Game Predictions & Player Projections - WAS vs IND

Game Predictions & Player Projections - WAS vs IND


Game Predictions & Player Projections - WAS vs IND


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Prediction: WAS 17, IND 30 (Line: IND by 10)

The 3-8 Redskins are on a three game losing streak and are only 1-5 on the road. The 7-4 Colts are 4-2 at home and lead the AFC North by two games. Could be a trap game but more likely not.

Washington Redskins

1 @HOU 6-17 10 BYE —–
2 JAC 41-10 11 TB 7-27
3 @PHI 34-37 12 @SF 13-17
4 NYG 14-45 13 @IND —–
5 SEA 17-27 14 STL —–
6 @ARI 20-30 15 @NYG —–
7 TEN 19-17 16 PHI —–
8 @DAL 20-17 17 DAL —–
9 @MIN 26-29  
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WAS @ IND Rush Catch Pass
QB Colt McCoy 30 230,1
RB Pierre Thomas 30 2-20
WR Pierre Garcon 3-30
WR DeSean Jackson 6-80
WR Andre Roberts 2-30
TE Vernon Davis 3-20,1
TE Niles Paul 2-20,1

It is not going well in Washington and it is not getting any better. The offense has all but stopped with only 20 points over the last two games combined and rifts between players and coaches may be forming. Playing this week on the road yet again is not going to improve the chances for a turnaround. The defense should get credit for keeping scores closer but the passing game did not improve with the return of RG3.

QUARTERBACK : JC Jay Gruden has opted to go back to Colt McCoy and the simpler times when the Redskins beat the Cowboys and post game interviews did not spawn more and more interviews. McCoy’s only start resulted in 299 pass yards but no scores though he did run in one touchdown. Bottom line – cannot hurt.

RUNNING BACK : At least the stats have been improved for Alfred Morris who has been better than ever with Griffin as the starting quarterback. In the last three weeks with Griffin there, Morris scored three times and ran for at least 92 yards in each game. Roy Helu comes off his worst game of the year with only two catches for nine yards and no carries but he scored the previous week on his six catches for 57 yards. Morris is running too well to bother with Helu who remains just a third down back.

WIDE RECEIVER : The depressed passing stats with Griffin obviously hit hard in this group where DeSean Jackson had one decent game in Minnesota but was limited to fewer than 40 yards the last two weeks. Pierre Garcon and Andre Roberts both have no reliability and marginal production each week. Griffin has just not made the switch to the new offensive scheme well and has even dragged Jackson down.

TIGHT END : Jordan Reed was out with a hamstring strain last week and may not play here. Reed has been held under 25 yards in all games with Griffin anyway. Niles Paul filled in last week and only had one catch for 11 yards.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Colts at home have been very good against the pass but partially because they were bad against the run. This was the place that Jonas Gray scored four touchdowns. Consider Morris as a must start this week but not even Jackson looks like a good option here where no wideout scored since week two. The Colts are weak against tight ends as well but there’s no threat on the Skins right now.

Gaining Fantasy Points WAS 18 6 25 14 22 29
Preventing Fantasy Points IND 17 24 6 27 3 19

Indianapolis Colts

1 @DEN 24-31 10 BYE —–
2 PHI 27-30 11 NE  20-42
3 @JAC 44-17 12 JAC 23-3
4 TEN 41-17 13 WAS —–
5 BAL 20-13 14 @CLE —–
6 @HOU 33-28 15 HOU —–
7 CIN 27-0 16 @DAL —–
8 @PIT 34-51 17 @TEN —–
9 @NYG 40-24  
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IND vs WAS Rush Catch Pass
QB Andrew Luck 20 300,3
RB Frank Gore 40 1-10
RB Dan Herron 30 5-30
WR T.Y. Hilton 8-120,2
PK Adam Vinatieri 3 FG 3 XP

Stomping on the Jaguars helped after losing so badly to the Patriots and this week should be more of the same. The remainder of the schedule should all be wins other than a nice challenge in Dallas. While the Colts are undeniably one of the better teams, losing to badly to the Steelers and Patriots doesn’t give much confidence for success in January, particularly with Ahmad Bradshaw gone.

QUARTERBACK : Andrew Luck comes off his worst game of the year when he only passed for 253 yards and one score versus the Jaguars and having thrown for 370 yards and four scores in Jacksonville back in week three. Luck had been good for multiple scores in every other game this year and was on an eight game streak for gaining 300+ yards. What has to be hoped is that the lack of scoring was not a result from missing Ahmad Bradshaw.

RUNNING BACK : With Bradshaw gone, Dan Herron is the next man up and the third year player easily had his best game ever when he ran for 65 yards on 12 runs and gained 31 yards on five catches. This was at home versus the Jaguars and future opponents won’t always be as accommodating but at least Herron had a decent first game out. He’ll take over the Bradshaw role which should make him more valuable than Trent Richardson from catching passes. Richardson finally scored last week for the first time in four games but only gained 42 yards on 13 runs. Combined the duo would produce good stats but splitting the workload continues to make either back no better than a moderate play.

WIDE RECEIVER : While T.Y. Hilton was held at bay by the Patriots, he was back to form last week when he turned four catches into 122 yards and one score. He’s been a near lock for 90+ yards and a score in most games and particularly when at home. Reggie Wayne continues to make this look like his last year with a season worse 10 yards on three catches against the Jaguars. He’s scored just twice this year and turned in under 35 yards in three of the most recent five games.

TIGHT END : Dwayne Allen remains out with his ankle injury and may not return in time for this game. Coby Fleener ended the loss to the Patriots with 144 yards on seven catches but was back down to a more normal two receptions for 28 yards last week even with Allen still missing.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Redskins defense gives up more yards than scores but that stems from their own lack of scoring that prompts opponents to play down to their level. Every opponent throws for at least one touchdown and as many as four on them. The yardage is not always that high because it doesn’t need to be. The Skins are weak against the run as well. This is a game where Luck and Hilton are locks for a good game. Herron, Richardson and even Wayne are worth considering though Herron is likely the best of the bunch.

Gaining Fantasy Points IND 1 9 7 3 2 16
Preventing Fantasy Points WAS 26 5 21 17 18 28

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