What's On Tap: Week 3

What's On Tap: Week 3


What's On Tap: Week 3


Over the first couple weeks on the Blitzed Podcast I had the pleasure of interviewing some major breweries from across the U.S. This week I changed things up a bit by interviewing one of the newest breweries in the U.S.

Pryes Brewing Company out of my hometown of Minneapolis, MN is truly the new man on the scene. They are so new that they only have a few draft accounts locally, so it will be hard for the rest of the country to come try it. If you do however find yourself in my neck of the woods hit me up via Twitter at @NewClearHarley and I’ll meet you out for a pint.

In addition to not being readily available, they only have one beer that they have released so far. It is however one of the best new IPAs that I have ever had. With every brewer and their brother making an IPA these days, getting two thumbs up from me on your first ever release says a lot about your chances at success.

Since they only have the one beer to review, I will also review two other more readily available Minnesota IPAs. Both of which I enjoy regularly and so can you!


Saga from Summit Brewing Company out of Minneapolis, MN.
Served: Poured from a bottle into a pint glass at refrigerator temperature.
Appearance: Slightly hazy with a light orange hue with a very thin white lace of bubbles.
Smell: This beer has a fair amount of biscuit aroma cut by the piney grassiness of its hops.
Taste: There is some grapefruit in the front but the citrus I’d expect was not present at first almost had a bit of bread dough floury rawness. The gin-like pine notes dominate the back of my tongue.
Mouth feel: Medium bodied, but it looks lighter than it is. Breadiness makes it a little thicker and stickier in your mouth but the taste doesn’t linger too long.
Overall: Delicious everyday type of IPA, but not one that I would need to hunt down. This is probably better suited to fit the session IPA category that is popular today. Given the 1000’s of IPAs on the market today this one could get lost in the shuffle, but it shouldn’t. Enjoy it for what it is a steady sessionable beer that works on the boat, at the game, or while mowing your lawn.

Furious from Surly Brewing Company out of Minneapolis, MN.
Served: Poured from the can into a pint glass at refrigerator temperature.
Appearance: Dark amber and slightly hazy with a tight lace of white bubbles.
Smell: huge hop aroma, plus pineapple, grapefruit and mango
Taste: This is a hop bomb but it is balanced so well with a fairly hefty malt bill. Imagine a light scotch ale paired with a citrus loaded IPA. Has a fair amount of that West Coast floralness we like in our IPAs here in MN.
Mouth feel: This beer has a sticky finish you might associate with a bigger IPA, but don’t be misled this beer is big enough too. A fair amount of carbonation allows the hoppiness to stay present well after consumption.
Overall: The perfect beer when you are doing anything physical because it quenches your thirst. It is also perfect for pairing with anything spicy because the hop load will blast open your palate. Furious will always be the IPA that I judge all others by and with good reason. If you haven’t had one yet hurry out and try it – I guarantee it will make your day!

Miraculum from Pryes Brewing Company out of Minneapolis, MN.
Served: Served on draft at the St. Anthony Village Pub in a pint glass.
Appearance: Medium amber in color with a fairly thick white head that dispersed rapidly.
Smell: Grassy with a hint of citrus, but not as much as you get in most hop centric IPAs.
Taste: Grapefruit is clearly present there along with a hint of peach or apricot. It has some hop notes that are present without being too in your face.
Mouth feel:  Crisp, clean finish, only minor grapefruit aftertaste mostly lingering in the upper-palate and nasal passages.
Overall: This is their first release. For a first release it is better than a lot of the IPAs that have been sitting on shelves for the last few years. I hope these guys get the market share they deserve, and I anxiously await their second product.


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