Game Predictions & Player Projections - PHI vs HOU

Game Predictions & Player Projections - PHI vs HOU


Game Predictions & Player Projections - PHI vs HOU


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Prediction: PHI 20, HOU 24 (Line: PHI by 2.5)

Here is an interesting game with the 5-2 Eagles bringing a 1-2 road record to face the 4-4 Texans who are 2-1 at home. The Eagles have the better offense but the Texans sport the better defense.

Philadelphia Eagles

1 JAC 34-17 10 CAR —–
2 @IND 30-27 11 @GB —–
3 WAS 37-34 12 TEN —–
4 @SF 21-26 13 @DAL —–
5 STL 34-28 14 SEA —–
6 NYG 27-0 15 DAL —–
7 BYE —– 16 @WAS —–
8 @ARI 20-24 17 @NYG —–
9 @HOU —–  
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vs Rush Catch Pass
RB DeMarco Murray 110,1 4-40
RB Darren Sproles 20 5-40
WR Jordan Matthews 4-50
WR Rueben Randle 6-80,1
TE Zach Ertz 5-50
PK Cody Parkey 2 FG 2 XP
PK Caleb Sturgis 2 FG 2 XP

The Eagles came up less than a touchdown short twice to keep them from having a perfect record. But losing the last two road games are significant because the offense could not pull out the games and even three of the wins came within a touchdown in the score. At home the ability to comeback or control games is easier and this week will be a good test to see if the Eagles are up to being more than just a home team.

QUARTERBACK : Nick Foles continues to pass for about two scores and solid yardage every week. In Arizona he posted 411 yards but also added two interceptions to his two touchdowns. Foles rarely gets sacked but has thrown nine interceptions already this year against 12 touchdowns. A concern here is that twice he failed to throw for at least two scores and both were on the road (IND and SF).

RUNNING BACK : Darren Sproles is back to practicing and has missed the last two weeks with a sprained knee. In Arizona by himself, LeSean McCoy only ran for 83 yards on 21 carries though and his role as a receiver is minimal. McCoy only scored once all year and has just one game with more than 81 rushing yards. Sproles runs five to seven times per game and decreases McCoy’s load slightly but spends more time as a receiver. I will assume he returns from his MCL sprain and update later if warranted.

WIDE RECEIVER : Jeremy Maclin comes off a career best 187 yards on 12 catches for two scores in Arizona but the previous week was held to just two catches for 16 yards by the Giants. He is the only consistently good wideout for the Eagles though and totals six scores on the year and twice topping 100 yards. Jordan Matthews and Riley Cooper both produce just moderate yardage every week and both have scored in only one game this year.

TIGHT END : Zach Ertz continues to be underused with right around 45 yards ever week regardless how good or bad the secondary is. He’s scored only twice and both in home games against weak opponents. He’s a lock for around 45 yards but very little else.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Texans have been decent against the run when at home though two visiting runners scored on them and Alfred Morris ran for 91 yards there. Most teams focus on their pass defense which allows two touchdowns to nearly every opponent along with very healthy yardage. In particular, they are weak against the wide receivers who have scored ten times on this defense. Consider McCoy a moderate starter here but Foles and Maclin are more attractive than usual. Sproles could figure in if healthy since Jadeveon Clowney is back and along with J.J. Watts tends to promote dumping off passes quickly.

Gaining Fantasy Points PHI 13 17 7 12 4 2
Preventing Fantasy Points HOU 22 19 27 12 10 11

Houston Texans

1 WAS 17-6 10 BYE —–
2 @OAK 30-14 11 @CLE —–
3 @NYG 17-30 12 CIN —–
4 BUF 23-17 13 TEN —–
5 @DAL 17-20 14 @JAC —–
6 IND 28-33 15 @IND —–
7 @PIT 23-30 16 BAL —–
8 @TEN 30-16 17 JAC —–
9 PHI —–  
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HOU vs PHI Rush Catch Pass
QB Brandon Weeden 130,1
RB Lamar Miller 60,1 3-30
WR DeAndre Hopkins 6-70,1
WR Cecil Shorts 4-30
PK Nick Novak 1 FG 3 XP

The win in Tennessee broke the three game losing streak and keeps the Texans in contention for now. The return – almost a debut – of Jadeveon Clowney hopes to make a major difference on a defense that already has one star defender. The only home loss this year was against the Colts by only five points and the team is getting healthier again. The bye looms on the other side of the weekend. This is a must win for now.

QUARTERBACK : Ryan Fitzpatrick is just a game manager and neatly averages 220 yards and a little over one touchdown per game. he’s been getting sacked up to five times a game in recent weeks but mainly serves to hand off to Arian Foster with only the occasional strike down field.

RUNNING BACK : About the only difference between Arian Foster and DeMarco Murray is that Foster had one bad game against the Bills. Otherwise he’s topped 100 rushing yards in all six other games and scored nine times along the way. Foster has even started catching touchdowns for the last two weeks. Even with his six yard fiasco against the Bills, he is still averaging 109 yards per game.

WIDE RECEIVER : The success of Foster means that none of the wideouts have been as involved in recent weeks and there’s been just one score here since week four. DeAndre Hopkins leads the team with three touchdown catches and he topped 95 yards in each of the most recent two games. Andre Johnson scored just once all season but spends almost every game hanging out around 70 yards and never scoring. He’s even lost two fumbles and yet only scored once. No other wideouts matter here.

TIGHT END : No fantasy value.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The question every week is whether or not the defense can stop Foster since all things positive stem from his production. The answer is – maybe. The Eagles have only allowed one runner to top 100 yards but they have also faced no top backs this year Foster is a must start of course and his outlook is better than just considering rankings of the defense without realizing how those came to be. The Eagles are very weak against the pass and there should be some opportunity there for Fitzpatrick to have a better than average game. Both Hopkins and Johnson are moderate plays this week since both should at least roll up decent yardage.

Gaining Fantasy Points HOU 29 8 23 32 10 6
Preventing Fantasy Points PHI 30 16 29 5 11 17

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