Game Predictions & Player Projections - IND vs CLE

Game Predictions & Player Projections - IND vs CLE


Game Predictions & Player Projections - IND vs CLE


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Prediction: IND 26, CLE 24 (Line: IND by 3.5)

UPDATE: Jordan Cameron is still trying to be cleared to play and has been limited in practice because of his slow return from a concussion. I am still holding him out of the projections because he may not play and even when healthy has been a disappointment. Of course Brian Hoyer was actually named as the starting quarterback but that hardly means that Johnny Manziel won’t see the field for a few plays or more. It mostly means that Hoyer is going to be harder to rely on since he could get the hook at any time. Crowell is questionable but still expected to play this week with a sore hip. Check his pregame status to make sure as Terrance West will take the start if he does not play.

The 8-4 Colts are on a two game winning streak and are 3-2 on the road. The 7-5 Browns are 4-2 at home. This should be close but the Browns offense has been sputtering. The best quarterback in the NFL shows up here and that makes the difference. Also, Andrew Luck is expected to play.

Heeeere’s Johnny!

Indianapolis Colts

1 @DEN 24-31 10 BYE —–
2 PHI 27-30 11 NE  20-42
3 @JAC 44-17 12 JAC 23-3
4 TEN 41-17 13 WAS 49-27
5 BAL 20-13 14 @CLE —–
6 @HOU 33-28 15 HOU —–
7 CIN 27-0 16 @DAL —–
8 @PIT 34-51 17 @TEN —–
9 @NYG 40-24  
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IND @ CLE Rush Catch Pass
QB Andrew Luck 300,2
RB Frank Gore 80 1-10
RB Dan Herron 40 4-30,1
WR T.Y. Hilton 6-90,1
WR Donte Moncrief 4-70
TE Dwayne Allen 4-40
PK Adam Vinatieri 4 FG 2 XP

The Colts final schedule includes three road games and they have to probably win out to have even a chance of getting a first round bye since both Denver and New England have one game leads on them. This week and in Dallas will be the biggest challenges but only the Dallas game will likely see the Colts as the underdog. The offense may have lost a player or two but recent developments may mean an even better offense is the result.

QUARTERBACK : Look in almost any fantasy league and one team in the playoffs has Andrew Luck. He has been the #1 best fantasy draft pick of the year and comes off a 370 yard, five touchdown effort against the Redskins. He still averages over three touchdowns per road game.

RUNNING BACK : Trent Richardson may end up getting elbowed completely off the field. Richardson only gained 12 yards on eight runs versus the Redskins but Dan Herron took the same eight carries and covered 88 yards and a touchdown plus added two short catches. Heron has lost a fumble in each game but HC Chuck Pagano is so happy seeing a running back flying down the field with the ball that he doesn’t care. Granted it was only two games, but Heron could be making a case for starting next year at least in a rotation and let the Colts get off the Ahmad Bradshaw train that breaks down regularly.

WIDE RECEIVER : Reggie Wayne is quietly playing out his swan song with little fanfare and Hakeem Nicks is an experiment that is over. T.Y. Hilton scored in five of the last seven games and his lone bad performance was versus the Patriots. Otherwise he’s been worth a score or a touchdown or both. Better yet. the rookie Donte Moncrief is making a move upwards with thee catches for 134 yards and two scores against the Skins. That is his second 100 yard game and the 6-2/221 speedster is going to replace Nicks role as the #3 receiver.

TIGHT END : Coby Fleener certainly made the most of Dwayne Allen missing three games with a twisted ankle. Fleener topped 120 yards twice and scored two touchdowns versus the Redskins. Allen is expected back this week and is currently on a three game scoring streak.

I will assume that Allen can play and update as warranted.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: No team has thrown for more than two scores on the Browns and the yardage tends to be very moderate against them. The rushing defense is weaker though only two runners have scored in Cleveland. But this is the juggernaut Colts looking to get to the playoffs. Luck, Herron, Hilton and Fleener are considerations this week. Allen is as well if he proves healthy and Moncrief is a huge risk but with a dash of upside. Joe Haden naturally matches on Hilton but it is a safe bet that Hilton gets moved all over. Moncrief’s recent success may help lessen the attention that Hilton draws on every play.

Gaining Fantasy Points IND 1 10 6 3 3 9
Preventing Fantasy Points CLE 7 16 15 11 18 6

Cleveland Browns

1 @PIT 27-30 10 @CIN 24-3
2 NO 26-24 11 HOU 7-23
3 BAL 21-23 12 @ATL 26-24
4 BYE —– 13 @BUF 10-26
5 @TEN 29-28 14 IND —–
6 PIT 31-10 15 CIN —–
7 @JAC 6-24 16 @CAR —–
8 OAK 23-13 17 @BAL —–
9 TB 22-17  
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CLE vs IND Rush Catch Pass
QB Josh McCown 10 180
RB Isaiah Crowell 80,1 1-10
RB Glenn Winston 20
WR Taylor Gabriel 3-40
WR Josh Gordon 7-90,1
WR Brian Hartline 2-40
WR Andrew Hawkins 5-50

The problem with the Browns remains the offense and the ability to post points. The much anticipated return of Josh Gordon hasn’t actually scored any points yet and HC Mike Pettine is starting to make roster moves to find a better mix and keep the Browns in the playoff hunt even if that meant turning to JOHNNY FOOTBALL last week. He’s been elusive about naming a starter this week but the mere fact he doesn’t just re-up Brian Hoyer says Manziel is in play.

QUARTERBACK : Brian Hoyer only threw one score over the last four games and that led to his benching and the start of Johnny Manziel. The rookie looked sharp on his first drive that ended with a ten-yard scamper by Manziel for a touchdown and included a long gainer down the middle to Josh Gordon. I will project for Manziel who I believe will start but what he’ll do in his first NFL start is hard to predict.

RUNNING BACK : Terrance West lost a fumble last week and now HC Mike Pettine said he wanted to see more from #3 running back Glenn Winston who was stolen from the 49ers during final cuts. Isaiah Crowell is still the starter despite a 17 carries, 29 yard game against the Bills. Crowell will play better at home but he rarely has any receptions to help his production. I will only predict for Crowell but realize West has fallen from favor and Winston should get at least a token few carries this week.

WIDE RECEIVER : Miles Austin suffered a kidney injury and remained in a hospital through mid-week. He’s not going to play but at least Taylor Gabriel should be a suitable replacement who had 60+ yards in each of the last three home games. Of course Josh Gordon is back and debuted with 120 yards on eight catches in Atlanta and then 75 yards on seven receptions in Buffalo. And that fell below expectations if only because Gordon was missing the long gainers that marked last year. Manziel threw one strike to him for 15 yards that was truly impressive and that one throw alone likely nets the rookie some playing time if not a start.

TIGHT END : Jordan Cameron has been out indefinitely with a concussion and now Gary Barnridge broke a few ribs and is expected to hit injured reserve. All combined the tight ends scored just twice this year and never since week six. No fantasy value here and even when Cameron was playing he had just one decent game all year..

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: This will be hard to figure since the starting quarterback is unknown and even when named does not necessarily play the entire game. Manziel has nearly no experience to gauge and Hoyer will remain one play away from the hook if he does play. The Colts are weak against the run and that should bring Isaiah Crowell plenty of opportunities.
Josh Gordon should always start and if Manziel does get the start, he’d be a sneaky upside play though with obvious risk. His rushing yardage alone could make him worthwhile.

Gaining Fantasy Points CLE 28 21 11 20 14 17
Preventing Fantasy Points IND 22 27 8 30 3 19

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