Game Predictions & Player Projections - WAS vs SF

Game Predictions & Player Projections - WAS vs SF


Game Predictions & Player Projections - WAS vs SF


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Prediction: WAS 10, SF 24 (Line: SF by 9)

UPDATE: Jordan Reen will remain out this week because of his hamstring.

Times are tough in Washington where the 3-7 Redskins are only 1-4 in road games and heading to face the 6-4 49ers who are 4-2 at home. The Skins just have not been able to turn the corner and their brand new offense already looks old.

The 49ers won 27-6 in Washington last year.

Washington Redskins

1 @HOU 6-17 10 BYE —–
2 JAC 41-10 11 TB 7-27
3 @PHI 34-37 12 @SF —–
4 NYG 14-45 13 @IND —–
5 SEA 17-27 14 STL —–
6 @ARI 20-30 15 @NYG —–
7 TEN 19-17 16 PHI —–
8 @DAL 20-17 17 DAL —–
9 @MIN 26-29  
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vs Rush Catch Pass
WR Pierre Garcon 3-30
WR DeSean Jackson 5-70
WR Andre Roberts 2-20
TE Vernon Davis 2-20
TE Niles Paul 4-30
TE Jordan Reed

Losing to the visiting Buccaneers who were 1-8 hits a new low for the Redskins. And it comes right before two very tough road games. Robert Griffin III spent a portion of the post-game interview “throwing the offense under the bus” when he mentioned how great quarterbacks in the league did not have players not doing their job around them. He later recanted – not that it mattered and was thrown under the busy bus by HC Jay Gruden. This is just a toxic situation that is not unusual for the Redskins. Gruden is saddled with RG3 thanks to Mike Shanahan. Many players are not doing their job but the last thing the 3-7 team needs is to start over yet again. How they handle this loss will be interesting.

QUARTERBACK : Two weeks back and Robert Griffin only has two touchdowns, three interceptions, 11 sacks and two losses to show for it. Losses to the Vikings and Buccaneers. Griffin is the pricey first round pick and is still better than any other quarterback on the roster but there are questions as to whether a run-first quarterback who no longer runs is the right fit for Gruden’s offense. It may be reasonable to expect that question to have been answered prior to Gruden coming on board but these are the Redskins. Griffin needs to turn it around and make a difference or the offseason may become very interesting.

Griffin only threw for 118 yards and one interception against the 49ers last year.

RUNNING BACK : No changes here to Alfred Morris other than he is getting more work in the last month when he started running 18 to 20 times per game and yet still never quite reaching 100 yards. Morris scored six touchdowns so far but he’s yet to be a difference maker. Roy Helu takes the third down role and just recorded his first receiving touchdown when he caught six passes for 57 yards on the Bucs.

Morris was held to just 52 yards on 14 runs versus the 49ers last season.

WIDE RECEIVER : The first week back for Griffin saw him connect with DeSean Jackson for 120 yards and a score in Minnesota. But last week against the Bucs, Jackson was held to only 35 yards on four catches. Pierre Garcon somehow has gone from a 113 catch wideout last year to barely playing. He had only three catches for 15 yards versus the Vikings and then just one catch for six yards last week. Second-string tight end Niles Paul gets more action than starting wideout Garcon. Even Andre Roberts had four catches for 39 yards over the last two games. It seems apparent that not only has Garcon fallen from favor and is not a fit for the new offense, but that Griffin still has a long way to go to use the playbook in full.

No wideout gained more than 48 yards in the 2013 meeting with the 49ers.

TIGHT END : Aside from the first month of the season, the tight end has not mattered much in the new scheme by Jay Gruden and Niles Paul has the lone touchdown catch by the position this year. Jordan Reed strained his hamstring last week and status is not yet known. I will assume he can return and update as needed but Reed has only averaged about 35 yards per game with no scores for the last month.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The 49ers have been good against the pass and Griffin on the road inspires little confidence that he can rise above the one score per game he currently produces. What will hurt more is that the 49ers at home have not allowed a rushing score and shut down all runners. Morris is a marginal play this week and only for yardage. Jackson should be started despite the passing problems from his potential. But none of the other plays have more potential than they do risk of a bad game.

Gaining Fantasy Points WAS 13 6 18 11 23 29
Preventing Fantasy Points SF 8 2 15 19 4 21

San Francisco 49ers

1 @DAL 28-17 10 @NO 27-24
2 CHI 20-28 11 @NYG 16-10
3 @ARI 14-23 12 WAS —–
4 PHI 26-21 13 SEA —–
5 KC 22-17 14 @OAK —–
6 @STL 31-17 15 @SEA —–
7 @DEN 17-42 16 SD —–
8 BYE —– 17 ARI —–
9 STL 10-13  
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SF vs WAS Rush Catch Pass
QB Colin Kaepernick 30 230,2
RB Reggie Bush 30 4-20
RB Carlos Hyde 20
WR Anquan Boldin 6-80,1
WR Torrey Smith 4-60,1
PK Phil Dawson 1 FG 3 XP

The 49ers remain three games behind the Cardinals but at 6-4 remain in the hunt for a wildcard. The remaining schedule is encouraging with two meetings against the Seahawks and a home stand against the Cardinals as the only tough games remaining and in that the ability to control their own destiny.

QUARTERBACK : While Colin Kaepernick has thrown a score in every game this year, he’s been stuck at single touchdown efforts for the last four weeks and tended towards marginal yardage in each. He doesn’t run much anymore and still has not scored on the ground. But he has only thrown one interception in the last six games. Kaepernick is not making a positive difference but isn’t a negative either.

Kaepernick threw for 235 yards and three touchdowns versus the Redskins last year.

RUNNING BACK : Frank Gore picked up the pace in recent weeks but he only scored three times this season and just once in the last six games. He has nearly no role as a receiver but at least has been getting more carries in the last two weeks when he ran for 81 yards in New Orleans and then 95 yards against the Giants. Carlos Hyde doesn’t take more than about five carries away from Gore though he did hawk a touchdown recently. The 49ers have won their last two games and rushed Gore more to get there. That should continue the trend at home this week.

Gore only gained 31 yards on 13 carries in Washington last year.

WIDE RECEIVER : Anquan Boldin produced bigger stats in the last four weeks with three games that contained both a score and 90 yards but when he misses that mark he falls to only 50 yards and no score. He is still more consistent than Michael Crabtree who scored just last week for the first time since week six and he’s bounced around between 20 and 80 yards each week. But of the seven scores the two share, only two came in home games. Steve Johnson was scoring well at home but has gone cold for three straight games.

Boldin caught five passes for 94 yards and two scores versus the Skins last season.

TIGHT END : No fantasy value. Vernon Davis has not scored since the season opener and comes off his third game with under ten yards of production. He has not turned in more than 30 yards for the last six games.

Davis caught four passes for 70 yards and one touchdown on the Skins last year.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: As bad as the Redskins offense has been, their defense has been pretty good at least against the rush. Only two rushers have scored on them this year and they’ve faced Murray, Foster and Lynch. Expect yardage from Gore but a score is less likely. The Skins always allow at least one passing score if not two and this is a good opportunity for Kaepernick to have two passing scores and both likely to end up with wide receivers. You have to like the 49ers defense in this one as well.

Gaining Fantasy Points SF 15 31 6 29 10 9
Preventing Fantasy Points WAS 29 6 20 22 18 28

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