Game Predictions & Player Projections - SEA vs CAR

Game Predictions & Player Projections - SEA vs CAR


Game Predictions & Player Projections - SEA vs CAR


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Prediction: SEA 31, CAR 27 (Line: SEA by 5)

The 3-3 Seahawks are on a two game losing streak and seem somewhat incredulous that other teams are not showing them the proper respect. They are only 1-2 in road games while the 3-3-1 Panthers are 2-1 at home. Both teams are trying to rediscover their defenses while suffering injuries along the way.

The Seahawks won 12-7 in Carolina for the 2013 season opener.

Seattle Seahawks

1 GB 36-16 10 NYG —–
2 @SD 21-30 11 @KC —–
3 DEN 26-20 12 ARI —–
4 BYE —– 13 @SF —–
5 @WAS 27-17 14 @PHI —–
6 DAL 23-30 15 SF —–
7 @STL 26-28 16 @ARI —–
8 @CAR —– 17 STL —–
9 OAK —–  
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SEA @ CAR Rush Catch Pass
QB Russell Wilson 40,1 210,2
RB Bryce Brown 40 2-10
WR Doug Baldwin 5-80,1
WR Jermaine Kearse 3-50
TE Jimmy Graham 4-50
TE Cooper Helfet 2-30
PK Steven Hauschka 1 FG 4 XP

The Seahawks have not played badly so much as they are just not the dominating defense they once were thanks to defections and injuries. And without that suffocating defense, they are allowing teams to stay in the game and score as much as 30 points. The Seahawks offense is not designed to catch-up. It is meant to chew up the clock for the win. Losing Percy Harvin likely has no impact here other than special teams suffers but the regular offense can figure out exactly how the passing game can work without a prima donna in the way.

QUARTERBACK : Once week after his worst game of the year when Russell Wilson passed for just 126 yards and no scores against the Cowboys, Wilson sets his personal best. He passed for 313 yards and two scores while running for 106 yards and a touchdown. That was the first time ever a quarterback broke both 300 pass yards and 100 pass yards. It was his third straight game rushing in a score. Wilson is good for two scores per game and is trying to take the entire team on his back lately.

Wilson passed for 320 yards and one touchdown in Carolina last year.

RUNNING BACK : Marshawn Lynch was reportedly unhappy about Harvin’s surprise trade and that may have contributed to his 53 yards on 18 carries in St. Louis. His yardage has been all over the map this year but mostly as a function of how many carries he was afforded. He caught a score in three straight games but then strangely was little used as a receiver in the last two games – both losses.

Lynch ran for only 43 yards on 17 carries versus the Panthers last season.

WIDE RECEIVER : At least Doug Baldwin is okay with Harvin leaving, He turned in a season best 123 yards and one score on seven catches in the loss to the Rams while no other wideout managed more than 50 yards. Second-rounder Paul Richardson is getting expanded playing time with Harvin gone and turned in four receptions for 33 yards. But this has been a bottom five set of receivers for the last few seasons. This offense is just not designed to pass much or all that well with this cast of average players.

TIGHT END : Third year player Cooper Helfet caught a score on his three catches for 61 yards but it was meaningless for fantasy purposes since he is the #2 tight end filling in for an injured Zach Miller and Luke Wilson. Plus it was the only score by a tight end this year.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: Here is where the game is won – the Panthers are weak versus rushers who have already scored ten times on them along with several 100 yard games. The Panthers also allow two or three passing scores each week which fits into the norm for Wilson. Lynch is a must start this week and Wilson is a decent play with upside. Baldwin is likely to score here against a secondary that has yielded nine touchdowns to wideouts in just the last four games.

Gaining Fantasy Points SEA 3 17 20 26 10 31
Preventing Fantasy Points CAR 27 31 28 4 16 13

Carolina Panthers

1 @TB 20-14 10 @PHI —–
2 DET 24-7 11 ATL —–
3 PIT 19-37 12 BYE —–
4 @BAL 10-38 13 @MIN —–
5 CHI 31-24 14 @NO —–
6 @CIN 37-37 15 TB —–
7 @GB 17-38 16 CLE —–
8 SEA —– 17 @ATL —–
9 NO —–  
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CAR vs SEA Rush Catch Pass
QB Cam Newton 30,1 240,2
RB Jonathan Stewart 40 3-20
WR Kelvin Benjamin 3-40
TE Greg Olsen 8-90,1
PK Graham Gano 2 FG 3 XP

the Panthers are hurting from offensive line injuries and were unable to be competitive in Green Bay. The offense still has no real rushing game and Cam Newton cannot be both the lead runner and passer every week. But the schedule is hardly accommodating with this week and then games against the Saints and Eagles. What gives this a chance is that it is a home game. But not unlike Russell for the Seahawks, Newton cannot carry this team by himself.

QUARTERBACK : While Cam Newton scores every week he has yet to top two passing touchdowns in a game and usually remains below 250 pass yards. He did not run until week six when he ran 17 times for 107 yards and one score in the tie with the Bengals but then settled for just 41 yards on seven runs in Green Bay.

Newton only passed for 125 yards and one touchdown on the visiting Seahawks last season and ran for only 38 yards on five attempts.

RUNNING BACK : DeAngelo Williams may practice this week but I will hold him out until he is clearly ready to play. There is nothing new here with one of the perpetually worse rushing attacks. Jonathan Stewart was back for the first time since week three and ran for 55 yards on 14 carries, That was the second best mark for any runner all year.

WIDE RECEIVER : No changes here. Kelvin Benjamin is the only wideout of any note and he scored in four of the last five games and managed that feat in all four other road games for 2014. He remains below 45 yards nearly every week but will score. Then again, he should draw Richard Sherman naturally and even if they attempt to move Benjamin. No other wide receiver has more than mediocre yardage.

TIGHT END : Greg Olsen is the only other offensive player of any significance and he comes off an eight catch, 105 yard effort in Green Bay. He’s had just one bad game all year and is consistent with 60+ yard games.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Seahawks are only average against the pass and allowed at least two passing touchdowns to the last five opponents along with moderate to good yardage. You really have to divorce yourself from the preconceived notions about the Seattle secondary since aside from Sherman it is no longer the same. The Panthers are never going to mount a rushing attack of any note in our lifetimes so this comes down to starting Newton and a strong start on Olsen. Benjamin is almost sure to be covered by Sherman.

Gaining Fantasy Points CAR 5 31 12 7 12 14
Preventing Fantasy Points SEA 13 16 9 30 11 8

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