Daily Fantasy Domination: Week 4

Daily Fantasy Domination: Week 4


Daily Fantasy Domination: Week 4


Now that’s more like it. Last week Domination is the only way to describe it as I finished top four in the two featured GPP tournaments on FantasyScore. Throw in a couple more cashes and another top 3 GPP finish on DraftKings and you know that I’m buying the lobster and caviar this week for lunch. Not to mention that I took down the top spot in my first thehuddle.com Daily Domination challenge at FantasyScore. A couple more weeks like this and I’ll be diving in the ducats like Scrooge McDuck.

This week is the first week when DFS gets a little more complicated as the sites are finally getting their algorithms up to date on the rookies and out of the blue talent. Those cheap players you have been able to roll with the first three weeks are either already climbing the dollar tree or will be by next week. This may be your last week to eke out some value on them. In addition to the sites catching up with the trends, the player pool is dramatically reduced due to six bye teams including both teams from last year’s Super Bowl and two 3-0 teams.

What the player shortage seems to have brought is a lot of reasonable (read “not great”) prices for tier one talent, a lot of great deals in tiers two and three and a ton of cow manure at the bottom of every position except RB. When you end up with this sort of dynamic, you are really forced to take a balanced solution in terms of building your roster. Simply put, those tier one talents may have decent prices, but if you take too many of them you WILL NOT have quality options at every position. If you do slough any position this week it has to be RB because the talent depth is just not there at the other spots.

Since you are really forced to go balanced the easy money this week is in cash games, multipliers, and 50-50’s. GPP play is particularly strained since the few REM sleepers out there are very well recognized. You are going to have to dig deep to land this week’s Eddie Royal. Watch the injury reports out of Atlanta, if Roddy White and/or Harry Douglas are a no-go, than Devin Hester and Eric Weems will have sneaky duty against the Vikings. There is not a single member of Minnesota’s secondary that can match speed with those two.



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