Game Predictions & Player Projections - DAL vs CHI

Game Predictions & Player Projections - DAL vs CHI


Game Predictions & Player Projections - DAL vs CHI


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Prediction: DAL 31, CHI 24 (Line: DAL by 3.5)

UPDATE: Robbie Gould injured his quad and will miss this week. The Bears signed Jay Feely to take care of kicking in this game. Alshon Jeffery will be questionable on the injury report but the expectations are that he will be playing.

This is the Thursday night game and should be a good one for fantasy fans. The 8-4 Cowboys are reeling from their spanking on Thanksgiving and will want to get back on the winning track. The 5-7 Bears are already out of the playoffs realistically and come off their own whipping on Thanksgiving. We can only hope this ends up to be the shootout that it was last year when the Bears won 45-28. The only downside here is the small chance for freezing rain.

Dallas Cowboys

1 SF 17-28 10 @JAC 31-17
2 @TEN 26-10 11 BYE —–
3 @STL 34-31 12 @NYG 31-28
4 NO 38-17 13 PHI 10-33
5 HOU 20-17 14 @CHI —–
6 @SEA 30-23 15 @PHI —–
7 NYG 31-21 16 IND —–
8 WAS 17-20 17 @WAS —–
9 ARI 17-29  
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DAL @ CHI Rush Catch Pass
QB Tony Romo 300,4
RB Darren McFadden 30 4-20
RB Alfred Morris 90,1
WR Cole Beasley 3-40,1
WR Dez Bryant 8-140,2
WR Terrance Williams 3-30
TE Jason Witten 4-30,1
PK Dan Bailey 1 FG 4 XP

Losing on Thanksgiving Day in a game that was both at home and described as “must win” was troubling and even more so since it was just never close or in doubt for the Eagles. The Cowboys have spent many years with a classic “December Collapse” where they lose almost all their games. They are undefeated on the road and have three more road games with just one home stand. But there are suddenly questions about how good the Cowboys really are and if they peaked far too early.

QUARTERBACK : In fantasy terms, Tony Romo has been better than expected with seven games with multiple scores even though the yardage has been lower than past years because of the success of the rushing effort. Where Romo goes from here is where the Cowboys will go. His only two bad games in recent history were the two home losses to the Redskins and Eagles despite being heavy favorites in each. Romo had no touchdowns last week and threw two interceptions. That is a first and different from most of the games but it is also right before the normal December Collapse.

RUNNING BACK : DeMarco Murray just missed hitting 100 rush yards for the second time this season but he added six catches for 40 yards and scored once for yet another outstanding game. Murray is going to be run hard all year and so far through whatever paranormal forces that are in play, he has not been injured for the first time. There is speculation that he’ll make it through this Magic Season and then pay the price the rest of his career.

WIDE RECEIVER : Since midseason Terrance Williams is stuck with never more than one or two short catches weekly but Dez Bryant is still on a hot streak. He was held to only 73 yards on four catches by the Eagles but he’s already scored ten touchdowns on the year and topped 100 yards three times. Like the rest of the offense, Bryant has been much more effective on the road than at home. Cole Beasley is slightly better in the recent two games but still has no fantasy value same as Williams.

TIGHT END : Jason Witten comes off a season-worst one catch for eight yards last week and he’s slowed down noticeably in yardage for the last seven games but has four touchdowns over those weeks. Without the score, he’s a fantasy liability each week.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Bears secondary has been shredded in all recent games. Since week eight, only Teddy Bridgewater failed to pass for 300+ yards and this defense has allowed up to six passing touchdowns in one game. The Bears are the worst against quarterbacks and wide receivers in the NFL. The rushing defense is by far the strength of the team and they have not allowed any runner to top 100 yards this year. Romo, Bryant and Murray are must starts and Williams is a risky play with upside. Witten is never more than a moderate play and that is true here when the Bears have only allowed two scores to tight ends in Chicago.

Gaining Fantasy Points DAL 16 4 17 14 12 21
Preventing Fantasy Points CHI 32 12 25 31 32 25

Chicago Bears

1 BUF 20-23 10 @GB 14-55
2 @SF 28-20 11 MIN 21-13
3 @NYJ 27-19 12 TB 21-13
4 GB 17-38 13 @DET 17-34
5 @CAR 24-31 14 DAL —–
6 @ATL 27-13 15 NO —–
7 MIA 14-27 16 DET —–
8 @NE 23-51 17 @MIN —–
9 BYE —–  
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CHI vs DAL Rush Catch Pass
QB Jay Cutler 270,3
WR Alshon Jeffery 5-80,1
WR Eddie Royal 3-40,1

The Bears now start a three game stretch of home games right when fantasy playoffs are kicking off and the Cowboys and Saints look less formidable now than just a few weeks ago. The Lion should be tough and they did handle the Bears well enough last week in Detroit but at least the fantasy points were still there. Relying on any of the Bears outside of Matt Forte has been a risk all year but the reward could be big for the next three weeks depending on which Jay Cutler shows up.

QUARTERBACK : Jay Cutler scored in each week so far but there’s been significant variation from week to week and not always in relation to the quality of the defense they face. Facing the top pass defense of the Lions in Detroit, Cutler ended with 280 yards and two scores. The previous week at home against the Buccaneers, he only managed 130 yards and one score. He’s only thrown for one score in four of the last seven games but tossed three touchdowns in New England and versus the Vikings. You can never be sure which Cutler you will get.

RUNNING BACK : Matt Forte was shut down as a runner in Detroit but still had his standard six catches for 52 yards. Forte has fallen below five catches per game only once. His production has consistently been better in home games and that bodes very well for the next three weeks. Forte has never ended with less than 100 total yards when playing in Chicago.

WIDE RECEIVER : Brandon Marshall has played with a tweaked ankle and is getting late season dings and bruises but has not missed a game. But his production has been in consistent at best and overall he is having a down year unless he gets hot for the final month. Marshall was held under 50 yards and scoreless in six games this year including the most recent two. But he has eight scores on the year and has the potential for a big game at any time. Alshon Jeffery has been far more productive in recent games and has five touchdowns over the last five weeks. Playing at home should help these next three weeks.

TIGHT END : Just when it seemed plenty safe to ignore Martellus Bennett, he turned in eight catches for 109 yards last week in Detroit. But he accounted for only one decent game in the seven weeks previous. He still has just one score since week three.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: This will be all about which Jay Cutler shows up. The Cowboys have held four teams to no passing scores and yet four others threw for three touchdowns and high yardage. Good quarterbacks do good things against the Cowboys and the Bears defense should prompt the Cowboys to throw more and in turn cause a shoot out. Cutler is a risk but with plenty of upside. Marshall, Jeffery and Forte always start. Bennett faces his old team but also did last year with minimal production.

Gaining Fantasy Points CHI 9 15 19 8 32 15
Preventing Fantasy Points DAL 13 17 7 32 5 20

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