Daily Fantasy Domination: Week 5

Daily Fantasy Domination: Week 5


Daily Fantasy Domination: Week 5


Well I was correct that the GPP pool last week would be rough waters. A couple of missteps involving DeAngelo Williams and Donald Brown cost my chances at GPP success. No one could have predicted that Brown would lay a stink brick, but I should’ve known not to trust the perennially injured Williams. Thankfully, I profited enough in 50-50’s and Multipliers that I still came out ahead for the week. GPP’s will be much more manageable this week with far fewer teams on bye. The GPP sleeper pool should actually be a little easier to tread. Finding deeper sleepers won’t be quite as hard. You need to look no further than those selections in blue down below.

Now rest assured you will have some stinker weeks. It comes with any form of gambling. You really need to keep a level head when playing DFS but you also need a little ADD. Do not chase last week’s stats. Jamaal Charles should not see the light of day on your roster cards this week. Also starting Philip Rivers at this week’s prices will leave you with an empty feeling in your stomach and an empty feeling in your pocketbook. That said there are some trends that should shiver your timbers. I am avoiding Patriots and Saints skill position players (other than Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham) until they right their respective ships.

I mentioned last week that the daily leagues were starting to catch their algorithms up with early season hot starters. You will notice that guys such as Martellus Bennett and Kelvin Benjamin and Steve Smith are now priced appropriately. That takes away three of our favorite low budget candidates. Fortunately for us, there are some fresh faces that are about to become available at cheap rates. Watch the prices for the next few weeks for Mike Glennon, Teddy Bridgewater, Kyle Orton, Marvin Jones and Jordan Reed. They are all going to be steadily climbing so take advantage in the short term.

This week the second tier running backs have some insanely good matchups and so do the top tier wide receivers, making for the obvious pairing. Of course if you choose to forego those second tier running backs there are lots of ok deals in the lower tiers at DraftKings and FantasyScore. That said the third tier and below at FanDuel is like Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard.

At tight end you need to target one of the following if you don’t opt for Jimmy Graham or Julius Thomas: Travis Kelce, Larry Donnell, Heath Miller, and Garrett Graham. Of course many others will also be in on these deals with all the injury question marks at the position. Don’t sleep on Orange Julius though as he gets to face last year’s tight end whipping boy Arizona. His prices on DK and FS are insane!



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