Game Predictions & Player Projections - PHI vs NYG

Game Predictions & Player Projections - PHI vs NYG


Game Predictions & Player Projections - PHI vs NYG


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Prediction: PHI 27, NYG 24 (Line: NYG by 2.5)

This is a replay of week six when the Eagles won 27-0 in Philadelphia. Now the Eagles are on a three game slide and the Giants have won their last three.

Philadelphia Eagles

1 JAC 34-17 10 CAR 45-21
2 @IND 30-27 11 @GB 20-53
3 WAS 37-34 12 TEN 43-24
4 @SF 21-26 13 @DAL 33-10
5 STL 34-28 14 SEA 14-24
6 NYG 27-0 15 DAL 27-38
7 BYE —– 16 @WAS 24-27
8 @ARI 20-24 17 @NYG —–
9 @HOU 31-21  
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PHI @ NYG Rush Catch Pass
QB Chase Daniel 180,1
RB DeMarco Murray 60,1
WR Jordan Matthews 5-70
WR Rueben Randle 3-50
TE Zach Ertz 6-60,1
PK Cody Parkey 2 FG 3 XP
PK Caleb Sturgis 2 FG 2 XP

The Eagles climbed the mountain and breathed the rare air of first place. Then they spent the last three weeks careening down the mountain head over heels until they reach this meaningless game. Losing to the Cowboys and Seahawks was not that surprising but the Redskins were on a six game losing streak and seemed to be far more vulnerable than they proved to be. The Eagles already destroyed the Giants once but that was really BB (before Beckham). This final road game will set the direction for the team in the offseason.

QUARTERBACK : Nick Foles was the starter in week six when he passed for 248 yards and two scores in New York. Mark Sanchez has eights starts and 12 touchdowns. Sanchez stumbled against the Cowboys and Seahawks but still threw for 374 yards and two scores last week in Washington.

RUNNING BACK : LeSean McCoy ran for 149 yards on 22 carries versus the Giants in week six and was on a nice stretch of games until, like Sanchez, the last three weeks have depressed his pace. He bounced back some against the Redskins when he ran for 88 yards and one score and his trip to Dallas produced 159 yards and one score. Oddly, he’s been more productive in road games than at home lately. Darren Sproles remains a bit player who steals a touchdown every few games but never has any appreciable yardage. His 39 rush yards and a score in New York was one of his best efforts since the first of the year.

WIDE RECEIVER : The Eagles got little back from the wideouts in that first meeting with the Giants. Jeremy Maclin (2-16), Jordan Matthews (4-50) and Riley Cooper (5-59) had little impact but McCoy was running well that game. Maclin has ten touchdowns this year though only one in the last five weeks since he was Foles preferred target and less so for Sanchez who has relied more on Matthews. But even the rookie has seen a down turn in the last month.

TIGHT END : Zach Ertz scored one of his three touchdowns when he was in New York where he gained 47 yards on three catches. Ertz has been largely a non factor this year with minimal yardage and yet just blew up for 15 catches for 115 yards in Washington – sort of five games combined into one.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Giants are much tougher against the run at home so McCoy won’t control this game. Sanchez should score at least once or twice and both Maclin and Matthews need to show up big here or the game will get away from the Eagles. Sanchez, McCoy, Matthews, Maclin and even Ertz are worth considering. The Eagles have lost their last three games and want to win this one badly.

Gaining Fantasy Points PHI 12 11 6 10 2 1
Preventing Fantasy Points NYG 28 22 8 22 23 22

New York Giants

1 @DET 14-35 10 @SEA 17-39
2 ARI 14-25 11 SF 10-16
3 HOU 30-17 12 DAL 28-31
4 @WAS 45-14 13 @JAC 24-25
5 ATL 30-20 14 @TEN 36-7
6 @PHI 0-27 15 WAS 24-13
7 @DAL 21-31 16 @STL 37-27
8 BYE —– 17 PHI —–
9 IND 24-40  
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NYG vs PHI Rush Catch Pass
QB Eli Manning 260,2
RB Shane Vereen 20 2-10
RB Andre Williams 50,1 1-10
WR Odell Beckham 10-120,2
WR Hakeem Nicks 8-80
TE Larry Donnell 3-20
PK Josh Brown 1 FG 3 XP

The Giants probably saved Tom Coughlin’s job with this final three game winning streak and the league now knows that Odell Beckham cannot be stopped, cannot be slowed but can be reprimanded for his many touchdown celebrations. This has been a bad season for the Giants much like 2013 but this mini-win streak coupled with Beckham makes it all feel better than it probably is. The rushing offense remains below average and aside from Beckham the other wideouts have not stepped up.

QUARTERBACK : Eli Manning had his worst game of the year in Philly when he only passed for 151 yards and no scores along with six sacks. He was eventually pulled from the shutout. But Manning has been far better in these recent Beckham weeks and thrown for solid to high yardage each week along with at last one score. Manning has played far better as of late when he not only threw three scores in both of the last two games, but he threw just one interception in the last four weeks while averaging just one sack per game.

RUNNING BACK : Rashad Jennings was out last week with a sore ankle and may miss this finale as well. There is no point rushing him back for a meaningless game. He was out in week six when Andre Williams ran for 59 yards on 17 carries against the Eagles. Williams totals six scores on the year and topped 100 yards twice but has been held below 50 yards in most weeks.

WIDE RECEIVER : It’s going to be awkward next summer when Victor Cruz shows up to find his locker is now in the corner and some kid with an orange tinge to his hair has his old locker. Odell Beckham has been as productive as any rookie wideout in the history of the NFL for the last five weeks. He turned in four games of 130+ yards and scored a total of eight touchdowns in those games. The only reason we know it won’t last like this is because everyone eventually gets figured out or at least slowed down. What is concerning is that none of the other receivers are helping much or taking advantage of secondaries that are focusing more on the rookie. Rueben Randle finally had a big game in St. Louis last week but was held to 52 yards or less in the previous four weeks. Preston Parker has your back in a fight but does little else on the field other than being Beckham’s bodyguard. When it is as clean as stop one player and you stop the team, defenses will eventually figure that you.

Beckham only had two catches for 28 yards in Philly since he had not yet started his meteoric ascent. Cruz was injured in that game and lost for the season which explains part of the shutout. Rueben Randle (5-58) and Preston Parker (1-6) were their usual mediocre selves.

TIGHT END : Larry Donnell no longer has fantasy value and has not been worth a fantasy start in the last five games. His hot start is a distant memory and he’s just another mediocre tight end again.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: No doubt the Giants play better than the previous shutout and the offense is running exponentially better than it was that week. With any luck this could become a shootout but the lack of non-Beckhamian receivers seems to limit that possibility. This is no time to hop off the Beckham wagon and that brings Manning along to drive. Williams is a play for moderate yardage and a shot at a score.

Gaining Fantasy Points NYG 15 23 5 7 20 13
Preventing Fantasy Points PHI 30 24 28 4 7 28

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