Beyond TDs and Tackles: Week 16

Beyond TDs and Tackles: Week 16


Beyond TDs and Tackles: Week 16


FIRST DOWN – Omaha, Omaha

Unless you live under a rock you know that Peyton Manning, not the steak company or insurance company, made Omaha famous. If you are a Peyton Manning owner, it’s time to be like Peyton and call Omaha and audible to another play…one that doesn’t include the eldest Manning (Peyton) in your championship lineup. No, seriously, sit him down this week. I can 100% guarantee you that if you are a Peyton owner that if you went to set your lineup and the name showed something other than Manning, say, Jones, there is no doubt in my mind that you wouldn’t be clicking the box to make him a starter. I leave you with the following to ponder…In week 1, Peyton Manning was the #5 scoring QB. That’s means that four QBs outscored him. In week 2, he was QB4, meaning that three QBs outscored him. So, thru two weeks, Manning was outscored seven total times. Stay with me here! Thru the first 12 weeks of the season, Peyton Manning was outscored 55 times. Over the last three weeks, he’s been outscored 67 times. SIXTY-SEVEN TIMES! From week 13-15, Colt McCoy has been outscored 65 times (injury insured he didn’t even play three full games), Shaun Hill just 51 times, Teddy Bridgewater 40 times and Mr. Jay “I’ve been benched for Jimmy F’n Clausen” Cutler only 23 times. I’m telling you, take the name and the emotion out of this decision and it should be easy to sit Peyton F’ Manning this week.

QUARTERBACK Wk 13-15 FPts AVG PPG Times Outscored*
Ryan, Matt ATL 79.24 26.413 11
Luck, Andrew IND 83.54 27.847 14
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT 72.30 24.100 22
Brees, Drew NOS 71.48 23.827 23
Cutler, Jay CHI 67.40 22.467 23
Flacco, Joe BAL 63.30 21.100 30
Brady, Tom NEP 60.36 20.120 32
Wilson, Russell SEA 59.68 19.893 35
Rodgers, Aaron GBP 62.90 20.967 36
Stafford, Matthew DET 58.16 19.387 37
Bridgewater, Teddy MIN 55.38 18.460 40
Smith, Alex KCC 54.62 18.207 40
Romo, Tony DAL 50.36 16.787 43
Manning, Eli NYG 50.28 16.760 45
Rivers, Philip SDC 55.16 18.387 46
Dalton, Andy CIN 51.00 17.000 47
Newton, Cam CAR 52.00 26.000 49
Hill, Shaun STL 48.10 16.033 51
Tannehill, Ryan MIA 44.32 14.773 53
McCown, Josh TBB 44.66 14.887 54
Fitzpatrick, Ryan HOU 55.42 18.473 58
Sanchez, Mark PHI 44.10 14.700 60
Carr, Derek OAK 42.26 14.087 60
Orton, Kyle BUF 41.82 13.940 60
Bortles, Blake JAC 40.36 13.453 64
McCoy, Colt WAS 41.90 13.967 65
Stanton, Drew ARI 38.38 12.793 67
Manning, Peyton DEN 34.30 11.433 67
Smith, Geno NYJ 34.72 11.573 69
Griffin III, Robert WAS 19.36 9.680 75
Anderson, Derek CAR 16.48 8.240 76
Kaepernick, Colin SFO 30.34 10.113 77
Mettenberger, Zach TEN 17.06 8.530 87
Manziel, Johnny CLE 14.32 7.160 89
Hoyer, Brian CLE 13.58 6.790 91
Locker, Jake TEN 16.66 5.553 92

*If a player didn’t play in a particular week I used 32 as the number he was outscored by. If a player did play and was outscored by more than 32 other players then I used the actual number they were outscored by.

I don’t think you really need to look at any more numbers but here’s one last comparison showing Peyton over different spans of times this season.

