Game Predictions & Player Projections - DEN vs SEA

Game Predictions & Player Projections - DEN vs SEA


Game Predictions & Player Projections - DEN vs SEA


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Prediction: DEN 20, SEA 27 (Line: SEA by 4.5)

How exactly was this not the Sunday or Monday night game? The replay of the surprising Super Bowl happens in Seattle which again favors them. Certainly the Broncos have plenty of motivation to win this but the Seahawks defensive effort in that game was legendary. Both teams played worse than expected last week and the Seahawks actually lost their game handily in San Diego. Chances are this week had both distracted.

The Seahawks destroyed the Broncos 43-8 in the Super Bowl.

Denver Broncos

1 IND 31-24 10 @OAK —–
2 KC 24-17 11 @STL —–
3 @SEA —– 12 MIA —–
4 BYE —– 13 @KC —–
5 ARI —– 14 BUF —–
6 @NYJ —– 15 @SD —–
7 SF —– 16 @CIN —–
8 SD —– 17 OAK —–
9 @NE —–  
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vs Rush Catch Pass
WR Emmanuel Sanders 4-80,1
WR Demaryius Thomas 6-60
TE Garrett Graham 2-20
PK Brandon McManus 2 FG 2 XP

With only a bye on the other side, the Broncos will want to reach that 3-0 but this one could be a head game since they were beaten so badly back in February. And playing on the road for the first time this season won’t make it any easier. In fantasy terms, this pits one of the most productive offenses in a place where few ever fare well as individuals and no team wins. This week is not why you loaded up on Broncos in your fantasy draft.

QUARTERBACK : Nothing wrong with Peyton Manning so far with three passing touchdowns in each game though no 300 yard efforts so far. Manning passed for 280 yards and one score with two interceptions against the Seahawks in the Superbowl. He also lost a fumble.

RUNNING BACK : Monte Ball has yet to turn in a big game and that was with two home stands. He’s averaging only 63 yards per game but scored once against the Colts. He’s also been limited to three or fewer catches per week. Ball is not sharing much this year but the Colts are just not running as much or as well as 2013. The Broncos combined for only 13 carries for 27 yards in the Super Bowl.

WIDE RECEIVER : The leading wideout this year currently is Emmanuel Sanders with 185 yards on 14 carries while Demaryius Thomas has only totaled nine receptions for 110 yards and a score. Wes Welker has been on suspension but there is a chance it is lifted by this game and allows him to play. I’ll count him out until that becomes official and will update as needed. Overall this crew has not been as prolific as 2013. Welker caught eight passes for 84 yards in the Super Bowl while Thomas led the team with 13 catches for 118 yards and a touchdown.

TIGHT END : Julius Thomas is the leading scorer now with four touchdowns in just two games but he fell from 104 yards in the opener to only 39 yards last week. He remains the top fantasy tight end this year. Thomas accounted for only four catches for 27 yards against the Seahawks last time.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: What to expect this week? Seattle is at home and that historically looms huge in the game. Denver certainly wants to win this if only for confidence sake. But the Denver offense has not looked nearly as prolific as last year while the Packers were handled with ease in Seattle two weeks ago. Manning, Ball, Thomas and Thomas are all must starts but are almost certain to turn in much worse stats this week. Their potential means they need to start but it is hard to see Denver pulling off a surprise as big as what the Seahawks did to them last February. The only favorable matchup seems to be Julius Thomas following where Antonio Gates just scored three times.

Gaining Fantasy Points DEN 5 26 16 1 21 17
Preventing Fantasy Points SEA 19 17 13 26 15 9

Seattle Seahawks

1 GB 36-16 10 NYG —–
2 @SD 21-30 11 @KC —–
3 DEN —– 12 ARI —–
4 BYE —– 13 @SF —–
5 @WAS —– 14 @PHI —–
6 DAL —– 15 SF —–
7 @STL —– 16 @ARI —–
8 @CAR —– 17 STL —–
9 OAK —–  
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SEA vs DEN Rush Catch Pass
QB Russell Wilson 20 200,2
RB Fred Jackson 30 3-20
WR Doug Baldwin 3-40
WR Jermaine Kearse 2-30
TE Jimmy Graham 7-100,1
PK Steven Hauschka 2 FG 3 XP

The Seahawks drop their first road game and looked under-prepared and less motivated for once. But it they still made a game of it and there is a chance that their easy home opener may have made them a bit less focused in that game. The Seahawks also have a bye on the other side of this game and do not want to enter it with a 1-2 record. This should be their toughest game of the year but it comes in Seattle and in reality, they already dominated them only three games ago.

QUARTERBACK : Nothing’s changed for Russell Wilson. He passed for 206 yards and two scores in the Super Bowl and after two weeks, he’s posted games of 191 and 202 yards with two touchdowns in each. That’s remarkable consistency even if it remains below fantasy relevance for most leagues.

RUNNING BACK : HC Pete Carroll said that Marshawn Lynch was pulled from the Charger loss because of “back issues” and he’s dealt with this for a while now. Lynch’s only home game this year saw him score twice and gain 110 rushing yards. He was held to only 39 yards on 15 runs in the Super Bowl but scored one touchdown then. There is no concern that Lynch will have any problems this week.

WIDE RECEIVER : Both passing scores ended up with a wide receiver in the last Denver meeting but no one exceeded 65 yards in that game. Aside from Doug Baldwin (5-66, TD) and Jermaine Kearse (4-65, TD) , no Seattle wideout topped 20 yards in the Super Bowl. There is minimal fantasy value here at best and no consistency. This year Ricardo Lockette has the lone score by a wide receiver and no receiver has been better than 61 yards. Percy Harvin has tacked on about 40 yards per game as a runner.

TIGHT END : No fantasy value last year, this year or maybe ever at current rate.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Broncos have been decent against the run this year and less so for receiving running backs which the Seahawks rarely use. This will be about the Seattle defense of course. The Broncos have fared well against the run but mostly because they get up on the score board on them. Knile Davis did gain 79 yards on 22 carries last week with two touchdowns. Lynch is a must start and both Wilson and Harvin make moderate fantasy considerations this week.

Gaining Fantasy Points SEA 13 4 12 29 20 20
Preventing Fantasy Points DEN 32 23 18 29 9 3

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