Game Predictions & Player Projections - SF vs SEA

Game Predictions & Player Projections - SF vs SEA


Game Predictions & Player Projections - SF vs SEA


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Prediction: SF 3, SEA 34 (Line: SEA by 10)

There is a distinct chance that this does not go well for the 7-6 49ers who just lost to the 9-4 Seahawks 3-19 in San Francisco just two weeks ago. Now they are playing in Seattle.

San Francisco 49ers

1 @DAL 28-17 10 @NO 27-24
2 CHI 20-28 11 @NYG 16-10
3 @ARI 14-23 12 WAS 17-13
4 PHI 26-21 13 SEA 3-19
5 KC 22-17 14 @OAK 13-24
6 @STL 31-17 15 @SEA —–
7 @DEN 17-42 16 SD —–
8 BYE —– 17 ARI —–
9 STL 10-13  
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SF @ SEA Rush Catch Pass
QB Colin Kaepernick 20 160
RB Reggie Bush 20 4-30
RB Carlos Hyde 10 3-20
WR Anquan Boldin 3-20
WR Torrey Smith 4-50
PK Phil Dawson 1 FG

This is a team teetering on implosion even though they have a winning record. There are plenty of rumors swirling about Jim Harbaugh being traded away in the offseason to the Raiders (or anywhere for that matter). The offense has progressively gotten worse all year and mostly from the quarterback play. The defense has been pretty good all along but it doesn’t matter when the offense cannot score more than 17 points in six of the last seven games. The Seahawks need the win and the 49ers are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

QUARTERBACK : Colin Kaepernick has been unable to throw more than one touchdown for the last seven games and only once failed to thrown any scores – when he faced the Seahawks. Kaepernick was held to only 121 pass yards and two interceptions. He was intercepted twice by the Raiders as well and sacked nine times over the last two weeks.

RUNNING BACK : Frank Gore ran for only 28 yards on ten carries two weeks ago and scored just once in the last nine games. Carlos Hyde turned in 19 yards on five runs in the previous meeting with the Seahawks. On the road, the rushing offense gets even worse.

WIDE RECEIVER : Michael Crabtree caught three passes for ten yards versus the Seahawks while Anquan Boldin was held to 18 yards on three receptions. Steve Johnson actually led the group with his 28 yards on three catches. Anquan Boldin still shows up when facing a weak secondary but that is not the case here. With tie breakers and divisional matchups so important this year, the Seahawks are not giving away trash yards or scores to the 49ers.

TIGHT END : Vernon Davis caught two passes for 13 yards against the Seahawks in one of his better games of the year.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: This matchup was a beatdown just two weeks ago and this time it is in Seattle. The Seahawks do not like the 49ers anyway and have many reasons why they want to win convincingly and not get sloppy at the end. Throw in the fact that the 49ers as a franchise are having deep problems and there is no reason to consider any of these players this week.

Gaining Fantasy Points SF 21 32 8 29 13 19
Preventing Fantasy Points SEA 1 10 1 20 2 6

Seattle Seahawks

1 GB 36-16 10 NYG 39-17
2 @SD 21-30 11 @KC 20-24
3 DEN 26-20 12 ARI 19-3
4 BYE —– 13 @SF 19-3
5 @WAS 27-17 14 @PHI 24-14
6 DAL 23-30 15 SF —–
7 @STL 26-28 16 @ARI —–
8 @CAR 13-9 17 STL —–
9 OAK 30-24  
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SEA vs SF Rush Catch Pass
QB Russell Wilson 60 200,1
RB Fred Jackson 40 3-20
WR Doug Baldwin 4-50
WR Jermaine Kearse 3-50
TE Jimmy Graham 6-80,1
TE Luke Willson 3-40
PK Steven Hauschka 2 FG 4 XP

The 9-4 Seahawks are still trailing the 10-3 Cardinals but can knock them off next week when they visit Arizona and they already have the first head-to-head win over them three weeks ago. The Seahawks are starting to peak at a very good time after struggling earlier in the year. The final schedule is no cake walk but the Seahawks will likely be favored in each. Scarier still – the Seahawks could still end up with a first round bye potentially.

QUARTERBACK : Russell Wilson did not need to do too much to beat the 49ers last time and he passed for 211 yards and one score while getting sacked seven times. He also ran ten times to 73 yards. Wilson tends to have very moderate stats and just one score in home games because the Seahawks rush better and score more in Seattle.

RUNNING BACK : Marshawn Lynch ran for 104 yards on 20 carries in San Francisco two weeks ago and has been very effective when running at home where all nine of his rushing touchdowns were scored. The Seahawks are seeding in both Christine Michael and Robert Turbin a bit more in recent weeks but Lynch should be a lock for a 20 carry game at home.

WIDE RECEIVER : That meeting in San Francisco barely called on the wideouts at all. Jermaine Kearse (3-34) and Paul Richardson (1-6) barely broke a sweat and Doug Baldwin (2-28) had one of his worst games of the year. He would bounce back last week with 97 yards and a score in Philly. But the wide outs were never needed in the previous meeting two weeks ago.

TIGHT END : Luke Wilson actually had a season best four catches for 39 yards in San Francisco this year and even Tony Moeaki caught one pass for 63 yards. Moeaki is very likely to continue with one catch and it will not be 63 yards next time.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Seahawks will want to win a big game here for a number of reasons and there is a growing likelihood that the 49ers won’t put up the fight they did two weeks ago at home. Lynch should have a nice game here with at least one score and maybe two. Russell Wilson is likely to have a down game here because he just won’t be needed to do more than manage. I love the Seattle defense’s chance of a score here.

Gaining Fantasy Points SEA 7 7 30 24 4 25
Preventing Fantasy Points SF 6 7 2 23 8 22

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