Game Predictions & Player Projections - CLE vs JAC

Game Predictions & Player Projections - CLE vs JAC


Game Predictions & Player Projections - CLE vs JAC


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Prediction: CLE 27, JAC 20 (Line: CLE by 5.5)

The 3-2 Browns are on a two game winning streak and head to Jacksonville to face the 0-6 Jaguars who have been losing games by very small margins in that way that says “we know we can beat you so why exert ourselves?” Fortunately both teams will bring a bad defense to the game and not treat this lightly because it could be a win either way. This is a game that only fantasy could love.

The Jaguars won 32-28 in Cleveland last year.

Cleveland Browns

1 @PIT 27-30 10 @CIN —–
2 NO 26-24 11 HOU —–
3 BAL 21-23 12 @ATL —–
4 BYE —– 13 @BUF —–
5 @TEN 29-28 14 IND —–
6 PIT 31-10 15 CIN —–
7 @JAC —– 16 @CAR —–
8 OAK —– 17 @BAL —–
9 TB —–  
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CLE @ JAC Rush Catch Pass
QB Austin Davis 240,2
RB Isaiah Crowell 30
WR Brian Hartline 2-20
WR Andrew Hawkins 4-40

The Browns will be without center Alex Mack which will have an impact on the blocking. He broke his fibula and is gone for the year. Hard to imagine that popular wisdom had the Browns with one of the worst offenses and yet they’ve never scored fewer than 21 points. Get Josh Gordon back, tinker with the defense and the Browns may have finally turned the corner.

QUARTERBACK : Brian Hoyer continues his streak of scoring in every game and while all but one had just a single score, Hoyer has only thrown on interception all year and that was when he threw for 291 yards and three scores in Tennessee. Oddly enough, we can only see Johnny Manziel on commercials while Hoyer just appears in actual NFL football games. There is talk of signing Hoyer to an extension but then there’s Johnny. Still just sitting there.

Brandon Weeden passed for 370 yards and three scores on the Jags last year.

RUNNING BACK : The Browns ran out of running backs rather quickly last year and now they have an embarrassment of riches. Ben Tate remains the primary who just scored two touchdowns against the Steelers. Isaiah Crowell also scored against them and leads the team with four rushing touchdowns. And then there is Terrance West who scored twice this season and exceeded 100 rushing yards in the season opener after Tate was injured. West was a healthy scratch last week with Tate back. The only oddity here and it is limiting is that the Browns almost never pass to their running backs. After five games, they have a collective seven catches for 30 yards.

WIDE RECEIVER : This is still a group in great need of Josh Gordon. Andrew Hawkins was the primary wideout but has dropped to only two catches in the last two weeks. Miles Austin caught two touchdowns but minimal yardage. Travis Benjamin cannot exceed 50 yards but did account for three touchdowns so far. Even Taylor Gabriel was as good as 95 yards in a game but there is no reliability or consistency with this group. Overall they get the job done but it is folly to project them from game to game.

Gordon caught ten passes for 261 yards and two scores on the Jags last year.

TIGHT END : Jordan Cameron was a surprise disappointment when his first five weeks saw him never score, stuck under 50 yards and missing one game. Then against the Steelers last week he caught three passes and gained 102 yards and one score. Hopefully that will give him more than his current three to five targets per week.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: This should go well. The Jaguars have already allowed 12 passing scores and four quarterbacks topped 270 yards. The Jaguars are better against the run than their ranking indicates but have allowed a lot of yardage to backs via pass receptions which doesn’t really apply to the Browns. They did give up five more scores to tight ends which should yield a nice effort from Cameron again this week. Hoyer, Tate and Cameron are all starting considerations this week and even Crowell might get enough work to merit a flex consideration but that is riskier.

Gaining Fantasy Points CLE 29 10 17 15 17 17
Preventing Fantasy Points JAC 27 30 21 29 32 31

Jacksonville Jaguars

1 @PHI 17-34 10 DAL —–
2 @WAS 10-41 11 BYE —–
3 IND 17-44 12 @IND —–
4 @SD 14-33 13 NYG —–
5 PIT 9-17 14 HOU —–
6 @TEN 14-16 15 @BAL —–
7 CLE —– 16 TEN —–
8 MIA —– 17 @HOU —–
9 @CIN —–  
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JAC vs CLE Rush Catch Pass
QB Blake Bortles 230,1
RB Chris Ivory 40 2-10
RB Bernard Pierce 80,1 1-10
WR Allen Hurns 3-30
WR Allen Robinson 3-40
TE Julius Thomas 4-50,1

Bad enough just to be winless but now the Jaguars are losing games by a touchdown or less because opponents are clearly playing down to their level knowing that they can win the game without excessive preparation or effort. This is a very young team in the skill positions and the learning curve is brutal. Add that into a weak Jaguars team and the results are not surprising. The Jags will win a game or more but it will be a trap against someone that should have know better, not another team struggling to win games.

QUARTERBACK : Like Derek Carr and Teddy Bridgewater, a rookie quarterback will struggle and Blake Bortles is no different. But he has already thrown for 336 yards just last week in Tennessee and had four touchdowns over his four games played. Granted – seven interceptions along the way but Bortles will be a very good quarterback by as early as next year. For now, he’s on the one-score and moderate yardage goal each week.

RUNNING BACK : Toby Gerhart remains out but the results are not much different with Storm Johnson taking his turn. Against the Steelers, Johnson ended with only 21 yards on ten carries but scored once. Denard Robinson gets more play lately but not near enough for any fantasy relevance. He’s taking the third down role but still limited to three catches or less each week. This week will be the best situation for running back success all year.

WIDE RECEIVER : This group is constantly changing because of injury. Cecil Shorts has only been healthy for three games but has the team high game with 103 yards on ten catches last week. Allen Hurns was hot to start the season but cooled considerably. Allen Robinson is the only consistent starter but has no touchdowns and has topped out at only 68 yards. Marqise Lee is also back but has yet to matter since the season opener. Once Bortles settles down and these receivers become more set (and stay healthy) there is fantasy value here but it is too unreliable so far this season.

TIGHT END : Clay Harbor caught a score last week with under a minute left in the game but has made him consistent in the sense that he’s used much more in road efforts than when at home. Harbor gained 161 yards and a score over the last two away venues but only 22 yards in the home game against the Steelers.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Jaguars are a weak offense and how that matches up is more about what the Jags bring than what the Browns have. Every opponent throws for a score on the Browns but no one has more than two. The Browns also allowed five touchdowns to running backs and a 4.8 yard rushing average. Four runners have already topped 80 rush yards on them. Starting any Jaguar is a pretty risky choice. Johnson will have the best situation to run maybe for the rest of the year so whatever he does is as good as it gets. Bortles should post at least one score on the Browns and could end up with two. But the Jags have never scored more than two touchdowns in any game. The Browns are good enough against tight ends to ignore Harbor this week. Joe Haden should take care of Robinson.

Gaining Fantasy Points JAC 24 32 8 17 31 27
Preventing Fantasy Points CLE 20 26 20 15 17 1

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