QUARTERBACK Weeks AVG PPG Times Outscored
Peyton Manning 1-5 25.255 14
Peyton Manning 1-10 25.998 43
Peyton Manning 1-12 25.593 55
Peyton Manning 13-15 11.433 67

SECOND DOWN – Steve’s Studs, Duds & Suds

If you have been reading this column then you know what my “Seven Sleepers” is all about. If you don’t, you will once you move to third down. These “Studs & Duds” are players that many probably look at as must starts and my “Studs” are players I think will finish number one overall at their position and the “Duds” are players I see finishing outside the top-24 at their position. On the offensive side of the ball this could help you on the DFS front.

QB Aaron Rodgers QB Peyton Manning
RB Le’Veon Bell RB Arian Foster
WR Jordy Nelson WR Dez Bryant
TE Rob Gronkowski TE Jimmy Graham
DL Everson Griffin DL Carlos Dunlap
LB Luke Kuechly LB Daryl Smith
DB Ryan Mundy DB Rashad Johnson*

On the suds side be sure to tune into next week’s episode of the Blitzed Podcast where Harley Schultz will be interviewing the founder of Founder’s Brewing for our Tapped In segment.

*I wanted to pick Michael Griffin as my DB dud but his game started shortly after I finished writing this.

THIRD DOWN – Steve’s Seven Sleepers

The fantasy playoffs are upon us and gambling on sleepers in the playoffs isn’t something many like to do, but injuries and poor matchups still make sleepers a viable option in some instances. Check out my seven sleepers that I think can put up solid production this week. To qualify the player can’t rank in the top-36** at their respective position based on the season long rankings in the Huddle IDP Expert League. I thought it’d be nice to show how my sleepers did the previous week so you’ll also find last week’s sleepers with the amount of points that they scored. I also want to add that I’m trying to target players that should be available on waivers, which at this time of year is a very difficult thing to do at the running back position.

*Top-12 for QB & TE. **Top-15 for QB & TE.  

Week 16 Week 15
Position Sleeper Position Sleeper FPts
QB Josh McCown QB Johnny Manziel 4.50
RB Lance Dunbar RB Chris Johnson 5.50
WR Dwayne Bowe WR Marqise Lee 5.40
TE Andrew Quarless TE Ryan Griffin 3.10
DL Vinny Curry DL George Johnson 6.00
LB Steven Johnson LB Devon Kennard 19.50
DB Bradley McDougald* DB George Wilson 18.00

Johnny Manziel, JFF, Johnny F’n Football!!!! Those aren’t good exclamation marks. Mr. Football may have single handily destroyed the average of my sleeper QBs this year. You’d think that I’d have learned my lesson, and I did, but I was tempted to go back to him this week. Instead, I’ll opt for Josh McCown. At RB, Joseph Randle is the hot pickup for teams this week and that does make sense. However, his value is directly tied to if DeMarco Murray plays or not, so coupled with him being the hot pickup I’m passing on him. Instead I’m going with his teammate, Lance Dunbar. It’s a bit of a reach but even if Murray plays I think that Dunbar has a role on passing downs, which there should be plenty of this week. The Chiefs, so far this year do not have a passing TD to a WR. Zip, zero, zilch, nada…that changes this week as Dwayne Bowe scores six (points, not touchdowns)! At TE, last week I wasn’t helped by Ryan Fitzpatrick’s injury that landed him on injured reserve. Andrew Quarless only has the best QB in the league throwing to him against a team that’s not very good at keeping TEs from scoring fantasy points. So hopefully things pan out much better at TE this week.

On the defensive side of the ball, Vinny Curry is a pure upside play against a Washington team that’s given up more points to DL than any other team has this year. The Broncos have lost LBs to injury the way they have RBs this year. Danny Trevathan was healthy, then he was out, then he was healthy, and back out again…this time for the year. Brandon Marshall has had a great season, but a mid-foot sprain will keep him off the field this week. More snaps for Steven Johnson should push him into the LB3, fringe LB2 range. My DB selection comes with an asterisk. I’m pegging Bradley McDougald, but only if Major Wright is inactive. If Wright is active then I’ll default to him as my play.

NOTE: Check back next week and I’ll have the average points scored for each of my seven sleeper positions this year.


This week the Falcons go to New Orleans in a battle of who doesn’t want to win the NFC South.


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