Game Predictions & Player Projections - WAS vs DAL

Game Predictions & Player Projections - WAS vs DAL


Game Predictions & Player Projections - WAS vs DAL


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Prediction: WAS 16, DAL 34 (Line: DAL by 9.5)

The 2-5 Redskins come off a rare win but hit the road where they are 0-3. The 6-1 Cowboys currently have the best record in the NFL and are on a six game winning streak. This would be an epic upset but rather unlikely.

Washington Redskins

1 @HOU 6-17 10 BYE —–
2 JAC 41-10 11 TB —–
3 @PHI 34-37 12 @SF —–
4 NYG 14-45 13 @IND —–
5 SEA 17-27 14 STL —–
6 @ARI 20-30 15 @NYG —–
7 TEN 19-17 16 PHI —–
8 @DAL —– 17 DAL —–
9 @MIN —–  
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WAS @ DAL Rush Catch Pass
QB Colt McCoy 200,1
WR Pierre Garcon 5-60
WR DeSean Jackson 4-50
WR Andre Roberts 4-40
TE Jordan Reed 7-80,1

The two point win over the Titans ended a four game losing streak but the Skins are opting for their third-string quarterback this week and the offense hasn’t scored more than 20 points in a month. Unfortunately for the Skins, the Cowboys only play the Cardinals the following week so they won’t be tempted to look past this game and not give a full effort.

QUARTERBACK : Kirk Cousins was benched and this week Colt McCoy is named as the starter. He came in and help win the home game against the Titans that shouldn’t have been that close anyway and while McCoy completed 11 of 12 for 128 yards and one score, that was really a 70-yard touchdown pass to Pierre Garcon and then completions for just 58 yards. Cousins was benched for losing a fumble and throwing an interception. Robert Griffin III is practicing now but is not expected to play for at least another week or two.

RUNNING BACK : Alfred Morris plods along and was even derided by HC Jay Gruden for not running well enough or in synch with the offense. Morris only averages 3.8 yards per carry and has yet to reach 100 yards in a game. He has just five receptions all year and his three scores all came in home games. On the road, he’s just good for moderate yardage and nothing else.

WIDE RECEIVER : The benching of Cousins may hurt DeSean Jackson who had rolled up numerous big games with him. Jackson already notched three efforts over 100 yards and scored in each. Better yet, the last two were in road venues. Last week with McCoy there Jackson ended with just 49 yards on three catches. Pierre Garcon caught a 70-yard touchdown on McCoys first pass but otherwise had just four receptions for 17 yards. His three previous weeks saw him limited to under 35 yards a game. Andre Roberts is the #3 who is rarely good fore more than a few catches per week. The only looming positive is that Griffin will return at some point soon and he spent most of 2013 just throwing to Garcon all game long.

TIGHT END : Jordan Reed’s first game back resulted in eight catches for 92 yards but last week he was held to only 54 yards on five catches. He too could be impacted by the change in quarterbacks even when Griffin returns.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: All bets are off with McCoy the starter in a road game in Dallas. The Cowboys have allowed decent games to several quarterbacks but two of the last three failed to throw a touchdown or top 160 passing yards. The Cowboys are also very good against the run at home. Starting Jackson, Garcon and Reed does have upside, but there is a lot of risk considering McCoy becomes the starting quarterback this week. Throw in Morris and consider yourself fortunate if you get back at least moderate yardage.

Gaining Fantasy Points WAS 11 12 10 11 18 28
Preventing Fantasy Points DAL 8 8 3 31 2 25

Dallas Cowboys

1 SF 17-28 10 @JAC —–
2 @TEN 26-10 11 BYE —–
3 @STL 34-31 12 @NYG —–
4 NO 38-17 13 PHI —–
5 HOU 20-17 14 @CHI —–
6 @SEA 30-23 15 @PHI —–
7 NYG 31-21 16 IND —–
8 WAS —– 17 @WAS —–
9 ARI —–  
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DAL vs WAS Rush Catch Pass
QB Tony Romo 280,2
RB Darren McFadden 50 4-20
RB Alfred Morris 50
WR Dez Bryant 6-110,1
WR Brice Butler 2-30
WR Terrance Williams 5-70,1
TE Jason Witten 5-50
PK Dan Bailey 2 FG 4 XP

To say the Cowboys are on a roll is a huge understatement. For the first time in about 20 years, people outside of the fan base are reminded of the glory years of Aikman, Irvin and Smith. The rushing effort is better than Emmitt ever was. The defense has no gimmicky name because no one knows who is on it but they are playing in direct opposition to what happened just last year. With road games against the Skins and Cardinals up next, the Cowboys are not finished with their winning streak.

QUARTERBACK : Tony Romo is not racking up as many monster games this year because the Cowboys never fall behind and force him to throw. But Romo has tossed two or three scores in each of the last five games and kept the yardage around a solid 250 if not better. He’s thrown only three interceptions over the last six games and totals 14 touchdowns on the season.

RUNNING BACK : Have to admit it is pretty exciting to see a one-time injury prone average back transform into a monster who just broke the NFL all-time record by topping 100 yards in each of the first seven games of the season and let’s be serious – the Skins as visitors are not likely to alter that trajectory. DeMarco Murray scored in all but one game and has yet to gain fewer than 130 total yards in a game. He is on an insane pace to set carry and yardage records but the Cowboys have yet to take their foot from the throttle when the offense now revolves around him.

WIDE RECEIVER : Though Murray is running incredibly well, Dez Bryant is still getting his love from Romo and comes off a season best 151 yards on nine catches against the Giants. Bryant hasn’t scored in two games but he’s rock solid every week with yardage if not scores s as well. Terrance Williams actually scored six times to only four for Bryant but doesn’t have more than around 70 yards in most games. All of the rushing formations mean that any other wideouts besides Bryant or Williams is rarely on the field.

TIGHT END : Jason Witten is not getting any better. He comes off a 27 yard effort last week that was his worst since the season opener. He scored only once this year and rarely has more than 50 yards in any game. His heir apparent for the future is Gavin Escobar who gets just one catch per week until the Giants win that saw him turn three receptions into 65 yards and two scores. He’s far below any fantasy relevance even with the scores because he so rarely catches the ball.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Redskins have allowed multiple passing scores to each of the last five opponents along with healthy yardage. They’ve been solid against running backs but gave up 103 yards to Arian Foster and besides, Murray already carved up the 49ers, Seahawks and Saints this year. All the normal Cowboys need to start this week – Romo, Murray, Bryant and Williams.

Gaining Fantasy Points DAL 13 5 9 16 6 24
Preventing Fantasy Points WAS 28 1 23 16 21 28

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