Game Predictions & Player Projections - KC vs DEN

Game Predictions & Player Projections - KC vs DEN


Game Predictions & Player Projections - KC vs DEN


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Prediction: KC 14, DEN 31 (Line: DEN by 13)

Vegas likes this one to be a blowout and why not? The Chiefs were just pounded at home by the Titans and now head to Denver. The Broncos swept the Chiefs last year, winning 35-28 in Kansas City and 27-17 in Denver.

Kansas City Chiefs

1 TEN 10-26 10 @BUF —–
2 @DEN —– 11 SEA —–
3 @MIA —– 12 @OAK —–
4 NE —– 13 DEN —–
5 @SF —– 14 @ARI —–
6 BYE —– 15 OAK —–
7 @SD —– 16 @PIT —–
8 STL —– 17 SD —–
9 NYJ —–  
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KC @ DEN Rush Catch Pass
QB Alex Smith 20 240,2
RB Jamaal Charles 60,1 5-30
WR Jeremy Maclin 5-80,1
WR Rod Streater 4-50
WR Mike Williams 3-40
TE Travis Kelce 4-50,1
PK Cairo Santos 2 XP

This is not the team that went 9-0 to start last year but mostly because the cakewalk schedule is gone. To add to the team woes, they just placed LB Derrick Johnson on IR so the defense loses a Pro Bowler. The looming schedule faces many great defenses and in the end – if you get pummeled by the visiting Titans there are more problems than mere preparation at hand.

QUARTERBACK : Alex Smith flopped out of the gate with 202 yards and one score against three interceptions and four sacks. The Chiefs only gave Jamaal Charles seven carries in the game but asking Smith to throw more just wasn’t the answer. And now a Denver defense has improved over the offseason. Smith passed for 230 yards and two scores in Denver last year. He threw for 293 yards and two touchdown in the home meeting.

RUNNING BACK : HC Andy Reid said he was negligent in only allowing Jamaal Charles to run seven times but he only gained 19 yards against the Titans and added only 15 more yards on four catches. The changes in the offensive line from last year appear to be as problematic as feared and though it was only one game – Charles was bottled up and the offense had to move on. The Broncos are game planning against Charles. They are doing it while you are reading this.

Charles rushed for 78 yards on 16 carries in Denver and a net six yard loss on his two catches there last year. He later ran for 90 yards and a score at home with 27 yards on two receptions.

WIDE RECEIVER : Dwayne Bowe returns from suspension just in time to face the revamped secondary of the Broncos that just held T.Y. Hilton to only 41 yards. Last week Donnie Avery stepped up with seven catches for 84 yards but there was only one other pass completed to any wideout. No Chief’s receiver gained more than 57 yards in either matchup with the Broncos. Dwayne Bowe (4-57) scored in Denver while Junior Hemingway (3-42) scored in the home meeting.

TIGHT END : Travis Kelce followed up his impressive preseason with just three catches but he gained 49 yards and afterwards Reid spoke about getting him more work. Anthony Fasano scored on his three receptions for 49 yards. Fasano scored in both meetings with the Broncos last year and gained 37 yards on four catches in the Denver meeting. Smith is still more comfortable with Fasano despite the talent of Kelce.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Broncos held the Colts to only 35 yards on nine runs last week but the Chiefs are going to ride Charles as much as they can and then throw to him when they pass. The Denver secondary was quite good against an offense miles better than the Chiefs but did allow Dwayne Allen to score on them so expect another tight end touchdown. It just depends on who Smith wants to use. Until there is improvement here, only Charles is a safe start.

Gaining Fantasy Points KC 27 31 31 7 27 19
Preventing Fantasy Points DEN 30 10 22 29 19 5

Denver Broncos

1 IND 31-24 10 @OAK —–
2 KC —– 11 @STL —–
3 @SEA —– 12 MIA —–
4 BYE —– 13 @KC —–
5 ARI —– 14 BUF —–
6 @NYJ —– 15 @SD —–
7 SF —– 16 @CIN —–
8 SD —– 17 OAK —–
9 @NE —–  
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vs Rush Catch Pass
WR Emmanuel Sanders 20 4-60
WR Demaryius Thomas 6-110,1
PK Brandon McManus 1 FG 4 XP

Nice win over the Colts last week though the blowout suddenly became a closer game with the Andrew Luck-inspired comeback attempt. Playing at home against a divisional rival is plenty enough to keep this one interesting but a trip to Seattle next week has to be on their minds as well. It is a replay of the Super Bowl and in their stadium no less. This week is much less a challenge than it seemed in 2013.

QUARTERBACK : Peyton Manning comes off a 269 yard, three touchdown win over the Colts with no turnovers. He passed for 323 yards and one touchdown when the Chiefs showed up last year but then threw for 403 yards and five scores in the Kansas City meeting.

RUNNING BACK : The switch to Monte Ball went well enough with him running 23 times for 67 yards and one touchdown and adding two catches for 16 yards. His rushing average was low but in many cases was met at the line or even in the backfield by the Colts defenders. The most important part – he had no turnovers and picked up all his blocking assignments. The Broncos rushed for 104 yards on 35 carries in Kansas City while Ball ran in two scores and Knowshon Moreno led with 79 yards on 27 runs. In the Denver meeting, Ball ran for 117 yards on 13 carries while Moreno only managed 18 yards on 15 runs.

WIDE RECEIVER : It was a disappointment that Demaryius Thomas was held to only four catches for 48 yards despite his 11 targets but he was the primary concern of the secondary and did not help his own case by dropping a few catchable balls. Emmanuel Sanders first game for the Broncos ended with 77 yards on six catches and Andre Caldwell covered for the suspended Wes Welker with just two short catches. Bottom line – Broncos got a big lead and sat on it. And since the Colts forgot about Julius Thomas, the wideouts had a lesser game.

Thomas had big games when facing the Chiefs. He gained 121 yards on five catches at home and then 106 on three receptions on the road. Welker ended with 72 yards on eight catches and Decker went 71 yards on five receptions. Decker blew up in Kansas City when he caught eight passes for 174 yards and four scores.

TIGHT END : It is good to play with Peyton Manning. And apparently to practice with him in the offseason. Julius Thomas merely led the entire NFL with seven catches for 104 yards and three touchdowns last week. Thomas caught three passes for 43 yards and one score at home and missed the road meeting with the Chiefs.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: Chances are the Broncos are going to get a nice lead and sit on it again, only without as much fear of a comeback this time. They allowed the Titans to run for 148 yards and a 4.6 yard average. They gave up a score to the tight end and top wideout of the opponent. Sounds like the same every week – start Manning, Ball, Thomas, Thomas and Sanders.

Gaining Fantasy Points DEN 2 18 27 1 17 11
Preventing Fantasy Points KC 24 19 19 24 3 29

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