Game Predictions & Player Projections - OAK vs CLE

Game Predictions & Player Projections - OAK vs CLE


Game Predictions & Player Projections - OAK vs CLE


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Prediction: OAK 13, CLE 27 (Line: CLE by 7)

The 0-6 Raiders are still searching for their first win and this is only the third time this year that they have played away from Oakland. The 3-3 Browns just lost to the previously winless Jaguars and don’t want to be “it” two weeks in a row.

Oakland Raiders

1 @NYJ 14-19 10 DEN —–
2 HOU 14-30 11 @SD —–
3 @NE 9-16 12 KC —–
4 MIA 14-38 13 @STL —–
5 BYE —– 14 SF —–
6 SD 28-31 15 @KC —–
7 ARI 13-24 16 BUF —–
8 @CLE —– 17 @DEN —–
9 @SEA —–  
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OAK @ CLE Rush Catch Pass
QB Derek Carr 200,1
WR Andre Holmes 3-50
TE Mychal Rivera 2-10
PK Sebastian Janikowski 2 FG 1 XP

Sadly there is not a easy matchup left on the schedule but there is always hope that the Broncos already clinch everything and just play scrubs in week 17. If not that, the first win is hard to locate and will be a surprise to all involved. Any time the Raiders seem to take a step forward, you can bank on them going two steps back the following week.

QUARTERBACK : Derek Carr’s four touchdown game against the Chargers is no less astounding since his five other games only total as much and last week in a home game he only passed for 173 yards and no touchdowns. HE;s not reliable for more than low yardage and a chance for one score and this week is on the road.

RUNNING BACK : Darren McFadden receives around 15 carries ever week and when he has at home facing a really weak defense he almost looks adequate. But McFadden has only two scores on the season and averages 47 yards per game. He adds a few catches to help out but still remains well below average. Maurice Jones-Drew still suits up but no one remembers why anymore.

WIDE RECEIVER : Just when Andre Holmes appears to be turning the corner and becoming legitimate, he goes from 121 yards and two scores to only 34 yards on three catches like before his two game streak of mattering. Even James Jones is hiding under a rock lately and has just one score in the last four weeks along with yardage that rarely exceeds 55 yards. There is nothing reliable or consistent here and that will remain so the rest of the season.

TIGHT END : No fantasy value.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Raiders only average around 12 points per road game but the Browns always allow one passing touchdown and the rushing defense allowed six scores over their six games played. No reason to expect more than mediocrity from the entire Oakland passing offense but McFadden could could get some moderate yardage.

Gaining Fantasy Points OAK 27 29 8 30 32 32
Preventing Fantasy Points CLE 16 19 22 15 15 3

Cleveland Browns

1 @PIT 27-30 10 @CIN —–
2 NO 26-24 11 HOU —–
3 BAL 21-23 12 @ATL —–
4 BYE —– 13 @BUF —–
5 @TEN 29-28 14 IND —–
6 PIT 31-10 15 CIN —–
7 @JAC 6-24 16 @CAR —–
8 OAK —– 17 @BAL —–
9 TB —–  
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CLE vs OAK Rush Catch Pass
QB Austin Davis 210,1
RB Isaiah Crowell 50
WR Andrew Hawkins 7-70

The Browns were on a two game winning streak and even put down the Steelers with surprising ease but then lost handily to the Jaguars. Even bad teams can have extra bad games. These next two weeks will be as easy as the schedule gets and the fantasy points need to start flowing because the colder it gets outside, the more brutal the schedule is going to become for the Browns.

QUARTERBACK : With Brian Hoyer struggling against the Jaguars – THE JAGUARS – HC Mike Pettine admitted he considered benching him for the name that shall not be uttered. Hoyer was horrible against the Jags and ended with 215 yards, no scores, one interception and one lost fumble. One more game like last week and the Browns just might have no alternative to popping the top to a big old can of Johnny Football and once that can is opened you will never get it closed again.

RUNNING BACK : Like the rest of the team, the running backs all played poorly last week and Terrance West (5-8) even played in advance of Isaiah Crowell (7-18). But this remains mostly Ben Tate with Crowell only playing a support role. The positive this week is that of the eight touchdowns scored this year by the backs, six of them came in home games. Tate is the only one with every week value.

WIDE RECEIVER : Not much ever happens here but at least Andrew Hawkins followed up his blanking in the Steeler win to posting 112 yards on five catches versus the Jaguars. He still has yet to score and his two previous games totaled only three catches for 26 yards making him still too big of a risk to rely on. That was the first time any wideout here broke 100 yards. It remains a rarity that anyone breaks 50 yards in two straight weeks.

TIGHT END : And back under the rock. After a disappointing season, Jordan Cameron finally produced 102 yards and a score on three catches against the Steelers but then managed just one catch for five yards last week. No element of this passing game has any consistency other than mediocrity.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: In the favor of Hoyer, this has to be a better game than last week though it was believed the Jaguars were a great matchup. The Raiders always allow at least one passing score if not three and the yardage tends to be his though this passing attack hardly ranks highly themselves. The rushing game is where the Browns will find the best success and Tate is a must start. Three backs have already rushed for more than 100 yards on the Raiders. Beyond Tate, Crowell is a risky flex play but will have upside.

Gaining Fantasy Points CLE 31 18 17 18 20 17
Preventing Fantasy Points OAK 15 29 13 14 24 12

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