Game Predictions & Player Projections - JAC vs SD

Game Predictions & Player Projections - JAC vs SD


Game Predictions & Player Projections - JAC vs SD


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Prediction: JAC 10, SD 34 (Line: SD by 13)

Not much reason to over think this game. The Jaguars may be looking to set records at the current rate. They are averaging 38 points allowed each game. And they are getting worse. The only way they dip under the 13 point line is if the Chargers lose all interest and opt to win by ten points.

The Chargers won 24-6 at home against the Jaguars last year.

Jacksonville Jaguars

1 @PHI 17-34 10 DAL —–
2 @WAS 10-41 11 BYE —–
3 IND 17-44 12 @IND —–
4 @SD —– 13 NYG —–
5 PIT —– 14 HOU —–
6 @TEN —– 15 @BAL —–
7 CLE —– 16 TEN —–
8 MIA —– 17 @HOU —–
9 @CIN —–  
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JAC @ SD Rush Catch Pass
QB Blake Bortles 30 230,1
RB Chris Ivory 40,1 3-20
RB Bernard Pierce 50,1 10
WR Allen Hurns 2-40
WR Allen Robinson 7-70

Safe to say the passing game was lacking when the rookie plays for one half and is immediately deemed the starting quarter for the rest of the year. This team has problems on both sides of the line and on the road play even worse. This is a very young squad and all 2014 provides is a training ground for a better 2015.

QUARTERBACK : Chad Henne was benched at halftime and the Blake Bortles era has begun. The 1.03 pick by the Jaguars brings his 6-5, 232 pound frame to bear in an offense that cannot block that well and needs someone to stand strong. Bortles threw for 223 yards and two scores in Indianapolis in just one half of play though he also tossed two interceptions. Bortles is not likely to change much in the immediate future but he won’t be any worse than Henne and at least gets the offense moving in the right direction with the personnel that will be around for a while.

Henne passed for 318 yards but no scores versus the Chargers last year.

RUNNING BACK : In fairness, the rushing offense is usually abandoned sooner than later but there’s been noting impressive about Toby Gerhart. He’s totaled only 34 runs for 82 yards so far and never scored. He remains the starter but mostly because there is nothing any better on the roster.

As a team the Jaguars only ran for 73 yards on 13 carries against the Chargers in 2013.

WIDE RECEIVER : Marqise Lee is expected to miss week four with his hamstring strain. Allen Hurns scored again thanks to a 64-yard catch when he got behind the safety. Cecil Short had his first action of the year and scored once with five catches for 35 yards. Allen Robinson turned in seven catches for 79 yards last week as the leader. This group is young but worth watching now that Bortles is taking the helm. There could be reliable fantasy points here at least by the end of the year.

TIGHT END : No fantasy value.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: What to expect with a rookie quarterback in his first road game? The Chargers have not allowed any runner to score or even gain more than 53 yards so don’t expect much from Toby Gerhart. The Chargers corners have done a great job so far and held opponents to only one passing score to a wide receiver. Oddly, all three opponents so far have scored at least once by throwing to a running back. On the road with a rookie at the helm this entire offense is too risky to merit any fantasy considerations at least for this week.

Gaining Fantasy Points JAC 14 32 5 20 28 23
Preventing Fantasy Points SD 26 28 5 2 3 2

San Diego Chargers

1 @ARI 17-18 10 BYE —–
2 SEA 30-21 11 OAK —–
3 @BUF 22-10 12 STL —–
4 JAC —– 13 @BAL —–
5 NYJ —– 14 NE —–
6 @OAK —– 15 DEN —–
7 KC —– 16 @SF —–
8 @DEN —– 17 @KC —–
9 @MIA —–  
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SD vs JAC Rush Catch Pass
QB Philip Rivers 270,3
WR Keenan Allen 5-70,1
WR Malcom Floyd 3-40
WR Stevie Johnson 3-50
TE Antonio Gates 6-80,2

The Chargers are already looking like one of the teams to beat in the AFC with their last two wins over 10 points each. The Chargers are getting hard hit by injuries and that will slow them down though not for this week. This next month will see them favored in every game and have an great chance of winning them all. That could make a 6-1 team that heads to Denver in week eight.

QUARTERBACK : Philip Rivers hasn’t been great in any game but he’s always been very good. His worst effort was 238 yards and one score in Arizona but his only other home game saw him post 284 yards and three touchdowns on the visiting Seahawks. No doubt he is looking forward to this matchup.

Rivers passed for 285 yards and one score in Jacksonville last year.

RUNNING BACK : Danny Woodhead has been lost for the season with a fractured fibula. Ryan Mathews remains out with a sprained knee for another month or so. Donald Brown ran for 62 yards on 31 carries in Buffalo and becomes the workhorse of this backfield. The #2 back is still not certain – it could be Branden Oliver who played briefly last week or promote someone from the practice squad. The Chargers may also make a move in free agency because they cannot afford to be so dangerously thin on running backs only three games into the season. Acquiring Brown in the offseason now looks like a very smart move.

Mathews ran for 110 yards and one score in Jacksonville last season. Woodhead gained 76 total yards and scored once as well.

WIDE RECEIVER : This is a relatively simple scheme. Only three wide receivers have caught any passes for the Chargers and yet the worst one so far has been Keenan Allen who has yet to score and topped out at 55 yards so far. He’s the main concern for the secondary and not beating the double coverage he gets. Eddie Royal scored twice in Buffalo but otherwise offers only mediocre yardage. Malcom Floyd scored in the opener and just caught two 49-yard passes last week but never had a catch versus the Seahawk. The job gets done but so far it is never the same guy twice or Keenan Allen even once.

Allen only ended with three catches for 67 yards versus the Jaguars last year. Royal ended with four receptions for 69 yards and the lone receiving score.

TIGHT END : Speaking of inconsistency. Antonio Gates followed up his injured “will he play” week two when he caught three touchdowns and gained 96 yards with a one catch for eight yard game in Buffalo. He’s back at home this week so should revert more to form.

Gates caught six passes for 31 yards in Jacksonville last year.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: How do I love thee, oh Jacksonville? Problem here is that anything can work so what will the Chargers want to use. Not often a defense ranks 32nd against both quarterbacks and running backs. Start ’em all in this home game and hope no one gets bored. Rivers, Brown, Gates and even Allen need to start. This is a great place for Allen to finally show up. And Gates goes against a defense that had already allowed four scores to tight ends. Just hope the Chargers stay interested.

Gaining Fantasy Points SD 7 23 24 5 15 17
Preventing Fantasy Points JAC 32 32 22 31 32 32

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