Game Predictions & Player Projections - OAK vs KC

Game Predictions & Player Projections - OAK vs KC


Game Predictions & Player Projections - OAK vs KC


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Prediction: OAK 9, KC 24 (Line: KC by 10.5)

This is a rematch of week 12 when the Raiders finally got their first win, 24-20, over the visiting Chiefs in the rain. It was a trap game that was just going to happen no matter what the Chiefs tried to do. Less likely this time in Kansas City.

Oakland Raiders

1 @NYJ 14-19 10 DEN 17-41
2 HOU 14-30 11 @SD 6-13
3 @NE 9-16 12 KC 24-20
4 MIA 14-38 13 @STL 0-52
5 BYE —– 14 SF 24-13
6 SD 28-31 15 @KC —–
7 ARI 13-24 16 BUF —–
8 @CLE 13-23 17 @DEN —–
9 @SEA 24-30  
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OAK @ KC Rush Catch Pass
QB Derek Carr 170
RB Latavius Murray 60 2-10
WR Michael Crabtree 3-30
WR Andre Holmes 4-60
TE Mychal Rivera 5-50
PK Sebastian Janikowski 3 FG

If there was ever a time that it was good to be a Raider – and maybe there isn’t – it would be now with a 2-1 record in the last three games. Disregard losing 0-52 in St. Louis mind you, but the Raiders beat these Chiefs and last week the visiting 49ers. Both wins were at home and the remaining schedule holds road trips to Kansas City and Denver plus hosting the Bills. So the fun is almost certainly over for this year.

QUARTERBACK : Derek Carr comes off a solid win with 254 yards and three scores on the 49ers but he’s been stuck at sub-200 yard efforts most of the year and only passed for 172 yards and no scores in the previous meeting.

RUNNING BACK : Latavius Murray ran just for times for 112 yards and two scores in the previous meeting with the Chiefs but left that game with a concussion that made him miss the next week. Murray returned to face the 49ers and ran for 76 yards on 23 carries – in Raiders terms still a success. More notable was that Maurice Jones-Drew was finally let on the sideline and Darren McFadden only carried four times for five yards. McFadden ran for only 29 yards on 12 runs three weeks ago. Murray is the only back worth projecting for now.

WIDE RECEIVER : James Jones turned in five catches for 47 yards and one score versus the Chiefs and that was his only touchdown over the last eight games. He’s broken 50 yards just once over those games. Andre Holmes hasn’t scored since week eight and had five catches for 55 yards in the last Chiefs game. It was actually one of the better efforts by the Raiders wideouts but on the road is not likely to repeat.

TIGHT END : Mychal Rivera only caught one pass for eight yards in the previous meeting and his best efforts tend to be at home and not on the road, The Chiefs are top notch against the position anyway.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: Don’t expect a repeat of the last meeting. The Raiders are worse on the road and the Chiefs have to win this divisional game plus just get some revenge for the trap game a few weeks ago. There are no safe starts of Raiders this week and even Murray will be facing a defense that has never allowed a rushing score when at home.

Gaining Fantasy Points OAK 29 25 26 18 31 32
Preventing Fantasy Points KC 2 11 10 3 26 10

Kansas City Chiefs

1 TEN 10-26 10 @BUF 17-13
2 @DEN 17-24 11 SEA 24-20
3 @MIA 34-15 12 @OAK 20-24
4 NE 41-14 13 DEN 16-29
5 @SF 17-22 14 @ARI 14-17
6 BYE —– 15 OAK —–
7 @SD 23-20 16 @PIT —–
8 STL 34-7 17 SD —–
9 NYJ 24-10  
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KC vs OAK Rush Catch Pass
QB Alex Smith 200,1
RB Jamaal Charles 120,2 2-10
WR Jason Avant 4-50
WR Jeremy Maclin 6-70,1
TE Travis Kelce 4-70,1
PK Cairo Santos 1 FG 3 XP

After beating the Seahawks in week 11, the Chiefs have embarked on a three game losing streak that may have already ruined any postseason hopes. Playing in Pittsburgh next week won’t be easier as well but the Chiefs have been better when at home can can handle both these Raiders and the Chargers at least for a winning record. This is time for payback and there is no reason to overlook the Black and Silver this time.

QUARTERBACK : Alex Smith already passed for 234 yards and two scores on the Raiders in Oakland for one of his best games of the year. The lack of a decent passing offense and the complete inability to hit wide receivers sinks this team whenever they fall behind. That won’t likely be an issue this week but it will in the final two weeks.

RUNNING BACK : Jamaal Charles scored in each of the last eight games and totals 13 touchdowns on the year. He ran for 80 yards on 19 carries in Oakland plus added for catches for 42 yards and a receiving touchdown. No worries here – Charles is back at home where he always scores and usually ends up well north of 100 total yards each week. He is dealing with knee and ankle issues but that is normal this time of year. He is expected to play and do well this week.

WIDE RECEIVER : No fantasy value. Worst set in the league and still not one touchdown. Best receiver in the last meeting with Raiders was Dwayne Bowe’s three catches for 42 yards.

TIGHT END : Travis Kelce lacks consistency and has just one score in the last eight games but comes off a career best seven receptions for 110 yards in Arizona. Kelce accounted for 67 yards on four catches in the previous tilt with the Raiders.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: Charles is the only play here and that should be a big effort. Smith will throw a score because everyone does and it could be two scores potentially. But Charles is the only fantasy consideration. Kelce has some upside but usually ends up with under 40 yards in most games.

Gaining Fantasy Points KC 27 1 32 4 27 26
Preventing Fantasy Points OAK 10 28 6 15 29 20

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