Game Predictions & Player Projections - NYJ vs MIN

Game Predictions & Player Projections - NYJ vs MIN


Game Predictions & Player Projections - NYJ vs MIN


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Prediction: NYJ 7, MIN 24 (Line: MIN by 4.5)

The 2-10 Jets just whiffed on their best shot for another win and bring their perfect 0-5 road record to faces the 5-7 Vikings. The Vikings are going nowhere but standing next to the sinking Jets they look like a team on the rise. There is a chance of snow at this game.

New York Jets

1 OAK 19-14 10 PIT 20-13
2 @GB 24-31 11 BYE —–
3 CHI 19-27 12 @BUF 3-38
4 DET 17-24 13 MIA 13-16
5 @SD 0-31 14 @MIN —–
6 DEN 17-31 15 @TEN —–
7 @NE 25-27 16 NE —–
8 BUF 23-43 17 @MIA —–
9 @KC 10-24  
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NYJ @ MIN Rush Catch Pass
QB Geno Smith 10,1 200
RB Matt Forte 80,1 6-50,1
WR Eric Decker 5-60
WR Brandon Marshall 6-90,1
PK Randy Bullock 2 FG 3 XP
PK Nick Folk 1 XP

The rain and the running game looked like it might be enough to take down the visiting Dolphins last Monday but alas – these are the 2014 Jets who have simply no ability to pass the ball and eventually the Fins were able to come back and crush the meager hopes of the Jets. Now the remaining schedule is nothing but road losses and one home paddling by the Patriots. By this point the team is already aware that the coaches will make it until the end of the season and no further so what is there to play for really?

QUARTERBACK : The return to Geno Smith was almost a win. Of course all he did was complete 7 of 13 for 65 yards and half that came at the end when they needed to try to get into field goal range and he threw the obligatory interception. Smith is simply the worst starting quarterback and yet the Jets will stick with him if only to play out the sad saga of yet another miss by the Jets scouting staff.

RUNNING BACK : As a sort of irony, Chris Johnson ran for a season high 105 yards on 17 carries versus the Fins and he’s safely riding the pine or waiver wire in every league after an entire season that suggested he was incapable of a 100 yard game. His 2014 season still goes down in the books as a whimper. Chris Ivory no longer catches any passes and turns in around 50 rush yards every week without the bother of a touchdown.

WIDE RECEIVER : There is no more hope for this unit and Eric Decker has to watch recordings of his 2013 season in Denver to remember what football can be like. Trading for Percy Harvin has paid richly since his last two games both contained just one catch for two or six yards. With Smith at the helm, there is no reason to even have a Jets wideout on your roster. This is the second time that Harvin will face his old team. Last year he had one catch for 11 yards with the Seahawks.

TIGHT END : No fantasy value.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: This #32 passing attack faces an above average defense so no sense breaking that down. The Vikings have been weaker against the run though mostly against really good offenses and not ones that present no reason to defend the pass. If there is any touchdown, it will come from a running back but as always moderate yardage would be the best you could hope to see.

Gaining Fantasy Points NYJ 32 24 31 19 26 31
Preventing Fantasy Points MIN 9 25 12 10 4 14

Minnesota Vikings

1 @STL 34-6 10 BYE —–
2 NE 7-30 11 @CHI 13-21
3 @NO 9-20 12 GB 21-24
4 ATL 41-28 13 CAR 31-13
5 @GB 10-42 14 NYJ —–
6 DET 3-17 15 @DET —–
7 @BUF 16-17 16 @MIA —–
8 @TB 19-13 17 CHI —–
9 WAS 29-26  
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MIN vs NYJ Rush Catch Pass
QB Teddy Bridgewater 20 230,2
QB Shaun Hill 230,2
RB Matt Asiata 30 4-30
WR Charles Johnson 6-80,1
TE Kyle Rudolph 3-50,1
PK Blair Walsh 1 FG 3 XP

The season is winding down still without Adrian Peterson despite weekly media attention. This week is the best shot at a win in the remaining weeks though the Bears in week 17 at least offer a chance. This has been a lost season of sorts with the Peterson scenario forcing the team to go forward with a rookie quarterback without the benefit of a solid rushing offense to support him. But there has been progress and player development and Norv Turner’s second season as the offensive coordinator holds more promise.

QUARTERBACK : There has been progress with Teddy Bridgewater with touchdowns in each of the last six games and two scores in the last two. The yardage rarely goes north of around 200 but he’s only thrown two interceptions in the last five games and still has yet to lose a fumble. He’s no difference maker quite yet but he is also not a liability. Ask Geno Smith how that feels.

RUNNING BACK : Jerick McKinnon missed last week with a back injury and with no early word that his return is imminent, I will assume he is still out. Joe Banyard was limited to only two runs after letting a blitzer reach Bridgewater. Matt Asiata was the primary runner with 14 runs for 52 yards and he added four catches for five yards. Ben Tate ended with 15 yards on five runs so there is less happening in the backfield when McKinnon is out. All remaining games go against above average rushing defenses.

WIDE RECEIVER : Charles Johnson was held to only two catches for 41 yards last week but the passing effort was not big against the Panthers and Charles scored the previous week on his three catches for 52 yards when his 11 targets led the team. Greg Jennings almost never gains over 50 yards but scored in each of the last two games. Cordarrelle Patterson’s career is in full nosedive and he comes off a zero catch game.

TIGHT END : Although Kyle Rudolph only caught two passes for seven yards versus the Panthers, one was for a touchdown and the game went well enough that the pass was less needed to win the game. Rudolph accounted for 50 yards on three catches in his first game back from injury.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Jets secondary has given up multiple touchdowns in every road game this year and already have allowed 27 scores. This should be the third straight week for a two touchdown effort for Bridgewater and a chance to get the wideouts and Rudolph more involved. The Jets rush defense is very good and the Vikings have yet to find much success there anyway. Consider Johnson and Jennings as risky plays but with nice upside here. Rudolph has a very nice shot at one score versus a defense that has allowed 12 scores to tight ends.

Gaining Fantasy Points MIN 31 25 29 18 19 16
Preventing Fantasy Points NYJ 27 6 20 29 23 23

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