Game Predictions & Player Projections - NE vs MIN

Game Predictions & Player Projections - NE vs MIN


Game Predictions & Player Projections - NE vs MIN


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Prediction: NE 27, MIN 23 (Line: NE by 3)

UPDATE: Peterson was indicted in Texas for negligent injury to a child and has been deactivated this week. Matt Asiata will became the primary back.

The Patriots come off a surprising loss to the Dolphins but only had a 4-4 road record last year anyway. The Vikings come off a surprising road win over the Rams but were 0-7-1 on the road last year. At home they were 5-3 though and the change in coaching seems to have helped. If this is not a Patriots win, there will be big trouble brewing in Boston.

New England Patriots

1 @MIA 20-33 10 BYE —–
2 @MIN —– 11 @IND —–
3 OAK —– 12 DET —–
4 @KC —– 13 @GB —–
5 CIN —– 14 @SD —–
6 @BUF —– 15 MIA —–
7 NYJ —– 16 @NYJ —–
8 CHI —– 17 BUF —–
9 DEN —–  
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NE @ MIN Rush Catch Pass
QB Tom Brady 290,2
WR Julian Edelman 7-80,1
WR Nate Washington 4-50
TE Martellus Bennett 3-30
TE Rob Gronkowski 8-90,1
PK Stephen Gostkowski 2 FG 3 XP

Not to take anything away from the Dolphins at home who played great defense, but the Pats looked old and tired again as they do from time to time. The early schedule should not be too tough but losing to the Fins by 13 points is something new. This week helps answer how much of that was about the Pats and how much were the Dolphins.

QUARTERBACK : First week out and we are back to Tom Brady-lite. The one-time 5000 yard passer only completed 29 of 56 passes for 249 yards and one score with two lost fumbles. There’s a sign that the offensive line is maybe not as good as expected. Brady was sacked four times and hurried several other. He is spreading the ball around to nine different receivers, but none had a big game.

RUNNING BACK : Ends up James White was inactive for the game so Stevan Ridley can breath a little easier for a week. Ridley ran eight times for only 21 yards and was the busiest runner. Shane Vereen (7-36, TD) was more effective and productive of the pair. Brandon Boldin was given two runs. With only 17 running back carries – and split up three ways – this group is losing fantasy value. This week should be a far better showing and be more indicative of what to expect.

WIDE RECEIVER : Julian Edelman was the most productive receiver with six catches for 95 yards while Danny Amendola only caught three passes for 16 yards and was not as big a part of the offense as Kenbrell Thompkins (5-37). Aaron Dobson was a healthy scratch for last week. Edelman was the only receiver with more than 50 yards in the game. The Dolphins had their number. The worry will be justified if it happens again this week.

TIGHT END : While Rob Gronkowski (4-40) was limited to less than half of the offensive snaps, he still had the highest number of targets (11) and scored the only receiving touchdown in the game. He looked good in the game and should see an increase in playing time as the season progresses.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Vikings played great defense last week but that was against the third-string quarterback for the Rams who were clearly struggling in the passing effort and too far behind to run. The Vikings did not suddenly get this much better on defense though they will be at home this time. Still early in the season and much is not defined. Continue to start Brady, Vereen, Gronkowski and Julian Edelman every week. Ridley, White and all the other receivers are just too big of a risk to merit any consideration. The Vikings were one of the worst defenses in nearly every category in 2013.

Gaining Fantasy Points NE 22 17 23 11 14 12
Preventing Fantasy Points MIN 2 4 11 14 20 3

Minnesota Vikings

1 @STL 34-6 10 BYE —–
2 NE —– 11 @CHI —–
3 @NO —– 12 GB —–
4 ATL —– 13 CAR —–
5 @GB —– 14 NYJ —–
6 DET —– 15 @DET —–
7 @BUF —– 16 @MIA —–
8 @TB —– 17 CHI —–
9 WAS —–  
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vs Rush Catch Pass
RB Matt Asiata 60,1 1-10
RB Jerick McKinnon 30
RB Adrian Peterson
WR Cordarrelle Patterson 50 6-70,1
TE Kyle Rudolph 3-40
PK Blair Walsh 3 FG 2 XP

The Mike Zimmer era opened with a win – maybe a bit of schedule luck – and definite signs that the new offensive coordinator Norv Turner is already taking shape and improving what was a tired and ineffective scheme the last few years. As great as Adrian Peterson has been – and that is Hall of Fame great – he is not nearly enough to win games. The upcoming schedule gets really tough, really fast so at least one win under the belt help.

QUARTERBACK : Matt Cassel faced what should have been a stout defense and was efficient with 17 of 25 completions for 170 yards and two scores with no turnovers. The fact he held onto the ball puts him over Christian Ponder by itself. Cassel will be much more tested starting this week and he’ll hear the call for Teddy Bridgewater if he can’t keep the team on the winning track.

RUNNING BACK : The Rams were able to hold Adrian Peterson to only 75 yards on 21 carries but he added two catches for 18 yards and the Turner promise to involve him more as a receiver is starting. He still took 21 of the 24 carries by a running back. The better the rest of the offense gets, the more it will benefit Peterson though his best year is when they dropped all pretenses and just fed him all game long.

WIDE RECEIVER : One game but this was promising. The minimal passing still saw Greg Jennings score once on his six catches for 58 yards and Cordarrelle Patterson ran for 102 yards and a 67-yard score while adding 26 yards on three catches. Turner is using him all over the formation and even running sweeps. This offense gets a lot better when they figure out how to use his talents. Something they never did last year. Patterson is key to success for this offense because he opens it up so much and adds a big variable for defense to consider instead of just focusing on stopping Peterson.

TIGHT END : The fantasy world anticipated what the next Norv Turner tight end would be like but Kyle Rudolph only caught two passes for 16 yard but scored once to save his fantasy value. Rudolph was only throw four passes but was playing against the #1 team against tight ends last year.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: It is a good sign when the Pats allow 193 yards and a score on 35 carries to the Dolphins last week. No doubt that Peterson gets his 20 carries and more if they can justify it. The Patriots are holding Darrelle Revis on the left side which would match him with Patterson on some plays but while Revis is staying put, Patterson will move all over just to get away him. The Fins did that with Mike Wallace (7-81, TD) who turned in a nice effort.

Playing at home, the obvious starters here are Peterson, Patterson and even Jennings could have a moderate game. The Pats shut down Charles Clay last week and so far Rudolph is not getting much action. He can be started but he’s likely to only turn in some yardage and a few catches.

Gaining Fantasy Points MIN 19 28 4 13 10 1
Preventing Fantasy Points NE 15 30 12 11 2 24

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