What's On Tap: Week 2

What's On Tap: Week 2


What's On Tap: Week 2


This has been a busy week here at What’s on Tap. First we recorded a #TappedIn podcast interview with one of the owners of 21st Amendment Brewing for the Blitzed Podcast; then I drank a bunch of their beer.  Needless to say, I’m feeling a little woozy here.

I’ve been a fan of their beverages for many years and got the chance to visit their brewpub a couple years back on my honeymoon. If anyone makes a trip out to San Francisco, I highly recommend dropping in and trying some of their brews. You might also want to stay abreast of them for more details on their new production facility opening in San Leandro.

As for me I’m getting pumped for fall with so many Oktoberfest and pumpkin beers already hitting the store shelves. Tailgating season is in full effect and it is important to make sure you pack only the best for your cooler. You want to be able to impress the cars around you. You never know who might be tailgating in the vehicle right next to you or what craft beer they may have on ice. Much like fantasy football trading is encouraged!


Back in Black from 21st Amendment Brewing Company out of San Francisco, CA.
Served: On draft in a pint glass at The Lowry in Minneapolis.
Appearance: Black with a thin tan head also slightly translucent for a black ale.
Smell: Hops present and accounted for – getting a heady nose of citrus and grassiness. There is also a very faint hint of cocoa.
Taste: Vanilla, grapefruit, and juniper fill my mouth as I drink it down.
Mouth feel: Fairly heavy bodied, I can really feel it going down and the chocolate and hop presence definitely linger on the top of my palate afterwards.
Overall: One of my favorite Black IPAs and the one that first introduced me to the category. This along with the Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous would be two of the hoppy beers I’d want with me if I was stranded on a desert island for an extended period of time.

He Said He Said Belgian Tripel from 21st Amendment Brewing Company out of San Francisco, CA.
Served: Poured from the can into a tulip glass at just above refrigerator temperature.
Appearance: Light orange in color with a thin white head that dissipates slowly leaving a white ring.
Smell: I get a little bit of the pumpkin spice in this one but I’m also getting a fair amount of earthiness and a hint of the Belgian yeast.
Taste: I definitely get the sweetness of the tripel, but I’m not tasting as much of the pumpkin pie as I was sensing in the aroma. The spiciness is also less cinnamon and nutmeg and more Belgian yeast spiciness (like a saison).  *As it warmed up I’m definitely getting more of the pumpkin.
Mouth feel: Clean with a slight slickness going down, the sweetness lingers briefly, but it finishes dry.
Overall: I may have preferred to let this one warm a bit more as I think the Belgian character and pumpkin would have come out more, but overall a delicious fall drinker that is definitely dangerous due to its drinkability paired with that 8.2 ABV. I could see this warming you up on a cold fall night.

He Said He Said Baltic Porter from 21st Amendment Brewing Company out of San Francisco, CA.
Served: Poured from the can at room temperature (I learned my lesson since the other was slightly colder than I would’ve preferred) into a tulip glass.
Appearance: Very black with a quarter inch tan head that is not receding in the least.
Smell: I’m getting a lot of smoke but the pumpkin is muted in the nose here as well. I warmed it perhaps not enough. I also can make out the roasted barley.
Taste: I may have missed the pumpkin in the nose, but it is present in every sip. It is clearly a smoked pumpkin taste. It reminds me of eating sage-seasoned roasted pumpkin seeds. I’m also noticing a burnt caramel toffee hint like a liquid Heath bar.
Mouth feel:  This feels lighter than it is going down, but the aftertaste of pumpkin seed and nuttiness lingers from swallow to swallow. As the flavor lingers on my tongue, I can really sense the aroma. It’s reminding me of acorn squash with brown sugar baking in my oven. The aftertaste is filling my sinuses with smoky goodness.
Overall: Wow. I definitely prefer this one, but that shouldn’t be a surprise as I am more a smoke fan than a Belgian fan. I am excited to know they are re-releasing this very soon because I want a couple four-packs to have with Thanksgiving dinner. I know my family will love this one as well. They are lucky at holiday time because they know I will always bring some fine brews.


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