Game Predictions & Player Projections - MIA vs NE

Game Predictions & Player Projections - MIA vs NE


Game Predictions & Player Projections - MIA vs NE


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Prediction: MIA 16, NE 31 (Line: NE by 8)

This is a replay of the season opener when the 7-6 Dolphins won 33-20 over the visiting 10-3 Patriots. The Fins are 4-3 on the road this year and the Patriots remain unbeaten at home.

Miami Dolphins

1 NE 33-20 10 @DET 16-20
2 @BUF 10-29 11 BUF 22-9
3 KC 15-34 12 @DEN 36-39
4 @OAK 38-14 13 @NYJ 16-13
5 BYE —– 14 BAL 13-28
6 GB 24-27 15 @NE —–
7 @CHI 27-14 16 MIN —–
8 @JAC 27-13 17 NYJ —–
9 SD 37-0  
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MIA @ NE Rush Catch Pass
QB Ryan Tannehill 20 240,1
WR Greg Jennings 5-40
WR Jarvis Landry 5-70,1
WR Kenny Stills 5-100,1
TE Jordan Cameron 4-50,1

The Fins still have a shot at a wildcard but a likely loss here means they have to win out and and get some help. Losing to the visiting Ravens last week helped illustrate how inconsistent this team has been. The problem all along has been an inability to get the passing game more than just a dink-n-dunk style to maintain ball control and Ryan Tannehill’s inability to throw deep means falling behind usually means staying behind. The Fins defense has been outstanding in most games and even on the road but doesn’t get the same level of support from the offense.

QUARTERBACK : Ryan Tannehill opened with 178 yards and two touchdowns on the Patriots and he’s thrown multiple touchdowns in seven different games. But he’s been limited to only touchdown in almost all road venues and threw an interception in all but one away game. He’s a game manager who hopes the score remains low.

RUNNING BACK : Lamar Miller opened the year with 59 yards on 11 carries while the legend that was Knowshon Moreno gained 134 yards and one score on 24 carries that the Patriots just were not prepared to stop. That was clearly the best rushing effort by the Dolphins this year and Miller now takes almost the entire workload and rarely exceeds 60 yards. His production also tends to be lower in away games as well.

WIDE RECEIVER : In the season opener, only Mike Wallace turned in decent stats with seven catches for 81 yards and one touchdown – still his best of the year. Jarvis Landry progress has been slow but consistent and he’s worth at least 50 yards each week with a shot for a touchdown. Brian Hartline has been very quiet and just scored his second touchdown on the year when he came up with two catches for 11 yards last week. Wallace and Landry dominate the box score at least compared to the other receivers.

TIGHT END : Really no fantasy value here. Charles Clay opened the year with 27 yards on two catches against the Pats and he’s progressed only marginally to 30 or 40 yard efforts in a week with only two touchdowns on the year.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: This is a rematch, it is in New England and there is clearly no surprise like Moreno this time. The Pats need this win to remain in contention for the #1 seed and no doubt will be more ready than in the opener. None of these players are fantasy relevant other than the chance that Jennings or Landry does something in trash time.

Gaining Fantasy Points MIA 13 23 9 17 7 7
Preventing Fantasy Points NE 14 20 3 25 18 3

New England Patriots

1 @MIA 20-33 10 BYE —–
2 @MIN 30-7 11 @IND 42-20
3 OAK 16-9 12 DET 34-9
4 @KC 14-41 13 @GB 21-26
5 CIN 43-17 14 @SD 23-14
6 @BUF 37-22 15 MIA —–
7 NYJ 27-25 16 @NYJ —–
8 CHI 51-23 17 BUF —–
9 DEN 43-21  
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NE vs MIA Rush Catch Pass
QB Tom Brady 270,3
RB LeGarrette Blount 60,1
RB Donald Brown 30 1-10
WR Julian Edelman 8-90,1
WR Chris Hogan 2-20,1
WR Nate Washington 5-70,1
TE Martellus Bennett 7-80
TE Rob Gronkowski 6-60,1
PK Stephen Gostkowski 1 FG 4 XP

The Patriots started slowly this year – in part because of these Dolphins – but they are in the driver’s seat for the first round bye and #1 seed. All that remains is to beat these Fins and then repeat their prior defeats of the Jets and Bills. All the parts are working together again and it looks like they transformed into a steam roller.

QUARTERBACK : Tom Brady only threw for 249 yards and one score in the opener but starting in week five has never thrown for fewer than two scores in every game and already has five 300+ yards efforts. Brady is back in form and topped 300 yards in each of the last three home games while scoring 11 times in those three weeks.

RUNNING BACK : Shane Vereen ran seven times for 36 yards and a score in the season opener in Miami and added five catches for 35 yards. That would prove to be his only rushing score of the year and he’s since taken a backseat to LeGarrette Blount who returned to the Patriots for the last thee weeks while becoming a battering ram. The passing to running backs has greatly decreased during this year as the tight end and wideouts became more involved. That has left the backfield to be little more than Blount using his body like a sledge hammer and scoring twice in the only home game he’s played since returning.

WIDE RECEIVER : The roles here have changed from the season opener when Brandon LaFell had no catches and Julian Edelman turned in 95 yards on six catches. LaFell has scored seven times this year and was much more productive with yardage until recent weeks when he’s been less effective in road games. LaFell is more productive in yardage at home but scored five of his seven touchdown in away games. Julian Edelman went through a lull for most of the year but has recently been more effective including gaining around 90 yards in the last two home games.

TIGHT END : Rob Gronkowski only managed four catches for 40 yards and one score in the opener but since week five has been far more productive with the last nine games producing 70+ yards each and scoring seven times. The worst he does is five catches for around 70 yards.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Dolphins on the road are much less formidable and allowed at least one passing score to each opponent and up to four two weeks ago thanks to Peyton Manning. This is a much better passing attack coming than in the season opener and Blount is running well. Expect Brady, Gronkowski, LaFell and Edelman to all warrant consideration this week in what should be payback for the opening week loss.

Gaining Fantasy Points NE 6 12 19 1 1 11
Preventing Fantasy Points MIA 5 19 13 1 11 14

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