Daily Fantasy Domination: Week 10

Daily Fantasy Domination: Week 10


Daily Fantasy Domination: Week 10


Another week, another solid payday at FantasyScore; where I took down a healthy second place finish in one of their GPP tourneys. Altogether I cashed in all but three of my entries across the three major sites. As successful as my week was, I would be amiss if I didn’t give a huge congratulatory shout out to a friend and fellow DFS-Savant/degenerate Brian Johnson who took down seventh in the DraftKings’ Millionaire Maker.

I didn’t place a roster in the MM last week because I tend to prefer playing the smaller more manageable field GPP tourneys. When you are going against 50-2000 players the odds just feel infinitely more attainable than when you are locking horns with 72,000 opponents. That is what makes his performance all the more impressive. The amazing thing is that if I had played the MM with the lineup I pieced together; I would’ve finished in the top 50 as well. So of course I am kicking myself for not entering.

No fading it this week. I am going to do at least one entry into the MM on top of my regular play.

This is actually one of the best weeks to go after the MM. DraftKings just raised the entry fee from $27 to $40. I’m not sure if there will be a backlash against that price increase and we may end up with some overlay in the tourney. In addition, with so many premium teams on bye this week the NFL player pool will be heavily diluted for a second week in a row. This should help us further pinpoint the best sleeper candidates based on price. With fewer players to choose from we drastically reduce the number of legitimate cash-cow combinations.

Also remember check back late Sunday morning for overlay in the NON-MM tourneys as well. If there is a backlash against the price increase in the MM there may also be a general backlash against all the other GPP tourneys on DK. This could also cause a reverse affect in that there may be less overlay and greater competition at the other sites if casual DK players look elsewhere for the DFS fix this week.



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