Game Predictions & Player Projections - MIN vs CHI

Game Predictions & Player Projections - MIN vs CHI


Game Predictions & Player Projections - MIN vs CHI


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Prediction: MIN 20, CHI 24 (Line: CHI by 3)

UPDATE: Kyle Rudolph is expected to return from injury as play this week.

The 4-5 Vikings are on a two game winning streak but are 2-3 on the road this year. The 3-6 Bears are on a three game losing streak and somehow managed a 0-3 mark at home. Granted it they were on the road and facing division leaders of the Packers and Patriots, but the Bears just allowed 106 points in just two games.

These divisional rivals traded home wins in 2013. The Bears won 31-30 in Chicago in week two.

Minnesota Vikings

1 @STL 34-6 10 BYE —–
2 NE 7-30 11 @CHI —–
3 @NO 9-20 12 GB —–
4 ATL 41-28 13 CAR —–
5 @GB 10-42 14 NYJ —–
6 DET 3-17 15 @DET —–
7 @BUF 16-17 16 @MIA —–
8 @TB 19-13 17 CHI —–
9 WAS 29-26  
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MIN @ CHI Rush Catch Pass
QB Teddy Bridgewater 250,2
QB Shaun Hill 240,2
RB Matt Asiata 20 3-20
RB Jerick McKinnon 60 3-20
WR Cordarrelle Patterson 10 4-40
TE Kyle Rudolph 50,1
PK Blair Walsh 2 FG 2 XP

The Vikings are on a two game winning streak and beating the Redskins in week nine was impressive since the offense struggled to break 20 points in a game or throw for much yardage. The Vikings are not going to the playoffs but at least some progress has been made with Teddy Bridgewater as the quarterback. The fantasy value continues to be marginal but at least it is improving.

QUARTERBACK : Teddy Bridgewater still has not scored more than one touchdown in any game but at least he scored in each of the last three and comes off a 268 yard effort against the Redskins.This week offers up another weak defense but Bridgewater is limited to more game management than throwing deep passes. Until he can throw more than one touchdown in a game, he’ll remain outside of fantasy consideration.

RUNNING BACK : The Vikings are not helping out the fantasy world much. Jerick McKinnon faced a nice matchup with the Redskins visiting in week nine and yet he was held to only 14 carries for 54 yards and Matt Asiata turned in ten runs for 26 yards and three touchdowns. McKinnon has yet to score even though he’s topped 100 rush yards twice this year and proven to be a superior runner to Asiata. The Vikings don’t score on the ground often – just in two games and both were at home against weak defenses. But 5-9/208 McKinnon is being pulled at the goal line for the 6-0/234 Asiata.

WIDE RECEIVER : Greg Jennings is as good as it is going to get here and that is not all that good. Jennings has two scores on the year but never more than 77 yards in any game. He’s just as likely to turn in under 40 yards in any give matchup. Cordarrelle Patterson followed up his one decent game of 86 yards in Tampa Bay with yet another one catch stinker at home versus the Skins. There is no reliable fantasy value here and any improvement by Bridgewater comes throwing to other positions.

TIGHT END : Kyle Rudolph has been out since week three with a sports hernia but targeted this week to return. In his place, Chase Ford came to life the last two weeks with 60-yard efforts and a score in the win over the Redskins. I will assume Ford gets the start and update if Rudolph can return. It is notable that Bridgewater is turning to his tight end more in recent weeks.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Bears defense is horrible lately and allowed 11 passing touchdowns over the last two games but both were on the road and against top teams. At home they are bound to be at least incrementally better and reaching a point of desperation. Bridgewater has already faced two weak secondaries and still only threw for one touchdown in each. The Bears are still better against the run and haven’t allowed any runner more than 86 yards and just four rushing scores to running backs. The Vikes scored in just two games with their backs and both were at home. These are not the Packers or Patriots. The Vikes do not have the firepower in the passing game to take advantage of the Bears as much. Jennings is a moderate play and a good shot at a touchdown and the Bears are weak against tight ends so Ford or Rudolph could have merit here as well. But this looks less advantageous to McKinnon and Asiata than it may seem. Where the Bears are weak, so are the Vikings.

