Daily Fantasy Domination: Week 9

Daily Fantasy Domination: Week 9


Daily Fantasy Domination: Week 9


Someone asked me this week why I prefer DFS to regular fantasy. I gave him a two word answer, “Adrian Peterson”. Not only do you have to worry about injury and underperformance in season long leagues you also have to worry about players who lack a general understanding of modern societal norms. If you picked Adrian with one of the first three picks in your draft you are likely an also ran this year. That is unless you have a horseshoe up your rump. I say that lightly because I actually did take Peterson in two leagues this year. In one, I am in the middle of the pack trending downward. In the other my season was saved by my assumed RB2s: LeVeon Bell and Andre Ellington.

Let’s face it, some people get into fantasy sports for the fun of it. I get into it because I like making easy money. Sure it is a fun pastime, but so is collecting old beer cans and watching pawn shows on TV. The difference is that I am never going to be able to make bank doing those activities.

I consider DFS an investment much like some people play the stock market or the ponies. I’m investing in something I have a solid command of. When I’m investing my money with an intention of making a profit, than I want to control as many of the variables as I can. What I’m ultimately getting to is that yearlong fantasy football relies too much on luck and not enough on skill. No matter how much time you spend studying and researching you are still at the mercy of the fickle finger of fate.

With DFS, each week I spend hours crunching numbers in an attempt to eliminate those negative variables for you. This allows you the opportunity to profit as well…just without all the mind-bending labor. I guess you can call me your fantasy sports DFS broker. So if making money is of interest to you please read on – and invite all your friends to check out this and all the other weekly submissions here at The Huddle.



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