Game Predictions & Player Projections - MIN vs BUF

Game Predictions & Player Projections - MIN vs BUF


Game Predictions & Player Projections - MIN vs BUF


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Prediction: MIN 10, BUF 24 (Line: BUF by 4)

The 2-4 Vikings are 1-2 in away games and come off an offensive meltdown last week. The 3-3 Bills are only 1-2 at home and just were throttled by the Patriots. The Bills are favored if only because of the offensive problems of the Vikings are bound to be worse on the road.

Minnesota Vikings

1 @STL 34-6 10 BYE —–
2 NE 7-30 11 @CHI —–
3 @NO 9-20 12 GB —–
4 ATL 41-28 13 CAR —–
5 @GB 10-42 14 NYJ —–
6 DET 3-17 15 @DET —–
7 @BUF —– 16 @MIA —–
8 @TB —– 17 CHI —–
9 WAS —–  
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MIN @ BUF Rush Catch Pass
QB Teddy Bridgewater 250,1
RB Jerick McKinnon 40 6-40
WR Cordarrelle Patterson 3-50
WR Jarius Wright 3-40
PK Blair Walsh 1 FG 1 XP

The offensive problems are not going to be solved any time soon and that sinks the Vikings chances to remain competitive with more than just the other bad teams. Teddy Bridgewater is learning the ropes but the offense is not progressing so far and questions still abound about Cordarrelle Patterson. On the road this is not going to improve.

QUARTERBACK : After posting 317 yards against the weak Falcons secondary, Teddy Bridgewater could only muster 188 yards and no scores while being sacked eight times by the Lions. He also threw three interceptions. He still has not thrown a touchdown in his three games played though he ran in one against the Falcons. He’s a work in progress to be sure but inherited an offense that has only scored three passing touchdowns this year.

RUNNING BACK : The Matt Asiata experience was fun while it lasted which was apparently over before last week. Asiata has never been more than a veteran plodder who can block but he was only given two carries in the loss to the Lions and gained a total of a five yard loss. Jerick McKinnon only gained 40 yards but had 11 carries and added a healthy six catches for 42 yards. There is no certainty that he could be the primary back next year but is is clear he’ll ride our 2014 as the main runner barring a surprise from Adrian Peterson. McKinnon is much faster and better in open space but he’ll be limited in this offense unless facing a weak defense. He gained 135 yards on 18 runs versus the Falcons but then returned to sub-4.0 yards per carry in the last two games.

WIDE RECEIVER : Cordarrelle Patterson has been hampered by a hip injury and was not able to play the full game last week despite being listed as probable. But he’s no more productive now than he has been since the season opener and he on a three game stretch of two catches each for marginal yardage. Greg Jennings numbers dropped with Bridgewater as well though the defenses improved as well. He was as good as 70 yards per week but has been held below 35 yards recently. Jarious Wright is ever worse and this entire unit has just one receiving touchdown that came in the season opener.

TIGHT END : No fantasy value.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Bills are outstanding against the run and even more so at home. No runner scored on the Bills this season and and in Buffalo no runner ever topped 46 yards. The Bills are weaker against the pass but the Vikes bring in the worst passing offense in the league currently. With the run removed, it is hard to imagine that the Vikes can throw more than one score and even that would be late in the game. Bridgewater could not score on the visiting Falcons or Lions.

Gaining Fantasy Points MIN 32 21 29 20 19 24
Preventing Fantasy Points BUF 23 4 27 20 19 20

Buffalo Bills

1 @CHI 23-20 10 KC —–
2 MIA 29-10 11 @MIA —–
3 SD 10-22 12 NYJ —–
4 @HOU 17-23 13 CLE —–
5 @DET 17-14 14 @DEN —–
6 NE 22-37 15 GB —–
7 MIN —– 16 @OAK —–
8 @NYJ —– 17 @NE —–
9 BYE —–  
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vs Rush Catch Pass
WR Sammy Watkins 6-80,1
WR Robert Woods 4-60
TE Charles Clay 3-30
PK Dan Carpenter 1 FG 3 XP

The normally stout defense had problems last week when the Patriots showed up and kicked the Bills around their own stadium. Otherwise, the Bills had held all opponents to 23 point or fewer. This week is the easiest game left on the schedule and should be a solid win. It just won’t get any better than this.

QUARTERBACK : Kyle Orton is not making a dramatic difference but he is better than E.J. Manuel if only incrementally. Orton passed for 308 yards and a score in Detroit followed by 299 yards and two scores on the visiting Patriots. He thrown two interceptions and lost a fumble though as well as get sacked up to five times per game. He’s mostly a caretaker quarterback but can produce the yardage.

RUNNING BACK : By all appearances C.J. Spiller is being phased out of the offense if not being outright written out of the game plan. Spiller fell to only 9 runs for seven yards in Detroit and then six carries for 19 yards last week. In contrast, Fred Jackson touched the ball 18 and 14 times respectively in those games. This remains a rather pedestrian rushing attack split up in any measure. Spiller has the only games with more than 60 rushing yards and yet has fallen from favor. Jackson just ran in the first rushing touchdown of the year for the running backs. The positive here is that Jackson’s role as a receiver is increasing and he is averaging six catches for 51 yards over the last four games.

WIDE RECEIVER : Mike Williams is written out of the game plan now and had just one reception last week. He’s been allowed to seek a trade but no one wants an aging wideout with declining skills and a $5 million price tag for next year. Robert Woods is the full-time #2 now and he responded with a season best 78 yards on seven catches plus his first touchdown. Sammy Watkins now receives so much attention that he remains below 35 yards in all but one of the last four games. There is nothing special about this unit.

TIGHT END : No fantasy value until last week suddenly Scott Chandler caught six passed for 106 yards. He still has yet to score but when at home he has been much better than on the road.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Vikings remain weak versus running backs and allowed eight touchdowns to the position already. Jackson is a must start in this game but Orton and Watkins are only moderate plays since the rushing effort should be improved this week. No other Bills players are worthy of fantasy consideration – even Spiller is a big risk despite this matchup.

Gaining Fantasy Points BUF 25 11 28 24 13 10
Preventing Fantasy Points MIN 3 28 11 5 5 27

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