Gaining Fantasy Points MIN 32 20 28 21 20 9
Preventing Fantasy Points CHI 32 13 23 32 32 29

Chicago Bears

1 BUF 20-23 10 @GB 14-55
2 @SF 28-20 11 MIN —–
3 @NYJ 27-19 12 TB —–
4 GB 17-38 13 @DET —–
5 @CAR 24-31 14 DAL —–
6 @ATL 27-13 15 NO —–
7 MIA 14-27 16 DET —–
8 @NE 23-51 17 @MIN —–
9 BYE —–  
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CHI vs MIN Rush Catch Pass
QB Jay Cutler 250,2
WR Alshon Jeffery 4-60,1
WR Eddie Royal 3-20
PK Robbie Gould 1 FG 3 XP

Not a lot of ways to spin coughing up 106 points over two games. The plus side is that the Bears won’s face an offense like the Packers or Patriots again this season and that they only have one more road game and five home games to get to week 16 and fantasy playoffs. This should be as low as it gets for the Bears. Two more meetings with the Lions won’t generate a lot of points but the offense should look better from here on out and the defense catches a break with the end of all those road games.

QUARTERBACK : While Jay Cutler has been less effective in recent weeks, all the Bears have behind him is Jimmy Clausen so Cutler’s job is still plenty safe. He scored in every game this year but three of his last four were with just one touchdown and these last three games saw him throw one or two interceptions plus lose a fumble in each. Cutler needs a home game against a soft secondary to get back on track.

Cutler passed for 292 yards and three touchdowns when the Vikes visited last year.

RUNNING BACK : Matt Forte only totaled 81 yards in the loss to the Packers but he;s been golden in all other recent games with well over 100 total yards and six touchdowns of which three came via a pass. Forte’s rushing has been only moderate in most games but he’s catching between six and 12 passes every week.

Forte ran for 88 yards on the Vikes and added 73 yards on ten catches when the Vikes visited last season.

WIDE RECEIVER : Brandon Marshall finally scored for the first time in five weeks when he left Green Bay with eight catches for 112 yards but he twisted his ankle and left the game. While he’ll miss practice time this week, the Bears are optimistic that he’ll play. He’s not only played hurt in the past, he had big games despite not being 100%. But he’s also turned in four games with less than 50 yards and no scores this year as well so he remains a risk as well.

Alshon Jeffery has been much more quiet this year and his only two big yardage efforts went against the weak secondaries of the Falcons and Jets. He has the upside for a big game at any time but has been moderate in yardage for most games and scored just three times this season.

The Bears just released Santonio Holmes.

Marshall turned in 113 yard and one score on the Vikes last year but Jeffery was held to just one catch for 11 yards.

TIGHT END : Martellus Bennett continues to be a part of the passing game with around 50 yards in most games but he’s scored just once in the last six weeks.

Bennett caught two scores and gained 76 yards on seven receptions when the Vikes visited last year.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Vikings defense has been solid against the pass though on the road they usually allow two or three passing scores and decent yardage. No opponent has thrown for over 300 yards on them though three teams topped 280 yards. One reason is that the rushing defense is the weak spot here with ten touchdowns allowed to running backs and a few 100 yard games. Bennett should have a down game here against a defense that has only given up two scores to tight ends and never more than 56 yards. Marshall should score here if healthy since the split end is the biggest problem to the Vikes secondary. Cutler and Jeffery are moderate starts with upside and yet risk of a marginal game. Forte should be the best weapon used by the Bears.

Gaining Fantasy Points CHI 9 13 25 8 31 14
Preventing Fantasy Points MIN 3 25 8 6 9 20

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