Game Predictions & Player Projections - SD vs SF

Game Predictions & Player Projections - SD vs SF


Game Predictions & Player Projections - SD vs SF


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Prediction: SD 13, SF 17 (Line: SF by 2)

UPDATE: Carlos Hyde is out and Frank Gore has not cleared all protocols for his concussion but may play. I am not adding him into the projections for now but be aware that he might play. He’s likely a game time decision. Keenan Allen and Ryan Mathews are both already called out for this week. Frank Gore is active and will play.

The 8-6 Chargers are on a two game losing streak and are just 3-3 on the road. The 7-7 49ers have lost their last three games, each a little worse than the previous and are only 3-4 at home. The 49ers are clearly imploding but playing at home could help. This is a Saturday game.

San Diego Chargers

1 @ARI 17-18 10 BYE —–
2 SEA 30-21 11 OAK 13-6
3 @BUF 22-10 12 STL 27-24
4 JAC 33-14 13 @BAL 34-33
5 NYJ 31-0 14 NE 14-23
6 @OAK 31-28 15 DEN 10-22
7 KC 20-23 16 @SF —–
8 @DEN 12-35 17 @KC —–
9 @MIA 0-37  
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SD @ SF Rush Catch Pass
QB Philip Rivers 190,1
RB Branden Oliver 30 2-20
WR Malcom Floyd 5-60
WR Stevie Johnson 3-30
TE Antonio Gates 6-60,1

Losing to the visiting Patriots and Broncos shows the Charger are not exactly ready for prime time but they remain in the hunt for a wildcard. This is the easier game and the season finale in Kansas City goes against a team that already beaten them in San Diego. The biggest advantage this week is that the 49ers are falling apart and the Chargers will be glad to take advantage.

QUARTERBACK : While Philip Rivers started on a hot streak through mid-season, he;s only once had more than a single touchdown in the last six games and even was held scoreless in Miami. He’s inconsistent with yardage but has mostly remained below average when he passes in recent weeks despite facing teams like the Patriots and Broncos that usually spark more passing.

RUNNING BACK : Ryan Matthews missed last week with a sore ankle and has not practiced early this week as well. In his place, Donald Brown and Branden Oliver have split the work up. But neither produces at a level that has any relevance in fantasy since both end up with around 60 total yards and no scores. Even as a team, the Chargers only have five rushing touchdowns on the season.

WIDE RECEIVER : Keenan Allen suffered a broken collarbone and a sprained ankle last week which should shut down his season. That is problematic since he is the only receiver of any note besides Antonio Gates. Allen had three 100 yard games this year but now leaves behind Malcom Floyd and Eddie Royal. Neither are great fantasy plays in any normal week but with Allen out at least one of them are bound to see a sharp uptick in catches this week. That’s almost certain to be Floyd.

TIGHT END : Antonio Gates was a top tight end with nine touchdowns throught week eight but since has been stuck at mostly sub-40 yard efforts. He finally scored just last week when he ended with six catches for 54 yards against the Broncos. Gates is sure to become a primary target now that Allen is out but his production has really waned over the last couple of months.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The 49ers defense has been better at home where they only allowed four passing touchdowns over the last five visitors. That matches up with the single score that Rivers has been stuck at recently anyway. The 49ers are also good against the run and Ryan Mathews is banged up anyway. The only fantasy plays that attract here would be Gates in the hopes he can get yards and maybe a score thanks to volume and Floyd as a cheap daily play.

Gaining Fantasy Points SD 12 27 17 4 18 28
Preventing Fantasy Points SF 10 10 5 17 6 21

San Francisco 49ers

1 @DAL 28-17 10 @NO 27-24
2 CHI 20-28 11 @NYG 16-10
3 @ARI 14-23 12 WAS 17-13
4 PHI 26-21 13 SEA 3-19
5 KC 22-17 14 @OAK 13-24
6 @STL 31-17 15 @SEA 7-17
7 @DEN 17-42 16 SD —–
8 BYE —– 17 ARI —–
9 STL 10-13  
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SF vs SD Rush Catch Pass
QB Colin Kaepernick 40 230,2
RB Bruce Miller 10 2-20
WR Anquan Boldin 6-80,1
WR Torrey Smith 4-60,1
PK Phil Dawson 1 FG 2 XP

The 49ers are on a three game losing streak and while facing the Seahawks twice did no favors, it also includes losing handily to the Raiders. The 49ers have only two touchdowns over those three games as the offense has come off the tracks and each week Colin Kaepernick looks even worse. Facing a Chargers and even a Cardinals team that are wracked with injuries will be a big help as well as playing at home. There will be a change in coaching staff in the offseason and the way they finish this season will determine which players remain as well.

QUARTERBACK : The offense has just gone into a free fall over the last month or so and Colin Kaepernick is leading the charge downward. He has not thrown for more than a single touchdown in the last eight games and notched just one score over the last three games combined. In the last five weeks, he’s topped 200 yards just once.

RUNNING BACK : This might be ugly. Frank Gore had a concussion that apparently he gave himself when he bounced off a defenders helmet and is no lock to return. Carlos Hyde injured his back and ankle and is also no lock to play this week. That would leave Bruce Miller who has only five carries on the season to pair with Alfonso Smith who has just four runs. Together they represent 15 rushing yards on nine carries.

WIDE RECEIVER : This is the area of biggest concern because Anquan Boldin was having a decent season until these last three weeks when his production mostly disappeared. Michael Crabtree never really mattered with maybe 50 yards in a good game and just ten yards when it goes bad. Crabtree has just one score over the last eight weeks while Boldin scored four times in the last nine games. Brandon Lloyd and Steve Johnson both had a few nice showings earlier in the year but have since been almost completely phased out.

TIGHT END : No fantasy value. None. Nada. Who is that guy? No one knows anymore.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: In fairness, the 49ers have been crushed twice by the Seahawks but in a matchup such as this should be at least incrementally better. The Chargers allow two or more passing touchdowns in road games along with decent yardage. This is where Kaepernick must show up or the final week against the Cardinals is going to be very messy. The Chargers are decent against the run and the 49ers appear to be out of backs anyway. The only fantasy plays that make sense this week are Boldin and possibly Crabtree. A lack of a ground game will mean that Kaepernick must throw and those two are his preferred targets.

Gaining Fantasy Points SF 22 25 15 28 21 17
Preventing Fantasy Points SD 14 13 19 5 20 5

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