Game Predictions & Player Projections - MIN vs MIA

Game Predictions & Player Projections - MIN vs MIA


Game Predictions & Player Projections - MIN vs MIA


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Prediction: MIN 13, MIA 20 (Line: MIA by 6.5)

UPDATE: Kyle Rudolph is doubtful to play because of his ankle and knee sprains and has been removed from the projections. Either Chase Ford or Rhett Ellison will fill in but are not worthy of fantasy consideration.

The 6-8 Vikings bring their 2-5 road record to face the 7-7 Dolphins who are only 3-3 at home. The home venue makes the difference here.

Minnesota Vikings

1 @STL 34-6 10 BYE —–
2 NE 7-30 11 @CHI 13-21
3 @NO 9-20 12 GB 21-24
4 ATL 41-28 13 CAR 31-13
5 @GB 10-42 14 NYJ 30-24
6 DET 3-17 15 @DET 14-16
7 @BUF 16-17 16 @MIA —–
8 @TB 19-13 17 CHI —–
9 WAS 29-26  
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MIN @ MIA Rush Catch Pass
QB Teddy Bridgewater 30 210,1
QB Shaun Hill 220,1
RB Matt Asiata 40 5-30
WR Charles Johnson 5-60
PK Blair Walsh 2 FG 1 XP

The Vikings are an average team so their record reflects who they are and next season they may have Adrian Peterson back – at least someone should be starting him and that may end up as Peterson’s choice. The rushing effort has been lackluster understandably but the passing game has improved under Bridgewater who at least gives some optimism to next season.

QUARTERBACK : Teddy Bridgewater has thrown a score in each of the last eight games and even topped 300 yards in the last two. He’s no Pro Bowler yet but is making undeniable progress for a rookie who inherited a team that suddenly no longer had the only weapon they ever relied on. This week will be one of the tougher defenses that he has faced but he just left Detroit with 315 yards and one score.

RUNNING BACK : Matt Asiata is the only back that matters anymore and #2 back Ben Tate is little more than relief. Asiata scored once in Detroit and had a season high seven catches for 50 yards but has been very consistent around 50 yard total in most recent games.

WIDE RECEIVER : One of the most encouraging parts of Bridgewater’s development is that he is relying more and more on his wide receivers. Charles Johnson scored in two of the last four games and comes off a 72 yard effort in Detroit. Greg Jennings scored three times in the last four weeks though his yardage tends to remain 40-50 yards every week. Cordarrelle Patterson had a hamstring injury and still played last week but had only two catches for 16 yards so he played like normal.

TIGHT END : Kyle Rudolph has been little used by Bridgewater but comes off a season high 69 yards on seven catches.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Dolphins at home have a very good defense and limited opponents to only two scores over the last three home games. They have been stout against the run as well with only four touchdowns rushed in by visiting runner and only two able to gain over 50 rush yards there. The only players with relevance this week are Johnson and Jennings who have upside only because the run is not going to be productive and Bridgewater will be forced to throw.

Gaining Fantasy Points MIN 29 26 25 18 24 12
Preventing Fantasy Points MIA 8 18 14 6 12 14

Miami Dolphins

1 NE 33-20 10 @DET 16-20
2 @BUF 10-29 11 BUF 22-9
3 KC 15-34 12 @DEN 36-39
4 @OAK 38-14 13 @NYJ 16-13
5 BYE —– 14 BAL 13-28
6 GB 24-27 15 @NE 13-41
7 @CHI 27-14 16 MIN —–
8 @JAC 27-13 17 NYJ —–
9 SD 37-0  
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MIA vs MIN Rush Catch Pass
QB Ryan Tannehill 220,1
WR Greg Jennings 4-50,1
WR Jarvis Landry 4-70
WR Kenny Stills 6-90,1
TE Jordan Cameron 2-20

The Fins wind down the season with much the same offense that started the season and that is not what the team needed. The passing effort seemed to improve around midseason but has since slinked back to more of the same dink-n-dunk stuff that has Ryan Tannehill criticized for lack of a deep ball. The rushing effort has finally settled on just one runner but Lamar Miller is maybe average on a good day. The offense is what needs work in the offseason.

QUARTERBACK : Ryan Tannehill does come off his first 300 yard game of the year when he left New England with 346 yards but he only tossed one touchdown and that made only two scores over the last three games played. Tannehill has been better at home where he always scores at least once but he’s struggled for much more in recent weeks.

RUNNING BACK : Lamar Miller comes off one of his busiest games of the year but he still had just 16 carries and has ended around 50 rushing yards in each of the last four games and scored only once in the last six weeks. Oddly enough, he gets more passes thrown to him when at home.

WIDE RECEIVER : Mike Wallace (5-104, TD) comes off his first 100 yard game of the year and he’s been consistently around the 50 yards per game level in most weeks and has scored seven times this year. Jarvis Landry scored five times and has also bee more likely to end up around 50 yards though he had a season high 99 yards just last week in New England.

TIGHT END : Charles Clay is stuck at the 40 to 50 yards per game level and hasn’t scored since week nine.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Vikings allow a passing score or three each week but have been getting better and just held Matt Stafford to only 153 yards and one score. The Vikings biggest weakness is against the run but Miller never gets the volume of carries to have a big game. Tannehill should manage his one passing score and there is a chance for two but this is where Miller has a decent shot at a score. The only reasonable plays here are Landry for yardage, Jennings for a touchdown and Miller for a moderate showing.

Gaining Fantasy Points MIA 15 24 11 17 8 8
Preventing Fantasy Points MIN 9 21 15 4 16 16

table {
background: #ffffcc; }


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