction: JAC 13, WAS 20 (Line: WAS by 6)

The Jaguars took a hot start and then flopped in Philly while the Skins never found the endzone while playing decent defense in Houston. This is the home opener for the Redskins but both teams are not playing good offense and the Jaguars have a better chance here than it may seem – the Redskins continue to struggle with the new offensive scheme.

Jacksonville Jaguars

1 @PHI 17-34 10 DAL —–
2 @WAS —– 11 BYE —–
3 IND —– 12 @IND —–
4 @SD —– 13 NYG —–
5 PIT —– 14 HOU —–
6 @TEN —– 15 @BAL —–
7 CLE —– 16 TEN —–
8 MIA —– 17 @HOU —–
9 @CIN —–  
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JAC @ WAS Rush Catch Pass
QB Chad Henne 230,1
RB Chris Ivory 40 1-10
RB Bernard Pierce 40
WR Allen Hurns 4-70
WR Marqise Lee 6-80,1
WR Allen Robinson 2-20
TE Marcedes Lewis 4-30
TE Julius Thomas 4-70,1

The new look Jaguars jumped out to a nice lead in Philly before someone realized they only had to cover Allen Hurns. The schedule is no friend to the Jaguars this year with three of the first four on the road and only a Colts game at home. This remains a very young and inexperienced offense that will take some time to come together this year. Assuming everyone knows to cover Hurns now.

QUARTERBACK : Chad Henne passed for a respectable 266 yards and two scores in Philly but 110 yards and both scores happened early on long connections with the rookie Allen Hurns. Once the defense figured that out this offense did not move much for the rest of the game. Henne will continue to start until later when the losses mount and Blake Bortles gets a call.

RUNNING BACK : Toby Gerhart only gained 42 yards on 18 runs versus the Eagles but he played with a sore ankle for much of the game. He should rest that this week and be good to go again. Jordan Toddman only carried three times and is just relief for Gerhart who has to get past some tough matchups before he finds much success in this offense.

WIDE RECEIVER : Cecil Shorts remains out with a hamstring issue and he’s constantly battled injuries his entire career. The undrafted Allen Hurn burned the Eagles for two long scores and he was genuinely impressive in camp where he rose up in the depth chart, even past third rounder Allen Robinson. Marqise Lee ended with six receptions for 62 yards but almost all of that came in the fourth quarter of the blowout loss.

Within that is some good news – the Jags are likely to see considerable trash time in most games. I will assume that Shorts remains out and update as warranted.

TIGHT END : Nothing new here. Marcedes Lewis ended with six catches for only 35 yards. He injured his knee but is expected to be fine this week. For 35 more yards.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: Hard to evaluate what the Redskins did last week given they were playing a somewhat “new” team in the Texans. They gave up 103 rushing yards to Arian Foster and Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 206 yards and one score but all but four catches were made by the two starting wide receivers. Expect Gerhart to struggle a bit here but for the wide receivers to get yardage and a score if only in garbage time.

Gaining Fantasy Points JAC 8 30 3 27 24 6
Preventing Fantasy Points WAS 7 6 21 2 22 31

Washington Redskins

1 @HOU 6-17 10 BYE —–
2 JAC —– 11 TB —–
3 @PHI —– 12 @SF —–
4 NYG —– 13 @IND —–
5 SEA —– 14 STL —–
6 @ARI —– 15 @NYG —–
7 TEN —– 16 PHI —–
8 @DAL —– 17 DAL —–
9 @MIN —–  
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vs Rush Catch Pass
RB Pierre Thomas 30 5-40
WR Pierre Garcon 8-90,1
WR DeSean Jackson 6-70
TE Vernon Davis 5-60
TE Niles Paul 4-40

The Redskins are on their quest to reach a double digit score. The installation of the offense under HC Jay Gruden continues to be a struggle and last week ended up as little more than pitch and catch with Pierre Garcon. The Skins need to see some improvement this week because the schedule has several significant bumps in the road looming.

QUARTERBACK : Robert Griffin III passed for 267 yards but no scores last week and in his attempt to be more of the quarterback Gruden is looking for, he only ran three times. And that was with J.J. Watt constantly harassing him. The team remains behind Griffin as the starter but he needs to start changing the scoreboard before someone notices a perfectly good Kirk Cousins on the bench.

RUNNING BACK : Alfred Morris ran for 91 yards on only 14 carries for a 6.5 YPC but it was only 14 runs against 37 passes in a game that was always close. Darrell Young stole the lone rushing score while Roy Helu (4-46) added two catches for 15 yards. This offense does not throw much to the backs and that affects Helu’s value. Morris continues to be just a runner with no receptions.

WIDE RECEIVER : Pierre Garcon continues to be Griffin’s preferred target with ten catches for 77 yards while DeSean Jackson (8-62) had volume and yet not much yards after catch. Bottom line here is that Griffin is just throwing short passes and never going downfield much. Some of that was a product of the Texans pass rush. This week should see both wideouts taking deeper routes. Andre Roberts as the #3 disappointed with only one catch against the Texans.

TIGHT END : Jordan Reed strained his hamstring and is likely still out. In his place Niles Paul caught four passes for 86 yards which is more encouraging for when Reed returns. I’ll assume Paul gets the start for at least this week.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Jags gave up 322 pass yards and two scores in Philly along with 145 yards and two touchdowns on 32 carries. Morris and Garcon are strong starts this week and even Jackson is worth a shot as well. Griffin still remains outside the top dozen this week mostly because he rarely runs anymore.

Gaining Fantasy Points WAS 32 11 28 15 32 13
Preventing Fantasy Points JAC 27 24 18 30 9 27

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