Game Predictions & Player Projections - TEN vs IND

Game Predictions & Player Projections - TEN vs IND


Game Predictions & Player Projections - TEN vs IND


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Prediction: TEN 13, IND 33 (Line: IND by 7.5)

Update: Jake Locker has a chance to play this week but his injured wrist is an issue and his questionable tag on the injury report is considered optimistic. Charlie Whitehurst is expect to take the start instead. Delanie Walker is also questionable to play because of his shoulder but he had limited work the last two days and appears more likely to play albeit with Whitehurst under center.

Here is a very important AFC South game since the loser drops to 1-3 and may trail the Texans by two games. The Titans won their opened in Kansas City and then lost all offensive ability. The Colts dropped two close ones before getting their turn at treating the Jaguars like a rental car. The Colts swept the Titans last year, winning 30-27 in Tennessee and then 22-14 at home.

Tennessee Titans

1 @KC 26-10 10 @BAL —–
2 DAL 10-26 11 PIT —–
3 @CIN 7-33 12 @PHI —–
4 @IND —– 13 @HOU —–
5 CLE —– 14 NYG —–
6 JAC —– 15 NYJ —–
7 @WAS —– 16 @JAC —–
8 HOU —– 17 IND —–
9 BYE —–  
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vs Rush Catch Pass
RB Bishop Sankey 30 1-10
WR Justin Hunter 3-50
WR Kendall Wright 4-50
TE Delanie Walker 6-40
PK Ryan Succop 2 FG 1 XP

The Titans have lost most of their offensive punch in these last two weeks and in the case of the Cowboys visiting it was not against the top notch defenses either. The media questions concerning Jake Locker have already started and while HC Ken Whisenhunt remains steadfast behind Locker, the fact they are asking at all is problematic. After this game the schedule calms down with home games against the Browns, Jaguars and Texans and a road trip to Washington. Keep an eye out for Titans on the waiver wire since the start of the season has not been kind.

QUARTERBACK : While Jake Locker started with 266 yards and two scores in Kansas City, he was sacked four times. Two games later and he’s totaled only three scores against four interceptions His yardage is short and he only managed 185 yards in Cincy last week. He may or may not be the problem, but he is certainly not the answer.

The Titans threw for around 210 yards and one score in both meetings with the Colts last season.

RUNNING BACK : Shonn Greene finally scored the first rushing touchdown of the year but last week was a sign of things to come. Greene ran ten times for 33 yards while Bishop Sankey also received ten carries and ran for 61 yards along with a nine-yard catch. Greene was the starter and Sankey’s work was mostly in the second half when the game was already out of reach. But Sankey has risen to #2 on the depth chart and should see more success, as least for the month following this tougher matchup. There is no question that Sankey isn’t the most talented back on the roster but he has to learn the complete position before he can gain that final step up the depth chart.

Chris Johnson only gained 69 yards on 18 carries in Indianapolis last year but scored once on his six catches for 32 yards.

WIDE RECEIVER : The biggest problem with Locker is not connecting with his wide receivers which leaves the Titans unable to compete once they fall behind. No wideout has gained more than 63 yards in any game and Kendall Wright owns the lone receiving touchdown for the unit that came back in the season opener. The talent should be here with Justin Hunter and Nate Washington but Locker is just not connecting.

Kendall Wright ended with about 80 yards in both meetings with the Titans last season. Justin Hunter only had one catch.

TIGHT END : Delanie Walker blew up for 142 yards on ten catches versus the Cowboys but then regressed to just 54 yards on four catches last week. Still, he remains the top receiver for the Titans and that was never supposed to be the case.

Walker only had one catch for five yards in Indianapolis despite gaining 91 yards and a score on ten catches in the home meeting.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Colts have been good against the run allowing around four yards per carry but having faced the Broncos and Eagles. A better equal would be the Jaguars who only ran for 42 yards on them. There is a chance of a rushing score but the yardage is likely to remain moderate at best and even then split between Greene and Sankey. The Colts fared well against the pass considering who they have faced ad this is where the Titans have to gain success. But this is also the area that the Titans are the weakest. Both Julius Thomas and Zach Ertz had nice showings against them so Walker is not a bad option here. In fact he is the only strong play.

Gaining Fantasy Points TEN 24 24 29 8 22 18
Preventing Fantasy Points IND 29 25 12 27 17 11

Indianapolis Colts

1 @DEN 24-31 10 BYE —–
2 PHI 27-30 11 NE  —–
3 @JAC 44-17 12 JAC —–
4 TEN —– 13 WAS —–
5 BAL —– 14 @CLE —–
6 @HOU —– 15 HOU —–
7 CIN —– 16 @DAL —–
8 @PIT —– 17 @TEN —–
9 @NYG —–  
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IND vs TEN Rush Catch Pass
QB Andrew Luck 20 200,2
QB Charlie Whitehurst 210,1
RB Ahmad Bradshaw 70 5-20,1
RB Frank Gore 80,1 1-10
WR T.Y. Hilton 6-70
TE Dwayne Allen 4-30
PK Adam Vinatieri 4 FG 3 XP

The Colts finally reach the win column but opening against the Broncos and Eagles was no easy stretch. It all worked against the Jaguars though and this divisional matchup has to be a win stay close enough to the Texans who they play in week six.

QUARTERBACK : The Colts continue to run the ball in an effort to balance the offense but Andrew Luck not only has the only rushing touchdown of the year, he’s tossed nine touchdown passes and twice hit 370 passing yards in his road games. His lone home game so far only netted 172 passing yardage but still contained three scoring passes against the Eagles.

Luck passed for only 200 yards versus the Titans last year. He never scored in either meeting aside from running in one touchdown as a visitor.

RUNNING BACK : Trent Richardson is running better though he still has not scored or managed to break 100 total yards in a game. Ahmad Bradshaw did score three times but all came via passes and he too falls just short of 100 total yards per week. The Colts ran for 96 yards and one score on 19 carries when the Titans visited last year.

WIDE RECEIVER : T.Y. Hilton had his best effort of the year when he ended with five catches for 80 yards but he missed the second half with an ankle sprain and still has yet to score a touchdown. Reggie Wayne is cooling from his season opener and barely reaches fantasy relevancy the last two weeks. Hakeem Nicks is the only wideout to score and he did so twice but he is also the lowest in catches and yards including a one catch for a four yard loss against the Eagles. Early word is that Hilton will play this week.

No receiver gained more than 50 yards in either game with the Titans in 2013.

TIGHT END : The problem here is that Luck has thrown scores to three different tight ends and you have the consistency of Dwayne Allen who goes from 4-64-1 against the Broncos to zero catches versus the Eagles and then back to 4-43-1 in Jacksonville. Luck has thrown a score to a tight end in every game. Just never to the same guy two weeks in a row.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Titans have allowed a lot of points lately but they did not come via the pass. This year they are averaging only 182 passing yards and less than one passing score. But they give up over 100 yards per game to running backs and three rushing scores just last week in their last road game. Bradshaw and Richardson are both moderate starts with a good shot for a touchdown.This will be a less productive game for Luck and one where the rushing effort finally wins the game. Luck is worth starting but less likely for more than average sort of stats. Wayne and Hilton should also produce moderate numbers though the Titans have allowed two 100 yard wide receivers both playing the same split end that Wayne often plays.

Gaining Fantasy Points IND 1 8 9 4 7 13
Preventing Fantasy Points TEN 2 18 4 12 20 22

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