Daily Fantasy Domination: Week 7

Daily Fantasy Domination: Week 7


Daily Fantasy Domination: Week 7


At Daily Domination I am all about the value. So when I find a week where there are a ton of what I would consider to be value plays I need to stop and consider if they truly are values.

A good example of this is the wide receiver position this week. Originally I had a bunch of third tier WRs as Blue-rated, until I realized how close they were to the discount salaries above them in tier two. For example, Golden Tate at $5900 on DraftKings should be a steal this week with the likelihood that Calvin Johnson will not play. Originally I had him priced as a Top Shelf Option, until I realized that Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery were each less than $600 more. I’m never going to choose Tate at $5900 when I can get one of those Bears for so little more.

This is true at running back also. Andre Ellington makes a great deal at $6500 on DK, until you realize that LeVeon Bell and Jamaal Charles are each within $200 of him. This is why you need to analyze all of the potential starters to optimize your chances of winning money. If you blindly started Ellington or Tate because some random fantasy site said he was a good option to perform well this week you would be robbing yourself of potential value. It is true that both of them have good matchups. It is also true that both will likely outperform their cost. The issue I have is the third truth, and that is that they will not outperform the difference that the others around them outperform their cost by.

This is why I rate all of the likely draftees on this forum. Sure you are not likely to start Charlie Whitehurst or Storm Johnson but knowing what color rating they have should help you eliminate a sizeable chunk of the potential combinations of players that you could put together in establishing your winning lineups. Use this advice to win the bigger prize money in GPP formats. You’ll want to scatter those lineups with multiple Top Shelf Option players since they will help you afford the studs you will need to roster to win the big money.

So happy shopping and don’t forget to sign up for the Huddle Freeroll at www.fantasyscore.com. You can win $5 just by finishing in the top half of the league. Of course if you want a real challenge feel free to challenge me there as well!



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