Game Predictions & Player Projections - GB vs DET

Game Predictions & Player Projections - GB vs DET


Game Predictions & Player Projections - GB vs DET


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Prediction: GB 24, DET 27 (Line: DET by 1.5)

The Packers have owned this matchup for a while until last year when Aaron Rodgers was out. The Packers lost 10-40 in Detroit but won 22-9 when they were at home. This will be the first time this year either have faced above average offenses. This is a coin flip but one that should contain healthy points on both sides.

Green Bay Packers

1 @SEA 16-36 10 CHI —–
2 NYJ 31-24 11 PHI —–
3 @DET —– 12 @MIN —–
4 @CHI —– 13 NE —–
5 MIN —– 14 ATL —–
6 @MIA —– 15 @BUF —–
7 CAR —– 16 @TB —–
8 @NO —– 17 DET —–
9 BYE —–  
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GB @ DET Rush Catch Pass
QB Aaron Rodgers 260,2
RB Eddie Lacy 40,1 3-20
WR Davante Adams 2-40
WR Randall Cobb 5-60,1
WR James Jones 5-50,1
WR Jordy Nelson 8-90,1
TE Jared Cook 5-60,1
TE Andrew Quarless 2-20
PK Mason Crosby 1 FG 3 XP

The Packers are hitting the meat of their schedule already with this game in Detroit and then a trip to Chicago. The next two weeks are going to help define the division race for all four teams. If the Packers pull out the win here, they’ll get a definite step up but a loss will only help ensure that the division remains in play until the end.

QUARTERBACK : Back at home away from the Seahawks, Aaron Rodgers passed for 346 yards and three scores on the visiting Jets. It was the only 300 yard game thrown by a quarterback last Sunday and a nice return to big points that we’ve been used to seeing from Rodgers. He still does not run much and gives most all that work to Eddie Lacey now.

Rodgers was injured in the Detroit matchup last year.

RUNNING BACK : Eddie Lacey is running plenty hard, but his first two games went against two of the best defensive fronts in the NFL. That has limited him to only a total of 25 runs for 77 yards and he also suffered a concussion in week one that quickly went away. Unfortunately, Lacey faces yet again another great defensive line with the Lions. He’ll have better matchups in the future but starting out he’s running uphill.

Lacy rushed for only 16 yards on ten carries in Detroit last season but gained 99 yards on 23 runs at home when Rodgers was playing.

WIDE RECEIVER : Jarrett Boykin is losing ground to the rookie Davante Adams who turned in five catches for 50 yards against the Jets. Boykin has only one catch on the season. Randall Cobb remains light on yardage but he has the team lead with three receiving touchdowns including two on the Jets and one in Seattle. Jordy Nelson has just the one score last week but turned in 209 yards on the Jets that leaves him about 40 yards more than any other NFL receiver after two game. The change in this offense is that it no longer employs so many receivers. The offense goes throu8gh Lacey rushing and the receiving duo of Nelson and Cobb.

TIGHT END : Not a shred of fantasy value.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Lions have only faced Eli Manning and Cam Newton and neither draw a parallel to Rodgers. The Lions front line has held opponents to only 87 total rushing yards after two weeks but with two scores. This game has a tendency to play up or down but always close. Meaning it could be 21-20 or 41-40. There is no reason to bench Rodgers, Lacey, Nelson or Cobb ever much less here. But Lacey is likely to get slowed down for a third straight week.

Gaining Fantasy Points GB 7 28 2 30 19 22
Preventing Fantasy Points DET 7 11 4 21 11 17

Detroit Lions

1 NYG 35-14 10 MIA —–
2 @CAR 7-24 11 @ARI —–
3 GB —– 12 @NE —–
4 @NYJ —– 13 CHI —–
5 BUF —– 14 TB —–
6 @MIN —– 15 MIN —–
7 NO —– 16 @CHI —–
8 @ATL —– 17 @GB —–
9 BYE —–  
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DET vs GB Rush Catch Pass
QB Matthew Stafford 310,2
RB Stevan Ridley 70,1
WR Jeremy Kerley 5-50
WR Lance Moore 2-20
WR Golden Tate 6-70
TE Eric Ebron 2-30

The Lions left the Carolina buzz saw with only seven points but return home to face a familiar foe. The rushing stats are done so far this year but that does involve the schedule and Matt Stafford has been able to at least keep the passing yardage high. This will clearly be a bigger challenge for the defense since facing the Giants and Panthers are nothing like what the Packers are bringing to the game. The Lions need to notch this home meeting because the rematch happens outside in Green Bay in week 17.

Notable – the Lions are considering dumping the rookie Nate Freese who is only 2-of-5 on field goals.

QUARTERBACK : Matthew Stafford is averaging about 315 yards per game but only threw three touchdowns in total. He predictably bombed the Giants and then was thwarted by the Panthers who still gave up 291 passing yards. The offense is still coming into shape but at least Stafford maintains good fantasy value each week.

Stafford passed for 330 yards and three scores on the visiting Packers last year.

RUNNING BACK : Rushing is a problem at least compared to last year though it is only two games in. Reggie Bush left Carolina with only 32 total yards and only managed to gain 64 against the Giants. Joique Bell scored once on the Giants and then posted 36 rush yards and an impressive 61 yards on six catches in Carolina. Bush has yet to get into gear.

Bell gained 94 yards and a score while Bush ran for 117 yards and a touchdown when the Packers visited in 2013. But with no Rodgers in that game it was much better than the 65 total yards the duo rushed for in Green Bay earlier.

WIDE RECEIVER : After scorching the Giants for 7-164-2, Calvin Johnson came away with a respectable six catches for 83 yards in Carolina. Golden Tate is still an upgrade with 150 total yards on 11 receptions this year. But no other wideouts have mattered at all aside from the two starters and Johnson’s two receiving touchdowns lead the team that has only thrown three so far.

Johnson ended with six catches for 101 yards and a score on the Packers last season.

TIGHT END : There is no real fantasy value here yet but Eric Ebron left Carolina with his first three career catches and gained 38 yards. He’s a work in progress that likely pays off in 2015.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Packers defense have only allowed three passing scores and low yardage but only went against the Seahawks and Jets. The rushing defense has allowed three touchdowns as well and should give more running room for both Bush and Bell. Stafford and Johnson are must-starts anyway and Golden Tate is a stretch for a WR3 so far.

Gaining Fantasy Points DET 4 10 4 24 27 15
Preventing Fantasy Points GB 20 27 16 3 17 23

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